Argus C3
Hi again! Since there are so many Argus C3 fans out there, and most of them aren't likely to go for professional service, I thought I'd post a few Argus tips. I'll start with the normal lens and build from there.
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Here's a disassembly of the 50/3.5 Cintar. Everything is adjustable, including both the focus setting and the diaphragm openings. Your C3 can be just as precise as you make it!

Okay, enough about the lens. Here's a quick look at the body:

The shutter is scattered all over the place behind the cast front panel. You don't have to remove the front panel to adjust the rangefinder.... i just put those notes here to keep it all on one sketch. If you DO remove the front panel, you're gonna have to cut some new leather when you're done; here are some patterns for the C3 and C4 leather.

In this photo, the front panel has been opened without removing the cocking lever, by rotating it about the lever axis after removing the screws. Removing the lever is easy enough that this is not really necessary, though.

One kind of tricky detail to get back together in the C3 is the film counter dial. If you remove the screw, the thing it was screwed into drops down and spins so you can't get the screw started back in. Like other things, it's a matter of having the proper tool for the job. In this case, that happens to be a Popsicle stick.....

So, is a $10 Argus C3 worth all the trouble?
Yeah, I think so. Once it's nicely cleaned up it becomes a very pleasant camera in spite of its awkward ergonomics, as well as a conversation starter; and it takes pretty good pictures too. Here are a few examples:

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