The Witchcraft Bibliography Project

First version compiled by Jeffrey Merrick, Univ. Wisc. Milwaukee
enlarged and amended by Richard M. Golden, Univ. of North Texas
With the editorial assistance of numerous graduate students
Published on the Web by Lee Huddleston
August, 1996-December, 2000

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This is the December 2000 version of The Witchcraft Bibliography Project. The revisions were completed on December 29. A new Chapter on FLANDERS was added. As result of these additions the new version will be around 700K. We offer the Bibliography in two formats (the single file version is too large): each Chapter
as a separate file so you can download only the sections you need, and a self extracting compressed .exe file so that you may browse the Bibliography on your hard disk. Revisions of individual Chapters will be posted as they are completed. The single large file and the self extracting compressed will be posted when all revisions are finished.

The Bibliography grew out of, and is still about one quarter, the work of Jeffrey Merrick, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His purpose was to collect and disseminate bibliographical information about books and articles in many languages about witchcraft in early modern Europe.

He started collecting the information while in graduate school to support a pair of lectures on early modern witchcraft and science in the European history survey course in which he served as a teaching assistant. After receiving his Ph. D. from Yale, Prof. Merrick taught at Barnard and eventually moved to UWM. He has
taught seminars on witchcraft in both places, and continued to expand the bibliography, though he did not attempt to include all of the works published before 1950, nor the literature in languages he did not read.

By August of 1996 Dr. Merrick found himself too occupied with other projects to continue maintenance and expansion of the Bibliography. He chose to turn over that task to Richard M. Golden, Chair of the Department of History, the University of North Texas (Denton, Texas). Dr. Golden will be responsible for overseeing the maintenance and expansion of the existing Bibliography and enlarging the geographical and chronological scope. The Bibliography will be available on the UNT History Department Web site with new material added periodically.

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Last modified on December, 2000