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Think Ping-pong is Fun ?
Wait 'til you see and learn
'Real Table tennis' (sm) !

Table Tennis is Serious Fun for everyone !(sm)
This site is dedicated to 'Real' Table Tennis for 'Real' People.

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Photo of Dave Strang at Fairfield TTC(CT)
- Connecticut TTA Director and Coach
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What is "Real Table Tennis" ?
Real Table Tennis (sm)is more than the basement 'ping-pong' millions of americans play.

It is an Olympic Sport that everyone, male or female, young or old, big or small can learn and play.

It's Faster and spinnier and better exercize than 'ping-pong' and , behind only Soccer, is the world's 2nd most popular PARTICIPATION sport.

Anyone can play Ping-Pong -But to learn to play 'Real Table Tennis' you need a REAL table tennis racket with the ability to create spin and power, and a real table tennis club with tournament quality tables and space and lighting. These ingredients, plus a little curiousity, enthusiasm and perseverence, will allow you enjoy the excitement and satisfaction of the world's quickest sport.

Links and info will be provided here to introduce you to the REAL sport of table tennis. But finding a good club to play at (also linked here)is the most important thing.

To speed your learning - I also recommend a few lessons from a coach preferably one with a TT (robot') ball machine - or if that isn't available, get instructional or highlight videos to 'imitate'.
My Goal:
The founder of this site is director of Connecticut Table Tennis clubs in Fairfield and Middletown (near Hartford) Connecticut and founder of the Akron Table Tennis Club (Ohio).

My goal is to provide top quality table tennis facilities and instruction and playing opportunities to people of all ages, sexes, nationalities etc. to play table tennis at the best skill level appropriate to their abilities and interests.
For UPDATED information on playing sites and times in Connecticut e-mail me as listed above or call : (860) 586-7055

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