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Sleepless in Fulham: Rambling and gambling by David Young
Sunday, 28 January 2007
Lette's ask Kathy.
Topic: Misc.

I woke up early one day this month and caught Kathy Lette on breakfast TV. As usual she was doing her schtick about relations between the sexes and telling men what they were doing wrong. She informed us that women needed a man who knew that 'the Kama Sutra isn't an Indian restaurant' and 'monogamy isn't a type of wood'. With insights like that it's easy to see why the Savoy Hotel appointed her 'Writer in Residence'. Lette's message to the men of Britain was that for women: 'wordplay is foreplay'.

If only.

I really wish I'd been the token male on the couch interviewing her, because I would love to have asked her the question that's always bugged me whenever I hear the comment about how 'women love a guy with a sense of humour' or a 'nice personality'. Why is it then, that whey they go out on the pull, they go to places with loud music where you can't hear a word anyone says? It seems the worst possible way to select a mate if those really are the criteria that matter.

Dare I suggest another possibility? That the loud clubs allow women to see the things that really count - like how much money a guy has to spend (on clothes and drink), what sort of friends he hangs around with and what his status is within his peer group? And that all of this can be done by visual inspection in a loud environment in which the distractions of personality, intelligence and 'wordplay' are blanked out? I waited for the token male to ask this, but alas, question came there none.

_ DY at 4:03 AM GMT
Updated: Sunday, 28 January 2007 4:10 AM GMT
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Tuesday, 30 January 2007 - 4:08 PM GMT

Name: "roGER"
Home Page:

Hummmm yes. Well Kathy Lette is a fiction writer after all.

- roGER

Tuesday, 30 January 2007 - 7:29 PM GMT

Name: "David Young"

Well she's certainly not a web-designer or a proof-reader. I don't know what persuaded her to write in yellow on pink (see link in article) but it's a horrible look and she's written 'caring' instead of 'carrying': 'a civil libertarian caring mysterious packages' [ibid]. If I had her money I would have a better website than that.

She is entertaining in small doses and if she commits hideous crimes like using 'impact' as a verb* I haven't noticed it yet. But when serious TV shows invite her on the couch to talk they should know what they're getting - a lot of pre-packaged shrink-wrapped gags and bad puns without necessarily a serious point worth making. I saw her on that Thursday night politics show that Andrew Neil hosts with Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo and within three minutes she had brought up the subject of oral sex, declaring that in London you can't get 'cold beer or cunnilingus'. Diane looked primed to protest at that but stopped when she realised where that would take her.


* See Roger's website

Wednesday, 31 January 2007 - 12:14 PM GMT

Name: "roGER"
Home Page:

She probably wouldn't use the word 'impact' as a verb because she is a writer and most writers care passionately about words.

Sorry I missed that particular episode of "The Politics Show" - my fave program. Which for some reason (Portillo probably) reminds me I must write a little blog entry soon that asks why it is ex-Conservative politicians make such effective broadcasters? Micheal Portillo, Mathew Parris and the late great Alan Clarke were all superb on television.

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