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The Hughes Report
Monday, February 16, 2009
Aren't You Mad Yet?
Topic: Democrat Watch

Aren’t You Mad Yet?  Just Some of the Pork in the Stimulus Bill

The true cost of the stimulus is estimated to be $3,270,000,000,000.00.

As you peruse the list below, you will probably see things that you would approve of, but other things you find outrageous (which will likely vary from person to person).  That is the insidiousness of pork/earmarks:  the authors try to “grease enough palms” with taxpayer money that those who benefit are willing to swallow other things along with it.

The welfare in the bill brings overall federal welfare spending to a total of $1,340,000,000,000, which works out to a burden of $17,400 per household that actually pays income tax in the U.S.  (This does not include state taxes.)

And now the list, which is not exhaustive, in  descending order by dollar amount.

$264,000,000,000                        New federal welfare spending

$140,000,000,000                        The “Making Work Pay” credit (wealth redistribution welfare)

$8,000,000,000                        Harry Reid’s Disneyland-Las Vegas speed train

$6,000,000,000                        Making federal buildings green

$5,500,000,000                        Making federal buildings green

$5,000,000,000                        ACORN Neighborhood Stabilization Programs

$2,000,000,000                        Low-emissions powerplant in Mattoon, Illinois

$2,000,000,000                        Batteries for hybrid cars

$1,500,000,000                         Carbon capture projects

$1,300,000,000                        NASA

$1,200,000,000                         Summer jobs for youth

$1,000,000,000                        National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration office buildings

$850,000,000                        Amtrak, in addition to its current subsidy

$800,000,000                        Federal Prison System buildings and facilities

$750,000,000                         National Computer Center

$650,000,000                        Digital TV transition coupon program

$650,000,000                         Abandoned mine sites

$600,000,000                        Hybrid vehicles for federal employees

$522,000,000                        Bureau of Indian Affairs construction

$500,000,000                        Wildland fire management

$500,000,000                        National Institutes of Health facilities

$500,000,000                         State and local fire stations

$412,000,000                        Centers for Disease Control headquarters

$307,000,000                        National Institute for Standards and Technology office buildings

$300,000,000                        Hybrid and electric cars for federal employees

$300,000,000                        Federal Bureau of Investigation office buildings

$275,000,000                         Flood prevention

$200,000,000                        Re-sod the Mall in Washington

$200,000,000                        Workplace safety in Department of Agriculture facilities

$200,000,000                        Leasing alternative energy vehicles for military installations

$200,000,000                         Public computer centers at community colleges and libraries

$200,000,000                        Filipino World War II Veterans

$198,000,000                        Design and furnish Homeland Security headquarters

$180,000,000                        Bureau of Land Management facilities

$125,000,000                        Washington, D.C. sewer system

$110,000,000                        U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service construction

$110,000,000                        Farm Service Agency computer upgrades

$100,000,000                        Grants to Small Shipyards

$100,000,000                        U.S. Marshalls office buildings

$100,000,000                         Lead paint hazard reduction

$100,000,000                        U.S. atomic energy program site cleanup

$88,000,000                        Public Health Service renovations

$75,000,000                        Smithsonian Institution

$75,000,000                        FBI employee salaries

$75,000,000                        State Department Security officers training facility

$65,000,000                         Watershed rehabilitation

$60,000,000                        Arlington National Cemetery

$10,000,000                         Fighting Mexican gun-runners

$10,000,000                         Urban canals

$5,500,000                        “Energy efficiency initiatives” for National Cemetery Administration

The bill also contains:

Temporary Increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit, a wealth-redistributing welfare program

Waiver of Requirement to Repay First-Time Homebuyer Credit

“Build America” bonds to finance public building projects







Posted by hughes at 9:33 PM CST
Updated: Monday, February 16, 2009 9:40 PM CST

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