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NHJH Biology (2007-08 School Year)

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NORTHERN HILLS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL became the new SEAMAN MIDDLE SCHOOL at the end of the 2007-08 school year.  The photos and information at this website and related links are now history.  Also, Mr. Miller retired from the Seaman District at the end of the school year.  His old USD email address is no longer valid.  He can now be contacted at wakarusa@mac.com


The 2007-08 NHJH Freshman Biology Class


Click here for images from
August & September 2007.

Click on the image below for images
from the January 2008 YWCA sex ed class.

Click below to view 2008 Earth Fair images.
(Monday, 14 April 2008)

Click on the image below for images
from Mr. Blanton's biology field trip.

Click on this image for
8 & 10 April 2008 photos.

Click on the image below
for more October 2007 images.

Click below to go to the "Go Green! Fair" website.
Saturday, 5 April 2008


(END OF AN ERA!)  Northern Hills Junior High School will become Seaman Middle School at the end of this school year.