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Sleepless in Fulham: Rambling and gambling by David Young
Wednesday, 20 September 2006
Crush or cultivate?
Topic: Poker

Over at 'Everything has a limit', 

Peter Birks explains that a "a significant minority of [these] younger male players do not want to maximize their profit. What they want to do is dominate the game. They want to be the alpha male. And, in anthropological terms, causing your "opponents" to slink away, so that you can let out a lion's roar, or whatever the young American male quivalent of this is, is the ultimate victory. But, of course, this doesn't maximize your profit. That comes not from "crushing the poker economy", but from cultivating it."

I only mention this, because the next James Bond movie is based on Bond 'crushing the poker economy' of Britain's enemies! Youtube has the trailer for Casino Royale:

Believe it or not, this is actually quite a faithful interpretation of the Ian Fleming novel, except that poker has been substituted for Baccarat.  I know that some of the dealers at the Vic auditioned for it, though none got in. Apparently they weren't convincing enough at playing themselves, something that rather reminds me of the comment made by Arthur Freed, the producer of Brigadoon: "I went to Scotland and found nothing there that looks like Scotland".

Initial reports about the proposed poker action in the film are not encouraging, with Bond losing his money, going on the nip and then returning to win it back, and more, by hitting a back-door straight flush. I really hope that's been sent to re-write, but I fear not.

Thursday, 21 September 2006 - 12:00 AM BST

Name: "Andy Ward"

That Deena could have got a part as an evil supervixen.  rrrrrrrr !


Thursday, 21 September 2006 - 2:42 AM BST

Name: "Titmus"

I saw a tv program where the hero did his bollocks with two pair versus trips at draw poker.

 And neither of them improved after the draw.

Thursday, 21 September 2006 - 2:08 PM BST

Name: "chimney sweep"

there's a press release on the hendon mob forum about tom sandbrook being the poker consultant on the bond film

Thursday, 21 September 2006 - 2:13 PM BST

Name: "David Young"

It really does not matter who the consultant for the movie is. There is a basic conflict between the film's need for a few minutes of big pots where Bond beats the bad guy with a big hand, and the reality of what you would do if you were in Bond's shoes. That's to say that if you were the better player and you had to beat the baddy, you should be keeping the pots small and playing for long hours. I don't think that would make good viewing however!


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