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Here are some photos of our ancestors. Please check back periodically as we will be adding to our collection of family photos.  If you have a story or comment about any picture, send them to me by email and  I will try to add your story or picture to our Perrin Home Page.

The Perrin Clan

1898 - The Perrins already had nine children.   There would be five more children to come.

Can you pick out your ancestor?

Shown in the picture is the family of Frank Perrin m Martha Law with children Irma, Hazel and Harold. The family travelled to Ontario to pick up their new McLaughlin Buick in about 1918. Harold is standing in front. At the time. Frank and Martha were living in Senlac, Saskatchewan.

Picture submitted by Buck Perrin, Victoria BC


The Perrin Farm - Taken 1910


This is the "Spy Hill".  It is located a few miles from the town of Spy Hill, Saskatchewan. 


How did Spy Hill get it's name?

There are three versions as to how the district got its name.

1. That it was so named because the Indians used the hill to "spy out" the surrounding country to watch for buffalo or enemy tribes.

2. Gilbert Johnson, historian, of Marchwell states --- Spy Hill is the setting of a famous Indian legend. A revengeful wife, who had deserted her tribe, succeeded in her determination to massacre them. The, discovering that her former husband, the Chief -- the Wolverine -- alone had escaped, sought him out on the hill and there stabbed him to death. Before the survey, the hill is said to have been called Wolverine or Butte a' Caracajar by the Indians and Metis. ( See Sask. History Vol. 1, No. 2 1948 Bruce Peel's article.)

3. Dr. F. O. Gilbart, former Indian missionary and local medical practitioner at Spy Hill for 25 years, writes -- " Years ago a band of Cree Indians made camp at the Hill. A Sioux Indian was sent to steal some of their ponies. The Sioux was discovered by one of the Crees, who picking up a stone, killed the would-be thief. The Cree exclaimed "Kapakamaou" which means "I have killed a spy" and ever after the hill was called "Spy Hill".

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