Obelisk of Hatshepsut at Karnak

North Face

ír wsrt kA nbty wADt rnpw Hr nbw nTrt xaw n-sw-bit nb tAwy mAat-kA-ra

s mn n it.s imn rn.s wr mAat-kA-ra Hr i^d gnwt.s m HHw nw rnpw smA m

anx Dd wAs sA ra imn-Xmnt imn-ra nsw nTr mrit m isw mnw pn nfr

rwD ir.n.s n f sp tpy Hb-sd ir.s di anx Dt

East Face

ír wsrt kA n-sw-bit mAat-kA-ra imn-ra mrit ir.n Hmt.s rn n it.s s mn Hr

mnw pn wAH xft rdit n n-sw-bit nb t3wy aAxprkAra in Hm n pn

nTr xft saHa txmy wry in Hmt.s m sp tpy Dd pw in nb nTrw in

it T n-sw-bit aAxprkAra di tp rd s mnt txnw iw Hmt T r wHm

mnw ir.t anx ti Dt

West Face

ír wsrt kA nbty wADt rnpw Hr-n-nbw nTrt xaw n-sw-bit nb t3wy mAat-kA-ra

ir.n.s m mnw.s n it.s imn nb nswt tAwy saHa n f txnwy wry r

sbA Sps imn wr Sfyt bAk m Damw aA wrt Hd n t3wy mi iTn n

sp ir mitt Dr pAt tA ir n f sA ra imn-Xmntw di anx ra mi Dt

South Face

ír wsrt kA n-sw-bit mAat-kA-ra tit 3x nt imn s xat.n.f m nsw Hr st

Hr m-xnt xap nw pr-wr rnnt.n psDt aAta r nbt Snw n iTn Xnm.s

ns m anx wAs Awt-ib xnt anxw sA ra imn-Xmntw imn-ra nsw nTr

mrit di anx ra mi Dt


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