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Quotes by Diane Ackerman

The Rachel Carson Homestead

Rachel Carson

Annie Dillard

Barbara Kingsolver

Barry Lopez

Bill McKibben

John McPhee

John Muir Exhibit

Dr. Dolittle


Diane Ackerman
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Rachel Carson

Loren Eiseley
The Brown Wasps. Eiseley finds a metaphor for loneliness

Barbara Kingsolver
An excerpt from High Tide in Tucson

Barry Lopez
Wide-Eyed in Galapagos. Lopez reports on some unusual animals in the Galopagos

John McPhee
An excerpt from Coming Into The Country

John Muir
A Near View of the High Sierra, from The Mountains of California

Dr. Seuss
The Lorax. Swoomee swans and truffle-truffle trees become endangered. Can the Lorax save them?

Terry Tempest Williams
The Politics of Place. An Interview with Terry Tempest Williams
Clan of the One-Breasted Woman. William's very personal essay about the effects radioactivity on her family.


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