Karnak - Tutmosis



Karnak - Hatshepsut



Luxor - Ramses II



Istambul - Tutmosis III


Heliopolis (Iwnw) - Senwosret I

London - Tutmosis III (Cleopatra's Needle)

Collaboration of Raymond Usher-Cooper

Circa 1860.The Obelisk on it's site in Alexandria, before it was sent to England.


1861. Alexandria.


Circa 1877. Archaeologists removing the Obelisk from it's site at Alexandria.


Circa 1877. Being encased for transportation to London.


Encased in it's box, it is towed from Alexandria.


The huge cylindrical steel casing in which 'Cleopatra's Needle' was transported to England. Brought down to the water's edge at Alexandria; close to the shore are the two paddle tugs waiting to take it in tow. It was, subsequently, lost in transit during a heavy storm in the Bay of Biscay - eventually it was retrieved again by an English ship and finally brought to London and into the river Thames.


1878. The torpedo shaped ship Cleopatra, carrying the obelisk, arrives at Westminster Bridge. [Artists Impression, Illustrated London News.]


1878. Erecting the Obelisk on the Embankment. The point of the pyramidion on the the top is 68 1/2 feet high.


1902. Education Bill Protest. Obelisk in Background.


Circa 1906. Paddle steamer on the river at Charing Cross Pier; Obelisk behind.


1934. The Obelisk is cleaned.


Circa 1945. Viewed from the Victoria Embankment.


1966 From the River Thames; another cleaning completed.


1967.Building the Hayward Gallery, close to the Festival Hall on the South bank. The 'Cleopatra' Obelisk can be seen on the opposite side of the river.Waterloo bridge is on the right.


New York - Tutmosis III
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Paris - Ramses II
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Plaza Lateran - Rome


Plaza di Popolo - Rome
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Plaza de Minerva - Rome (*)


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