Enlisting in the Baaton Order
You ask one of the men in the black robes in the main hall where to see about becoming an honored knight of the Baaton Order.
He doesn't seem too thrilled by the question and even gets so audacious as to look over you once or twice, scoffing as he shakes his head at some unspoken joke. Pointing down the hall, he answers: "The Knight General will answer your questions." He doesn't give you time to ask how to get there before he goes back to his previous devices. You venture into the hall that you were directed to, the ceiling as high as the one in the previous chamber of this cavernous temple. Before the Knight General you find a guarded portal with an elven rune of simple, almost tribal design, and you think to yourself: Must be the place. Stepping to enter, a massively-built and almost barbaric-looking feline guard moves and opens the door for you after giving a single, loud knock to the hardwood surface. You suddenly find yourself in an ornate office. Papers are neatly piled atop a polished oak desk; ensigns with the depiction of a Skull and fist with a ray of magic flap gently in the soft breeze coming through the open window and you could almost swear this chamber were as large as the last…. The lone window covers the entire back wall, the rays of moonlight shining brightly and casting its eerie glow to the view of the courtyard where the knights and vassals train.
A door quietly closes on the other end of the room and a young woman, no more than twenty-five-winters in age, steps forward with a portfolio in his hands and authority in her stride. She doesn't appear to be more than a simple fighter, the same which seems to be the uniform of this place. She steps in front of the oak desk and slaps the folder on the tabletop, the soft sound echoing through the large room. With a coy smile, she speaks: “So you want to be a part of our Order….” She sits behind the oaken desk before you and opens the folder, pushing it toward you for better reading. “First... you must do a few things.”

To join the Knight Order of the Baaton...
1) You must have be understandable of the knighthood's ways and it's militarized structures. Disobedience is not tolerized. Disrespect is tolerized less.
2) Dark ethos are best suited for the intentions of the Order, though there are no ethical limitations for entry into the knighthood.
3) You must be registered in Exodus. All races and professions are allowed.
4) You must acknowledge and obey the rules of the Knight Order of the Baaton, the world of Exodus and Server. These rules will be part of your daily attitude and your way of life.
5) Finally, this being a reminder, always respect all authority in this realm. That means the world of Exodus and the Server. Though this might come across as harsh in some instances, this Order was founded for the honorable purpose of training inexperienced characters in not only role-playing, but also in questing and hopefully gaining certain extra abilities in quests which could one day prove live-saving. If the integrity of this Order in undermined in any way, the results will be execution/death from the Order without the option to leave alive or further punitive actions may be, and likely shall be, requested. All your possessions will be taken by the order and destroyed.

     The Knight Order of the Baaton is a very community-oriented knighthood, meaning that we emphasize the importance of the relationships built between the brothers and sisters who are members of our knighted community. It is for that reason that we shun away from an open application process to become a member of the Knight Order.  Rather our recruiting process is based on a sponsorship-mentorship model where each supplicant (or proselyte) must be sponsored by an existing member, and build a relationship with that member.  Each applicant's sponsor is responsible for introducing him or her to the various aspects of our culture and for helping them to become integrated into the life of the Order.  In other words...this knighthood is based on a Master-Apprentice relationship where the master is responsible for the actions of the apprentice. However, once the apprentice has been declared fit for integration as a knight, the Master-Apprentice relationship is officially null, meaning the former apprentice is now a master in the eyes of the knighthood and able to take on his or her own apprentice at achievement of rank higher than Believer.
     We have chosen this path not for the purpose of being exclusivistic or isolationist, but rather out of a desire not to be an amalgam of people who never cross paths apart from in battle. To relegate our application process to the filling out of a form would ensure that our members were out of touch with each other and our unity and such would become ultimately disorganized as a result.  It is our belief that the relationships we form as a part of this knighthood are at least as important, if not more so, as the recreation we enjoy while playing the game that facilitated them.
     Should you wish to become a soldier of the Baaton, and do not already have a sponsor, or any contact within the knighthood's members, you may contact VelvetLuve, Sovereign of the Baaton, or you may contact Velvet Luve, Soveriegn Commander over the Baaton Order. She will provide answers to any questions you may have and submit your name and information to the body for review. If there is a member who is willing and able to sponsor you, they will initiate contact at their discretion in role-play.
     Thank you for your interest in the Order of the Baaton, and may the gods of this land grant you each darkness in your own time.