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Into the Ocean
Visions diving, technicolor
Lasers, snorkles
Strobes across vermillion
Featherstars, fine silt
Coral shelves...
Visibility shifts.  Respect
The formidable.  Silk slips over
Lagoon tunnels, eely reefs, volcanic
Stalagmites, the holders of lost missiles,
Ships, planes...
Plankton blooms, viscous, the touch
Suddenly rubbery lace, pearl-smooth
Hair somersaulting with salt bubbles
That dream in another language...

What's the password, friendly fish?
You---amberjack, borrito, cabria,
Doado.   You---yellowtail wahoo,
Manta, you giant kites-----
Can't you let your secret sound out?
You, strange streets breathing the ghosts
Of Cortez, Micronesia, Fiji, the orient-----
Your hope is an irridescent thing,
Your very walls teeming...
Waves, waves, you continuous cast-offs,
Strip off my robes, waken the gills...
Listen, let me back.  This time, promise,
I won't ever leave
~by Stephen Mead
Stephen Mead is a published artist/writer living in northeastern New York. A resume and samples of his artwork can be seen in the portfolio section of Absolute Arts here and at 123soho.com here. He also has several title pieces of e-books online. These pieces incorporate both image and text, as does his new e-book "We Are More Than Our Wounds."

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