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Eventually this page will contain my Escaflowne fanfiction. Right now though, there is only AtV,BtV. Hopefully, some time in the relatively near future you will see DfH,AfH as well as a few other fanfics.
Do you want to see your fanfiction here? Be my guest! Email me!
[22/22 chapters written, 8 chapters posted, rest
needs to be beta'd]
{Series continuation}
Prequel to DfH,AfH. The Esca girls during the two year period after Tenku no Escaflowne and before DfH,AfH; an introduction to my character, Lane. Hitomi after her visions, Lane before hers. [Hinted Eries/Allen]
Angel from Heaven, Demon from Hell
[Currently being written. 2.5 of tentitive 26
chapters written]
{Continuation of a series continuation}
Two years after Tenku no Escaflowne, Hitomi is pulled back to Gaea, but she is not alone. Lane Smith, an American, goes along. She finds her own love while Hitomi is settling things with Van. [Lane/Dilandau, minor Hitomi/Van]
[Currently not written]
{Series continuation, references to series
and past events}
The two remaining Aston sisters have a secret and they are now willing to share it...... [Eries/Allen, Milerna/Dryden]
My Vision: Through My Eyes
[Currently not written]
{Series fic}
This will eventually be the series through the eyes of Hitomi, Van and Allen. And if I'm really adventureous, I may attempt Folken too. But we'll have to see. [Hinted Hitomi/Van, Hitomi/Allen]
[Currently in writting/beta phase, 4/? chapters written]
{Series fic}
A young woman is thought to be part of Ziaback's Fate plans.... but wait. Ziaback has made a mistake? Is that even possible? [OC/Folken]
Angles de Infierno: Hell's Angels
[Currently in writting/beta phase, 4.5 of tentitive 17 chapters written]
{Alternate Universe}
Hell's Angels are very large group of theives and mercenaries. They are there for hire yet so much more. One of them finds that Ziaback is planning to take over the planet. Can the Angels ban together and get over their differnces in enough time to save the world? [Hitomi/Van, Lane/Dilandau, OC/Allen, OC/Folken]

The Vision of Escaflowne (C) its Japanese creators Shoji Kawamori and Hajime Yadate.
Original fan-based material on Vision (C) Rad and original artists.