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Welcome to are web site!

My home page is a good spot to let visitors know the purpose of my web site. And, the home page gives visitors an impression of my site's style. For example, the yellow lines kind of dance around, and drives me crazy. How do YOU feel about it?

You may find a word or two misspelled on this site. Actually, that would be you're mistake, as are spelling is perfect.

Goofy Links

Our latest new thing, introduced appropriately on April fool's day, are what we call the Goofy Links page.

Calibrations for your computer peripherals! Click "Calibrations" above.

Capt Anderson has most graciously taken a digital recorder on board our corporate aircraft while flying to Pen Argyl, PA for a load of pasties. He has downloaded a small segment of the in-flight experience for your listening pleasure. Navigate to the Our Corporate Aircraft page in Photo Album. And Thank You, Capt Anderson!

Now Online!!! Remote Webcams!!!
Check them out, dudes, dudesses, & dudettes!!!

We are experiencing some technical difficulties with one of our webcams. GPS telemetry for Cow #6 indicates 0 motion of the animal over the last week and a half. Although we are still receiving signals, we believe that our equipment has suffered some kind of failure. Our crack webcam team is en route to investigate. Stay tuned.


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