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   The objetive of this site is to publish in the Web the hieroglyphics, transliterations and translations of the texts of the different Egyptian Obelisks.

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   I will thank for all type of information on Egyptian Obelisks or commentaries on this site. My name is Claudio Alvarez and you can write to me at

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Translated :
Obelisk of Hatshepsut at KarnakObelisk of Senwosret I at IwnwObelisk of Seti I at Pza. Popolo (Roma)
Only Hieroglyphs :
Obelisk of Cleopatra at LondresObelisk of Tutmosis III at EstambulObelisk of Tutmosis I at KarnakObelisk of Tutmosis III at Pza. Lateran (Roma)Obelisk of Tutmosis III at NYObelisk of Ramses II at Paris
The Prophecy of Toth
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Pictures of obelisks
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Images of obelisks I visited : 
Londres Paris Pza. Laterense Pza. Spagna Pza. Di Popolo San Pietro Pza. Navona Pza. Rotanda
  Pza. Minerva Pza. Esquilino Jardín Boboli
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Amanecer Espiritual - Tratado Moral y Filosofico

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