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  Sergei was born April 15,1974 in Angarsk, Russia-Siberia, not far from China and Mongolia. His father, Vladimir, was a coach, and Sergei remembers training sometimes until 2am in the morning.
  "When I was young, I was always watching the Red Army Team and hoping to get a chance with all the great players. I had that dream for awhile."
  At 13, he left home for a Moscow Sports Camp, where he lived with other youngsters in dorm-like buildings-three to each small room, with one closet each.
  His first year was very difficult, but he quickly adapted. He made the Russian National Team at the age of 16. But he soon realized why Russia's top young talents were leaving for the NHL. It wasn't long before Sergei decided to leave for America. He had to leave behind his young wife, Natasha, whom he had married at 17, as well as his parents and younger brother, Andrei.
  Andrei was also in the Red Army and he suffered for Sergei's leaving for America.
Andrei Krivokrasov When he showed up for training camp he was asked where Sergei was and when he said Sergei had left, Andrei was sent to the minors. He was even not payed on purpose at times. When he asked about his pay, he was told to ask his brother for it.

  Back in America, with the help of 2 agents, he recieved a contract from the Blackhawks, who had drafted him in the first round in 1992. But life was not easy, as Sergei spoke no English. He learned from first-grade school books, TV, and the other guys on his team. He spent most of the first two seasons with Chicago's

IHL team, the Indianapolis Ice. His first real season in the NHL came in 1994, and at the age of 20 scored 12 goals in 41 games. But Sergei's style of play never really fit in with the big, physical Blackhawks. He never scored more than 13 goals in a season for the Hawks, and Chicago became dissapointed in their prospect.
  So in the summer of 1998, the Hawks traded Sergei to the Predators in exchange for future considerations...and in exchange for Nashville not choosing one of Chicago's goalies in the expansion draft.
  Sergei fit into Nashville's sytesm quite well the first season, scoring a new high in goals(25) and points(48) and made the All Star Team for the first time. He has long since been joined in America by his wife and their 7 year old daughter, Vicka. And Andrei made it over too. Andrei started at New Hampton Prep School, and is now in his Senior year at Elmira College in upstate New York on a scholarship-and recently went over the 100 point mark in his college career.

On March 14th, Sergei is dealt to the Calgary Flames for D Cale Hulse and a 3rd round pick. "First 10 games this year, I played good," said Krivokrasov. "I get hurt for one game, my finger, and I play fourth line from then on. I never played. David Poile, he had some issues with me ... that I don't want to get into right now. I'm happy to be coming to Calgary. I talked to Al and he said they're happy to have me, want to give me lots of ice time. That's all I wanted to hear. It'll be good to be in a playoff race. There is pressure, sure, but that's a good thing. To be in Calgary right now, it must be fun."
On June 24, 2000, Sergei is chosen by the expansion Minnesota Wild and on July 26th, as a restricted free agent, signs a contract with the Wild. ...more to come!