Blind Folk See The Fairies
Rose  Fyleman


Blind folk see the fairies.

Oh, better far than we,

Who miss the shining of their wings

Because our eyes are filled with things

We do not wish to see

Deaf folk hear the fairies

However soft their song;

'Tis we who lose the honey sound

Amid the clamor all around

That beats the whole day long.




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Table of Contents Volume I                                                       
    VOL II                                                                             
    Blind  Folk See the Fairies-Rose Fyleman     
2   Song for the Sun That Disappeared   
    Behind the Rain Clouds--Anonymous                          
    The Creation---Cecil Francis Alexander
3   The Listener---Walter de la Mare                 
4   Remember---Christina Rossetti                  
    I Keep Three Wishes Ready---Anette Wynne
    I Shall Not Pass This Way Again---Anonymous
5   The Fairies---Rose Fyleman                       
    Fairy Tale---Carla Vredeling
6   Trees---Joyce Kilmer

    The Little Rose Tree---Rachel Fields                 

    The Loveliest Trees--A.E. Housman    

7   Fairy's Wander-Song---William Shakespeare                

    Fairy Bread--Robert Louis Stevenson 

    The Road Not Taken---Robert Frost 

8    Roads--- Rachel Field   

    The Unseen Playmate--Robert Louis Stevenson   

9   The Fairies Never Have A Penny to Spend--

        Rose Fyleman

      If You See a Faery Ring-- William Shakespeare

    In Fairyland---Joyce Kilmer

10   Elf Song---William Allingham  

    The City Mouse and the Country Mouse---

         Christina Rossetti   

    Mice---Rose Fyleman                        

11    The Moon's the North Wind's Cooky---Vachel Lindsay  

    Silver---Walter de la Mare                      

      I  Stood Against the Window---Rose Fyleman

12   The Cloud Game---L.C. Gerstenfeld

        The Child and the Faireis---Annonymous

13   Goblin Market---Christina Rossetti  

14   Something Told the Wild Geese---Rachel Field

        Be Like the Bird---Victor Hugo

        The Light Hearted Fairy---Anonymous




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