We would like to thank the many musical artists that have allowed us to use their MIDI music.  Many of these artists have their own web sites that I have listed here.  Feel free to let them know how much you have enjoyed their music.  The primary source of much of the music used in this site is from the archives of MIDI World a number of the artists also have requested links to their sites which are a rich source of much fine classical MIDI music..

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Home Page ,Title Page
L. von Beethoven Fur Elise Artist Unknown (MSN MEDI file)
Page 2 Table of contents
J.S.   Bach Toccata in D minor: The "Dorian" Ken Whitcomb
Page 3 A Fairy Went a Marketing, I'd Love to Be a Fairy Child
Composer Unknown   Alle Psallite  Julio Feliz
Page 4 The Fairies, Boats Sail on Rivers, Dream Song
Composer Anonymous  Greensleaves Julio Feliz
Page 5, The Little Land, Little
Debussy Claire de Lune (MSN MEDI file)
Page 6, The Goops, A Goblinade
Edvard Greig  In the Hall of the Mountain King (MSN MEDI file)
Page 7 My Fairy, Cobweb
J. S. Bach Minuet in G 
George Pollen
Page 8, The Plumpuppets
P. Tchaikovsky From The Nutcracker "Dance of the Surger Plum Fairies" (MSN MEDI file)
Page 9, Mother, Bedtime Fairies
Composer Enya (Bard's Song) Artist Unknown
Page 10, Finding Fairies, Puck Lost and Found
W.A. Motzart Symphony No 40 in G min 1rst mov. (MSN MEDI file)
Page 11 Mr. Nobody, Christmas Greetings From a Fairy to Child]
L. von Beethoven, Violin Concerto in D (Op.61) 3rd Movement Rondo Allegro Hermes Camacho
Page 12 The Stolen Child
Franz Schubert  Erlkoenig (transcribed for piano by Franz Liszt) John Cowles
Page 13 The Fairy Child
J.S. Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor: Ken Whitcomb
Page 14 The Flowers, Some One
J..S. Bach Brandenberg Concerto No 3 (MSN MEDI file)
Page 15 Hold Fast to Your Dreams,  Fairy Songs
Domenico Scarlatti Sonatas K.1 John Sankey 
Page16 The Leprechaun Fairy Shoemaker
Traditional French Carol Patapan Julio Feliz
Page 17 Halfway Dow
P. Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker Suite "Miniature Overture" "Waltz of the Flowers. J.Stratton, Jr
About the Illustrations
Composer Unknown Ocean (MSN MEDI file)
Source Acknowledgements
Georg Friedrich Handel, The Royal Fireworks Suite George Pollen

Music Credits Page

Richard Wagner, Ride of the Vakerie  MIDI World Files No Author listed