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The Hughes Report
Friday, April 4, 2008
Liberals' False Answers to Sex, Abstinence
Topic: US Society & Culture
I recently started getting together a comprehensive list of known STDs, along with their health risks, statistics, and whether they are curable.  It is quite a long list.  I have not found this information readily available all in one place, so that is what I hope to do.  In particular, I have noticed how many of these diseases are not prevented by condom use, and how many can be spread by oral sex.

In my opinion, it is a betrayal by our government, news media, education system, and popular culture that they will not promote abstinence, saying it is inherently religious, old-fashioned, or unreasonable, while giving our youth the false impression that a condom or a pill is a panacea.  If "Just say no" is good for drugs, then why not for premarital sex?

I will probably post the list on a Web page.

Also, regarding being "punished with a baby," I find that that attitude is at the core of left-wing liberal ideology.  Laurence Tribe, considered a constitutional law authority by the media and the liberal establishment, in support of Roe v. Wade, considered childbirth "the subordination of women to men through the exploitation of pregnancy" and an "historical parallel between the subjugation of women and the institution of slavery."  He wrote, "To give society--especially a male-dominated society--the power to sentence women to childbearing against their will is to delegate to some a sweeping and unaccountable authority over the lives of others . . . ."  [Tribe, American Constitutional Law (1988), pp. 1353, 1354].

In truth, the only women who can be said to be forced to bear children are those raped or incested, which typically accounts for 1 to 3 percent of abortions.  Meanwhile, it was recently reported that almost 70 percent of black babies are being born to single mothers.


Posted by hughes at 7:23 PM CDT

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