[ Our Body has stories which only it can tell ] [ Paulo Henrique // MULTIMEDIA/ PERFORMANCE ]

10th anniversary 2012

"Around One (changing winds) 2002 | 2012

Premiered @ ACARTE/ Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon.

Part of Festival Danças na Cidade >> Scores & Landscapes [TEMPORARY WORK]

[ x ] Aʀᴏᴜɴᴅ Oɴᴇ ɪs ᴀ ᴄᴏʟʟᴀɢᴇ, ᴀ ᴅʏɴᴀᴍɪᴄ ᴏʀᴄʜᴇsᴛʀᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ᴏғ ᴍᴏᴠᴇᴍᴇɴᴛ, ɪᴍᴀɢᴇ ᴀɴᴅ sᴏᴜɴᴅ, ᴀᴄᴄᴏᴍᴘᴀɴɪᴇᴅ & ᴍᴀɴɪᴘᴜʟᴀᴛᴇᴅ ʙʏ ʟɪᴠᴇ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴠᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴs

Around One >> program

Concept >> Around One (Changing winds)

Promotional video "Around One (Changing winds)"

"Contract With The Skin" 2000 | 2010

Dance multimedia performance for stage directed/conceived by Paulo Henrique. Co-Production CCB, Forum Danca, IPAE / Ministerio da Cultura. Executive Production: O Rumo do Fumo

Full discription of the work
Promotional video "Contract With The Skin"

De Agora Em Diante [FROM NOW ON] 1996 | 2006
co-produced by Festival Danças na Cidade, Lisbon.

This piece established in Paulo Henrique's work a step into the field of installation, and the body as an installation site.
"FROM NOW ON", encoding and analyzing visions of transformation and change, evoking the ideas of meaning, separation, division, and segmentation. Projected at the beginning of the performance / installation:

"There's no Seduction here, No objects of Desire".

The piece ends with the performer's blood being taken live and then projected onto the performance space, thus visually enveloping the performer's body and the space.
Inside/Outside; the intimate and private versus the public and technological. The body being the protagonist and canvas of several rituals and geographies unexplored.

.Link to full record about this work: From Now On (De Agora Em Diante)

Images/articles of ‘From Now On’ project published in some papers and Dance/Performance publications >>

.‘Flowing Bodies’ [paper/magazine] ; Ezequiel Santos .- Ballett International/Tanz Aktuell, February 1998
- Contains image of Paulo Henrique in ‘From Now On‘ and a short biography.

.'Contaminações' (Contamination's)[paper/magazine] ; 04 Número Magazine Winter 1999.
- paper booklet program: col. 132 pages.
.'Poetry versus Technology.’ (Portuguese and English)
Contains an interview with Paulo Henrique by António Lopes Ribeiro,

.‘La performance déformante de Paulo Henrique’ (paper/review in French) of ‘From Now On’ including a photograph of Paulo Henrique in ‘From Now On’.
Marie-Christine Vernay in Libération, 29th May 1998.

.THEATERSCHRIFT EXTRA - , Intensification: contemporary Portuguese performance [book];
Danças na Cidade/Livros Cotovia 1998, Lisbon, 222 pages.
- Contains image of Paulo Henrique in ‘From Now On’ for ‘THEATERSCHRIFT EXTRA’ Cover
and project/concept of "Deixei De FumaR" (I've given up smoking)-
Biological/Durational/Conceptual performance.
(Dutch, French, English, and German) ; ISBN: 972-8423-32-2

. Jubilate [paper/magazine]- "LISBONNE" magazine #3 , Les Cahiers Du Sourire ; Ocotober 2000.
- paper booklet; contains 2 images of Paulo Henrique in ‘From Now On’
and written word text by Paulo Henrique on "Improvisation method". (French and Portuguese) ; ISBN: 9782951362031.

. D&TZ Technology Zone [mailing list archive], Ohio State University
- E-mail ; contains written word text by Jeff McMahon
about "From Now On" at DTW in New York. (English) ; December 1998

‘From Now On’ performance//installation - presented ::
- Slipt Stream, DTW, New York - USA ; Mousonturm Theatre, Frankfurt - Germany; Made in Corpus, C.D.C/ Toulouse - France ; Festival "Les Urbaines", Lausanne - Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Romania, and Brazil.

PROJECTS / Events - 2 0 0 6

. August
MY WORK IS MY BODY - "I've given up smoking"
A examination of the pressures on consumerism , desire , addiction
A negation to consumerism, dependency and self-destruction
A temporal experience between a defined past , a new present and an uncertain future.

|||Video-Nonevideo||| ART-CONCEPT 2006
International Festival of Tendentious Art
in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 24-26 August 2006

. September
Wild Dog 4 -Naked
||| Video screen ||| "Contract with the Skin"
September 15, 7.30pm at The Space, London.

. October
"SURFACE TENSION" Brighton Photo Fringe Festival
Brighton will be the host of the second edition of the Brighton Photo Biennial, the leading photography festival in the UK, showing new and commissioned bodies of work by internationally recognised photographic artists.

. October / November
"Surface Viwes" Photomonth 06, London
Originally inspired by the annual Mois de la Photo event in Paris, the two-month long Photomonth, held in a variety of galleries and spaces around the City and East London, explores photography as both an important art form and a powerful tool of contemporary communication.
For a detailed programme, please visit the Alternative Arts website.

.Januray - "ONE SONG,ONE CITY" ('IN'VISIBLE.BODY) - performance >> Paris; Brighton

.February - Video screen >> Covering the past works on PH's project's. Leiria, Portugal

.March - VJ (video mixing) part of SERENDIPITY
venue with D.J.Ms.Chief, @ The Hanbury Ballroom, Brighton, UK

. March / April - ::Live ACT:: Virginia Woolf / Tiatnic [drwan / sink], part of "ONE SONG,ONE CITY" in collaboration with photographer Robert Flynt

"Suspended Lines" [move//still] >> collective exhibition,
includes - "Around One"(changing winds) -Audio/visual Installation; "::Videoroom::" - video installation, "Contract with the Skin", video / sculpture installation.
Brighton Fringe Festival - ART TRAILS >> 6th to 28th of May, Brighton, UK
Suspended Lines [move//still].
Brighton Fringe Festival
.International Dance Festival, Casablanca
19th May - 20H00
Complex Culturel Moulay Rachid, Av. Colonel Allam,
Hay Moulay Rachid,Casablanca Presentation of choreography "DOC.10" + video performance "Contract with the skin" & "Terra Plana".
"Doc.10" was made possible by the support of ARTE TOTAL, Braga.
.Lecture at Brighton University
Faculty of Arts and Architecture
Performance & Technologies _ Lecture with the Students
Invited by Sue Gollifer Course Leader for the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Media Arts
30th May, Lighthouse, Brighton
info: http://www.brighton.ac.uk/arts/research/index.htm
. June
"Twisted Nudes" - New York
opening reception, 1st june
see >> www.evamuleller.com or Twisted Nudes.

. July "MAX5 – Projection showreel"
Cafe Gallery Projects London A wide-ranging survey of contemporary video practice Projektor presents a daily repeating programme of video works divided into several sections.
screens on 27,28,29 and 30 July
<< MAX5 - monitor show reel 2 >> "Hotel" Paulo Henrique, UK 2005

PROJECTS / Events - 2 0 0 5

."Contract with The Skin" (video), Video SHOWCASE at the XIIII, International Dance Festival, Almada, Portugal

. Collaboration in "Twisted Nudes" with Eva Muller, New York Based photographer, New York, USA

. Video Visual's @ FABRICA with Jimmy Sommerville. Part of the launching of TC-Chronicles, Brighton, UK

. ARTE TOTAL 10 - presentation with the students of Art Total, part of the 10th anniversary of ARTE TOTAL School Institute,Museu dos Biscainhos, Braga, Portugal

. "ONE SONG,ONE CITY" ('IN'VISIBLE.BODY) - conceptual performance -

. Uk residence - personal research in Brighton city.
Research: multimedia, performance, installation.
Photography, cultures, geography >>(collage,postcard,word written considerations,communication

>>   O t h e r   P r o j e c t s >>

.Around One [changing winds] + Around One Vinyl record,
The body is present and visible in two spaces at the same time, in pictorial surroundings developed from the body itself. The sound is created by the public through manipulation of vinyl record created specifically for this installation performance.
Around One [changing winds], part of the program SCORES AND LANDSCAPES Festival Dancas na Cidade
Centro de Arte Moderna / ACARTE / Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 2002.

.Around One [live act] - 300 limited edition of 'Around One' vinyl record. label 'Ocaso'. Of the 500 vinyl record productions, 300 are signed by visual artist Paulo Seabra who created/designed the cover for 'Around One' record.
The 200 vinyl record left, became part of a LIVE ACT where the visual artists created two projects «Recycle for Art» by Paulo Seabra and "Drum Solo Collection" by Catarina Campino. They were given 100 records each to "destroy" them creating a "new" work. It was invited to the LIVE ACT, the Director of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (Portuguese Society of Authors Director - copyrights department), to assist to the "destruction" of the 200 records stretching the 300 limited editions.

.Around One >> with DJ Rui Murka.
One is seen as identity, Around are the possibilities. Part of Numero Festival, 2nd Edition (portuguese) >> Internacional Festival of Arts, Multimedia, Cinema & Music, Lisbon, Portugal

.Contract with the Skin,
Belém Cultural Centre, Lisbon , Portugal
.Minimally Inavsive, Festival Dive into the Future,
World Exposition, EXPO ‘98 Festival, Lisbon, Portugal


work is about the different ways through which a person or a body can communicate.
As I work in performance projects, my attention is in equal relation to movement / sound / image / content.
These projects may include voice / gestures / dance / video / sound or simply body presence and what is beneath this,
but I'm also interested in the use of technology as a way to reach aims;
to investigate the different written supports beyond writing and also the human body as a medium to originate / receive / create / destroy / feel.
The body as a multi-mechanism: what does it mean? How can we use this mechanism?

My work is reflective of issues and attitudes that position us as individuals.

The attitudes we currently exist within and work from have come to us from people / places / history / geography / culture.
At the very core of my work is therefore a visual mapping and exploration of these places, bodies and environments.
Images produce to work against and from within to re-define and contest such assumptions, histories, attitudes.
To explore and appropriate new physical and emotional spaces.

My work can be considered to come from a ritualistic & entertainment tradition (dance) and documentary tradition (word / image), often re-working them, producing what I call image|poetry|performance constructions which are generated using new technologies.