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SFL Trades – 2011 Season
From Player Pos To/For Player Pos
New Hampshire Andre Gurode C Southern Cal Jeff Bakus T
2011 5th
Ringgold Josh Freeman QB Cleveland 2011 1st
Matt Light T Donovan McNabb QB
Philly  Antonio Smith DE Cleveland 2011 2nd
Melvin Bullitt S
Scottsdale Kerry Collins QB Irvine Tim Hightower RB
Duece Lutui G 2011 #2
Randy Starks DL 2011 #4
2011 #2 2011 #5
Dakota Takoe Spikes ILB Maricopa 2011 #3
Pat Williams  DT 2011 #4
2011 #7
Ringgold Richard Marshall CB Southern Cal 2011 #3
Ringgold Scott Wells C Philly 2011 #4
Ft. Lauderdale LeSean McCoy RB Denver Drew Brees QB
Kirk Morrison ILB Jeff Faine G
Brett Favre QB 2012 #4
2012 #!
Roanoke  Hines Ward WR Ringgold Jacoby Jones WR
2011 #5 Gary Brackett ILB
Ringgold Matt Lawson OLB Scottsdale 2011 #4
2010 Trades
From Player Pos
To Player Pos

Outer Banks Michael Griffin CB
Chicago Ray Edwards DE

Iowa Mike Peterson OLB
Kutztown Kyle Orton QB

Rich Seubert G

Dhani Jones ILB

Nate Burleson WR

Vonta Leach RB

Demorrio Williams ILB

Southern Cal Robert Mathis DE
Panama Steven Jackson RB

Philadelphia 2010 1st QB
Ringgold Broderick Bunkley DT

2010 6th DT

2010 1st

Las Vegas 2010 1st WR
Ringgold Pierre Thomas RB

Brooklyn 2010 1st WR
Scottsdale Ty Warren DL

Damien Woody T

Matt Birk C

Ovie Mughelli RB

Julius Jones RB

Brian Robison DE

Malcom Floyd WR

Scottsdale Troy Polamalu S
Ringgold Chris Komoeatu G

Irvine Calvin Pace OLB
Scottsdale Tommie Harris DT

Charles Godfrey S

EJ Henderson ILB

2010 5th

Panama 2010 1st

Iowa Bobbie Williams G

2010 5th

Southern Cal David Garrard QB
Warrington 2010 2nd

Ringgold Tony Scheffler TE
Denver 2010 4th

Ringgold 2011 5th

Roanoke 2010 7th

2010 8th

Denver 2011 8th

Roanoke 2010 9th
2009 Trades
New Hampshire sends their third round pick to Saranac Lake for QB Jeff Garcia.
Mojave sends Manny Lawson LB to Ringgold for DE Elvis Dumervill.
Saranac Lake sends a 5th rounder to Ringgold for RB Warrick Dunn.
Ringgold sends Vince Young to Panama for 2009 10th round pick.
Ringgold sends Victor Abiamiri to Philadelphia for their 2009 4th round pick.
Ringgold sends OLB Boley and round 2 pick 20 (pick 40 overall) to New Hampshire for RD1 pick 15
Panama trades Ray Edwards and its 5th rd pick to Chicago in exchange for Sage Rosenfels and Chicago's 6th rd pick
Panama sends RB Ricky Williams and G Deuce Lutui to Fullerton in exchange for C Ryan Kalil and Fullerton's 6th rd pick.
Ringgold sends S Micheal Lewis, RD3 pick 60, RD6 pick 110 to Denver for RB Darren McFadden, S Roy Williams.

Brooklyn sends Pete Kendall C to Panama for the War Elephant's 2010 4th round pick

Chicago trades 2009 3rd round pick # 59 overall and 4th round pick #63 overall for Irvine's third round pick #41 overall and 10th round pick.

Roanoke sends Terrell Owens WR to Denver for their 2009 4th round and 2010 2nd round picks.
Roanoke sends Antoine Winfield and their 2010 6th round pick to Irvine for their 2010 1st and 4th round picks.
New Hampshire sends Stacy Andrews to Ringgold for 2009 5th round pick.
Roanoke sends Derrick Brooks to Vegas for 2010 4th round pick.
Roanoke sends Dhani Jones to Kutztown for 2010 4th round pick.
Roanoke sends Adewale Ogunleye to Kutztown for 2010 3rd round pick.
Ringgold sends Chris Chambers, Sidney Rice and 2009 9th round pics to Philly for Chad Clifton and their 2009 6th round pick.
Roanoke sends Philip Buchanon CB to Philly for their 2010 5th round pick.
Mojave sends Terrence Newman CB and Aaron Ross CB to Philly for Nnandi Asomughi CB and Kevin Burnett ILB
Mojave trades 2010 10th round pick to Philly for 2009 10th round pick.
Ringgold sends Brad Smith WR/QB to Ft Lauderdale for 2010 10th round.
Roanoke sends 2009 3rd round pick to Panama for 2010 2nd round pick.
Mojave sends LeRon McCLain RB and Kyle Orton QB to Kutztown for Santonio Holmes WR and Justin Smiley G
Brooklyn sends Trevor Pryce DE to Panama for 2010 3rd round pick.
Panama sends RB Ray Rice and RB Fred Jackson to Saranac in exchange for RB Chris Johnson and RB Warrick Dunn.
Mojave sends M. Turner RB, Edwards QB, and Kevin Kaesviharn S to Roanoke for Bulger QB, L. Tomlison RB and Eric Coleman S.

2008 Trades
Chicago sends Shaun Rogers DT and their 2008 sixth round pick to Denver for Ken Hamlin S and their tenth round pick.
Monjave trades Bart Scott LB to Vegas for Kynan Forney G.
Philadelphia trades John Kitna QB to Panama for 2008 4th and 8th round picks.
New Hampshire trades Derek Anderson to Warrington for 2008 #1 and 2009 #1.
Panama trades 2008 10th round pick to Southern Cal for Ricky Williams RB.
Mojave trades Chester Taylor to Brooklyn for Sage Rosenfels.

Southern Cal sends their 2008 5th round and #199 10th round pick to Philadelpia for Nick Harper S.

Brooklyn sends 2008 #6, #7, and #10 picks  and 2009 #10 to Philly for S Rodney Harrison and S Lawyer Milloy.  

Ringgold sends RB Lendale White to Las Vegas for Las Veags 2008 2nd RD pick.

Ringgold sends RB Brandon Jacobs to Warrington for WR Chris Chambers and Warringtons 3rd RD pick.

Philly sends 2008 2nd and 10th round picks to Chicago for their 3rd round pick and Reggie Brown WR.

Philadelphai sends Fred Taylor to Cleveland for 2008 2nd round pick.

Panama sends Amobi Okoye DT to Chicago for 2008 5th round pick and 2009 1st round pick.

Vegas trades Chester Pitts OG for Fullerton's Todd McClure C.

Chicago trades Cedric Griffin CB to Irvine for their 3rd round pick #51 overall.

Brooklyn trades their #3 pick (this round) to Las Vegas for CB for Fred Smoot.

Ringgold sends LB David Thornton and 2009 RD 10 to Chicago for Chicagos 3rd (pick 51) and 2009 4th round pick.

Vegas sends their 4th round pick to Warrington for Shawn Springs.

Warrington sends Ian Gold to Brooklyn 5th round pick.

Vegas sends Kirk Morrison to Ft. Lauderdale for Corey Williams.

Vegas sends Greg Jones to Philly for the 2nd pick (#109) in the 6th round.

Cleveland Rocks sends their 6th round pick to Las Vegas for WR Mushin Muhammed.

New Hampshire sends S Roman Harper to Dakota for T Jeremy Trueblood.
Ringgold sends RB Cedric Benson to Hatboro for 7th round pick.
Ringgold sends WR Michael Jenkins to Cleveland for Cleveland’s 2008 9th and 2009 9th round picks.
Panama sends QB Matt Leinart, its 2009 2nd and 3rd rd picks to Ringold in exchange for QB Matt Schaub and Ringold's 2009 4th rd pick.
Saranac Lake sends Lenon to Brooklyn for Hillenmeyer.
Mojave sends Bob Sanders S, Mike Vrabel OLB, Reggie Kelly TE, Sage Rosenfels QB, Warren Sapp DT and 2009 4th round pick to Chicago for Aaron Ross CB, Reggie Nelson S, Kyle Orton QB, Scott Fujita OLB, Manny Lawson OLB, and Chicago's 2009 2nd and 8th round picks.
Brooklyn sends Lenon and their 2009 #7 pick to Irvine for Shanle. 
Panama trades Leonard Pope TE to Fullerton in exchange for Lorenzo Neal.
Panama sends 2009 6th round pick to Irvine for Travis Henry.
2007 Trades
Panama sends Walter (QB) & their 3rd round draft pick to Saranac
Lake for for David Carr(QB).
Panama sends Mark Brunell to Brooklyn in exchange for Brooklyn's 3rd round pick.
Saranac Lake sends Terrence Newman to Mojave for Matt Jones and Travis Daniels.
Panama sends 2007 #1 and Jermaine Phillips to Saranac Lake for Lee Evans and my 2007 #3.
Las Vegas sends James Farrior to Kutztown for DE Trent Cole.
Mojave sends Mike Furrey and Al Wilson to Chicago for Charles Woodson and Brian Simmons and 2007 7th round pick.
Roanoke sends Steve McNair, Willis McGahee, 2007 1st and 7th round picks to Dakota for LaDanian Tomlison.
Roanoke sends Cullen Jenkins to Denver for CC Brown.
Mojave sends Deltha O'Neal to Dakota for Robert Griffith.
Dakota sends Cooper Carlisle, their #1 (17th overall) and their 3rd round pick to New Hampshires for their #1 and #3.
Chicago sends their 1st round pick (#18) and its fifth round pick (#98) overall to Ft. Lauderdale for their first round pick (#15) and sixth round pick (#115).
Mojave sends Hunter Hillenmeyer LB and Tyler Brayton De to Brooklyn for Eric Moulds WR and Warren Sapp DT.
Panama sends Rodney Harrison to Crouching in exchange for Crouching's 4th round pick this year and 2008 4th Round pick.
Cleveland sends its 2007 4th round pick to Ringgold for RB Kevin Jones.
New Hampshire Cowtippers send DE Greg Spires and a 2007 7th round pick to Irvine for ILB Shelton Quarles.
Ringgold sends Erasmus James to Dakota for 2007 5th round pick.
Roanoke sends 2007 6th round pick to Chicago for Dennis Northcutt.

Ringgold sends Jarvis Green and a 2007 #10 to Mojave for Grady Jackson and a 2007 #9.

Chicago sends its 2007 8th round pick and its 2008 4th round pick to Dakota in exchange for K Rian Lindell and Dakota's 2008 10th round pick.
Ringgold sends 2008 6th round pick to Las Vegas for 2007 8th and 9th round picks.

Dakota sends Donald Driver, their 8th round pick (on the clock) and 2008 2nd round pick to Panama in exchange for Tavaris Jackson, Derrick Mason, and Panama's 2008 4 th and 6th round picks.

Ringgold sends OLB Joey Porter to Panama for Broderick Bunkley and Michael Boley to Ringgold.

Panama sends Joe Horn to Crouching in exchange for John McCargo DT and Crouching's 2008 #8.
Saranac Lake is sending C.June to Warrington for Fred Robbins.
Panama sends Mathias Kiwanuka, and its 3rd and 5th round picks in 08 to Dakota in exchange for Pat Williams.
Panama sends Andra Davis ILB to New Hampshire in exchange for Zach
Thomas ILB and New Hampshire's 5th round pick next year.

2006 Trades
Mojave Mongrels trade away Michael Vick to Panama for Kelly Holcomb and Mike Wahle.
Mojave trades Kelly Holcomb, Justin Smith, Julius Jones, and Adam Archuleta to Fullerton for Brad Johnson, Warrick Dunn, Hargrove and 2006 3rd round pick that was Phillys.
Panama sends Mike Peterson, Keenan McCardell and their 6th round pick to Dakota for their 1st round pick (2nd overall) and their 3rd round pick.
Chicago sends Ryan Pickett DT, Ricky Manning Jr. CB, and Ryan Diem OT to Minny for Jerry Porter WR, Victor Hobson OLB, and Bary Sims OT.
Ringgold sends 1st round (#4) and David Carr to Saranac Lake for Ben Roethlisberger and 2nd round (#8).
Mojave sends to Fullerton : Kevin Williams DT and Kendrell Bell LB and 2 3rd round picks it has for #10 pick overall and Fullertons 6th round pick.
Mojave sends Brian Westbrook rb and Anthony Hargrove DE to Denver for 2006 #1 pick 6th overall and Ratliff CB/ PR.
Mojave trades Wahle OG and Forney OG for Samari Rolle CB and Brandon Moore G, Mike Flynn C and Vegas 1st round pick (16th).
Mojave Mongrels trade Robert Mathis DE to Southern California team for 2006 2nd round pick and Robert Ferguson WR.
Mojave sends LeCharles Bently Center and Karlos Dansby LB to California for Nick Hardwick Center and California's 1st round pick.
Panama sends Tyler Brayton to Mojave for their 5th round pick.
The TrolleyDodgers send Gus Frerotte to Kutztown for their 3rd round pick.
Mojave sends Willie Anderson to Roanoke for Shaffer and Roanoke's 2006 1st round pick.

Vegas trades Derrick Blaylock RB and Greg Ellis DE to Mojave for Tatum Bell RB.

Mojave trades Sam Madison CB and Anthony Becht TE for Chester Taylor RB and New Hampshires 5th round pick formerly Ft Lauderdale.

Mojave sends Sheldon Brown CB to Southern California for Mat Lehr OG and  Shawntee Spencer CB and Southern Californias 4th round pick 2006

Brooklyn sends Mike Vrabel, Michael Turner and their Brooklyn's 3rd round pick to Mojave for Warrick Dunn and Mojave's 2006 6th round pick.
New Hampshire sends Grady Jackson to Mojave for Mojaves 5th round #99 overall pick.
Panama sends Mike Bennett to Crouching in exchange for Mark Brunell.
Ringgold sends CB Delthae O'Neal and Ringgolds RD2(Pick #8) to Mojave for Michael Lewis (S) safety-PHI and Mojaves RD1(pick #16).
Colorado sends QB Donovan McNabb, OLB Orland Huff and 6th round pick to Cleveland for QB Jake Delhomme.
Ringgold sends Chris Brown, Jeremy Shockey, Dre Bly, Michael Boulware to Irvine for Joey Porter, Marcus Pollard and 2006 4th round pick and 2007 3rd round pick.
Mojave sends Nate Clements CB and 2007 1st round pick for Sanders S and Panamas 2007 2nd round pick.
Ringgold sends DE Reggie Hayward to Colorado for 2006 3rd round pick and DE Charles Grant.
Ringgold sends Shawn Bryson to Mojave for 2006 7th and 8th round picks.

Mojave sends Mike Flynn C to Kutztown for Will Peterson CB.

Chicago sends Thomas Jones, Larry Allen and Benji Olson to Altoona for Jimmy Smith, Hutchinson and 2006 4th round pick.
Ringgold sends Roddy White WR to Chicago for 2007 3rd round pick, Tank Williams S and R. Hill S.

Fullerton sends OG Foster to Saranac Lake for Corey Dillon RB.

Chicago sends Thomas Jones, Allen and Benji Olson to Altoona for Jimmy Smith, Hutchinson and 2006 4th round pick..

Cleveland sends its 2nd pick in Round 8 #157 to Panama for their 2007 7th round pick.

Mojave sends its 9th and 10th round picks for Saranacs 8th round pick.

Mojave trades it's 2007 10th round pick to Saranac Lake for it's 2006 10th round pick.

Ringgold sends DE Robaire Smith to Cleveland for Cleveland ’s 2006 7th rd pick.

Panama sends Vilma and DeWayne Robertson to Crouching in exchange for
Richard Seymour and Chris Perry.

2005 Trades

Panama sends QB Josh McCown to Denver for WR Charles Rogers and Denver's 4th round pick.
Chicago sends DL Kevin Carter to Altoona for WR Denis Northcutt.
Panama sends Larry Allen to Chicago for their #1 pick and Andre Woolfolk.
Fullerton sends A. Harris CB to Altoona for Warrick Dunn RB.

Denver trades Ramsey and Greisen to Fullerton for Sharper and the 51st overall pick.

Brooklyn sends LaCharles Bentley, Willie Anderson. Chris Claiborne and Brooklyn's #8 pick to Philadelphia for Damien Woody, Flozell Adams, John Tait and Philly's #5 pick.
Panama sends Mike Green to So Cal for the 9th pick in the 1st round, Kelly Holcomb and So Cal's 6th round pick.
Chicago sends ILB Holmes and their fifth round pick to Brooklyn for S Chavous and their seventh round pick.
Las Vegas sends Marc Bulger to Roanoke for James Farrior.
Panama sends 2005 #1 Pick 20 to Roanoke for Rashean Mathis, 2005 #4 and #6.
Panama sends the 16th and 19th picks in the first round to New Hampshire in exchange for the 4th pick in the first round and New Hampshire's 2nd round pick in 2006.

Irvine sends 2005 #3 pick and CB Eric Warfield to Waterford for DT Glover.

Fullerton sends Marcus Washington, Panama's 4th and 5th round pick to Panama for 2005 two 2nd round picks,  Ryan Sims DT and Wong OLB.

Ft. Lauderdale trades 2005 #2 and CB Troy Vincent to Panama for their 2006 #1 pick and 2005 # 3 pick.

Waterford sends Ike Hilliard to Schenectady for their 2005 #3 pick.

New Hampshire trades Foley, Saturday and M.Faulk to Irvine for Brooking, McClure and M.Pittman.

Philadelphia trades DE Ellis, RB Henry and your 4th rd. pick in 2006 and 6th pick this year to Irvine for DE Smith and my third round in 2006 and the 5th round pick from Maine.

Kutztown sends Anquan Boldin WR to Philly for Will Peterson CB and Kenard Lang DE
New Hampshire sends Todd McClure to Fullerton for Matt Lepsis.
Fullerton sends 2005 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th round picks to Maine for David Dixon.

New Hampshire trades 2005 5th round pick to Panama for 2006 6th #117 and #119.

Fullerton sends Al Wilson LB to Philadelphia for 2006 1st and 3rd round picks.

Fullerton trades Wong to Dakota for 2006 2nd round pick.

Philly sends J.Pathon to Waterford for their 2005 6th rd pick.

Minneapolis sends Chris Brown and 6th round pick (110 overall) to Ringgold for Eric Steinbach and Napoleon Harris.
Panama sends Jerry Porter, its 2005 8th, 9th and 10th picks and its 2006 2nd round pick to Minneapolis in for Randy Starks, Ben Troupe and T.J. Houshmandzadeh.
Panama sends Scott Fujita and it's 2006 8th round pick to Chicago for Chicago's 2006 4th round pick and its 2005 10th round pick.

Panama sends DeWayne White to Maine in exchange for Maine's 10th round pick in 2006.

Ringgold trades OLB Will Weatherspoon  and WR Andre Davis to Vegas for OLB
Warrick Holdman and WR Bryant Johnson.
Panama sends Anthony Hargrove to Fullerton for David Dixon.

Panama sends their 3rd round pick next year and Lamont Thompson to Maine for Rodney Harrison.

Panama sends David Dixon, Vernon Carey, and its 2006 4th and 5th round picks to Dakota for Marco Rivera.
Panama sends Brandon Lloyd and Sam Adams to New Hampshire in exchange for Derrick Mason and Dewayne Robertson.
Waterford sends Harrington to Fullerton for 2006 3rd round pick.
Ft. Lauderdale trades the highest of its number 1 picks in 2006 and S Brian Scott to Dakota for S Brian Dawkins.
Waterford sends Will Shields to Ft. Lauderdale for Lamont Jordan & Ft. Lauderdale 2006 #6.
Ringgold sends Jeremetriuous Butler to Brooklyn for Brooklyns 2006 #3 and A Ambrose.
Vegas sends Carson Palmer and Fred Taylor to Maine for Ronde Barber, Tiki
Barber and their 2006 #1.
Ringgold sends QB Drew Brees to Denver for RB Kevin Jones DE Aaaron Smith
LB Gary Brackett QB Josh McCowen.
Brooklyn sends Chris Kelsay and 2006 #1  to New Hampshire for Jevon Kearse and the Cowtippers 2006 #4.
New Hampshire sends DeAngelo Hall CB and New Hampshire's 2006 First round pick to Chicago for Matt Hasselbeck QB and Chicago's 2006 First round pick


2004 Trades

Chicago sends John Tait OT and Sam Madison CB to Philly for OLB Brian Simmons and DE Aaron Schobel
Chicagos sends their 3rd round pick and Mike Peterson to Panama for Panama's 4th round pick (the 16th pick in that round) and Donnie Edwards
Mystic (Maine) sends R. Williams, Elam, Hamilton, Lassiter, Round 2 pick to Fullerton for Seymour, Emmons, T.Brown, Vinetieri , Round 10 pick
Panama sends Kearse, Pollard for Maine's 2004 #1 pick, Porter and Mayberry.
Panama sends Priest Holmes for Maine's 2005 #1 and 2005 #2.
Ft. Lauderdale sends OT Kenyatta Walker and its 2nd round pick in the draft to Maine for RB Anthony "The A-Train" Thomas.
Panama sends 2004 #1, and 6th round pick to Dakota ito Dakota for 2004  #1 and 2004 #4 pick, and their 2005 #2 pick.

Panama sends 2004 Round #1, 11th pick and Kevin Barlow to Denver for Deuce McAllister and Denver's 2004 4th round pick.

Chicago sends Todd Weiner OT, Todd Steussie OT, and James Thrash WR/KR to Maine for Edwin Mulatio G and Maine's 5th and 8th round draft picks.

Denver sends 1st rd pick ..18th overall to Philadelphia for their 2004 2nd,3rd and 6th round picks.

Philly sends 18h pick overall, 2005 3rd round pick and Patrick Ramsey to Denver for Michael Vick.

Chicago sends its second round pick #32 overall and it's fourth round pick #72 overall to Fullerton for its second round pick #21 and it's ninth round pick #178 overall.

Roanoke sends Flozell Adams to Philadelphia for Jerome Woods.
Roanoke sends Walter Jones and 2005 Round 3 pick to Cleveland for Courtney Brown and their 2005 1st round pick
Schenectady sends Teddie Brusci to Maine for David Carr, 2004 4th round pick and 2005 3rd round pick.
Southern Cal send 2004 2nd round pick (#37) and 2004 4th round pick (#77) to Fullerton for their 2004 2nd round pick #32.
Cleveland sends David Dixon to Maine for Todd Stuessie.
Maine sends 2004 7th round pick and K.Walker to New Hampshire for T.Candidate.
Fullerton sends their 2004 4th round picks (# 72 and # 78) to Denver for their 2005 3rd round picks # 44 and # 48
Denver sends Leber and Edwards to Maine for Carson,4th from irvine, 6th, 9th and Fullerton 10th
Panama sends it's 2005 4th and 5th round picks to Fullerton in exchange for Langston Walker and Ray Thompson
Las Vegas sends Travis Fisher, Kynan Forney and Quincy Morgan to Philadelphia for Mike Minter and David Boston
Maine sends Kearse, D.Patten, T.Brown, and E.Wilson to New Hampshire for Simmons, Harrison, D.Allen, and Toomer

Maine sends Holmes, K. Johnson, Pollard, Edwards, Brown, 2005 5th rd to Irvine pick for T. Barber, Buress, R. Barber (cb), F. Jones, Milloy, 2005 2nd rd pick

Brooklyn sends Mike Vrabel and Cornelius Griffin to Philly for Brian Westbrook, 2005 2nd RD Pick and Willie Whitehead

Chicago sends Tony Parrish S, Donnie Edwards OLB, and Bryan Thomas DE to Irvine for Mike Brown S, Shawn Barber OLB, and Andre Carter DE

Dakota sends to Maine T. Poole CB for P.Hunter CB to Maine for 2005 Irvines 2nd and Maines 2005 4th round pick.

Chicago sends Shawn Barber OLB to Maine for Anthony Simmons OLB.

Las Vegas sends Tory James CB to Roanoke for Greg Ellis DE.

Las Vegas trades Garrison Hearst to Maine for their 2005 #6 and #7th pick. 
Panama trades its 2005 2nd round pick to Ft. Lauderdale in exchange for Josh McCown.

Roanoke trades both of their 2005 1st round picks (1 from Cleveland) to Southern Cal for Ty Law.

Southern Cal sends Nalen, Ambrose and Sapp to Brooklyn for their 2005 #1, #2, #4 and Shannaurd Harts. 

2003 Trades

Brooklyn trade TE - Freddie Jones to Dallas for WR - Ed McCaffrey.

Chicago sends Marvel Smith, first round pick #5 overall, Ohio's second round pick (#40 overall) to Fort Worth's first round pick #1 overall.

Fort Worth has traded the 5th overall pick along with DT Hand and their 6th round pick to Brooklyn for OT Lepsis, ILB Sharper, Brooklyn 1st round pick 15th overall and Brooklyn's 3rd round pick.

Chicago sends safety Adrian Wilson to Brooklyn for ILB Earl Holmes.

Piedmont sends #1 pick and DT E. Johnson to Waterford for Warren Sapp.

Schenectady trades Kurt Warner to Irvine for Eddie George

Chicago Trades Tiki Barber, Santana Moss, and it's fourth round (previous West Virgina's pick) #80 overall to Irvine for Koren Robinson. Tai Streets, Dante Hall, and Irvine's second round pick #29 overall.

Irvine trades 2003 #1 and Kurt Warner to Mystic for Chad Pennington and Mystic safety Jackson.

Las Vegas sends Jeff Mitchell, Grant Wistrom, Shawn Springs, Deon Grant, Barry Sims to Orlando for Fred Taylor, Isaac Bruce, John Parrella and Junior Seau.

Brooklyn trades: QB Daunte Culpepper, ILB Keith Brooking, CB Tiki Barber and  OT Linclon Kennedy to Irvine for:  QB Trent Green, ILB Brian Urlacher,OT Jon Jansen  and  CB Fernando Bryant 

Panama sends Porter, Brunell, Shelton to Irvine for Culpepper and Kevan Barlow.

Schenectady sends CB Coleman to Waterford for C Christy

Kutztown sends lawyer milloy and its 2004 third round pick to Irvine for safety dexter jackson  and irvine's 2003 5th round pick

Chicago sends OLB Takeo Spikes to Panama for CB Sam Madison.

Kutztown sends Mike Flanagan - C/G/T and Earl Little - S to the California Sharks for Kordell Stewart - QB

Chicago sends S Reggie Tongue and it's seventh round pick to Irvine for OLB Mike Peterson.

Kutztown sends OT Spencer Folau and their 10th round pick to the California Sharks for OLB - Artie Ulmer and ILB - Brant Boyer

Brooklyn sends DE Wakefield to Irvine for T Burton

Mystic sends Kurt Warner and 2004 #10 to Irvine for Mark Brunell and a 2004 #4.

Panama sends it's 2004 #3 and #5 picks in next year's draft to Las Vegas in exchange for Keenan McCardell

Dakota sends Randy Moss and Dan Campbell to Panama in exchange for James McKnight, Randy McMichael and Panama's #1 next year

Trolley Dodgers send Michael Pittman - RB and Brooklyn's  5th round pick in 2004 to the Jets for Richie Anderson-RB and the Jet's 3rd round pick in 2004.

Panama sends Patrick Ramsey and its #2 pick in next year's draft to Philadelphia in exchange for Mike Bennett, Ahmed Plummer and Philly's #4 pick next year.

Fullerton trades T. Williams, Lelie, and McCollum and their 1st round pick next year to Yosemite for Staley, Birk, Gadsen and Yosemite 5th round pick next year.

Chicago trades Quentin Jammer CB and Ben Leber OLB to Yosemite for Tank Williams S and Artell Hawkins CB.

Dakota sends Winborn and 2004 3rd and 4th round picks to Yosemite for tyrone williams, deese and 2004 6th round pick.

2002 Trades

Roanoke sends Pinkston and their 2002 #1 pick to Miami for Terrell Owens.

Altoona sends their 2002 #4 and Jamie Duncan to LA for Levon Kirkland.

Miami sends Joe Horn to Dallas for 2002 #1.

Roanoke sends Morton to Franklin for 2002 #4.

Vegas sends Brian Griese to Cleveland for 2002 #1.

Cleveland sends Marcellus Wiley, Ashely Ambrose, Mark Dixon and Eddie Kennison to Franklin for Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, RW McQuarters, Byron Chamberlain, Daimon Shelton.

Altoona sends QB Dante Culpepper to Pittsburgh for their #1, Warrick Dunn and Randall Cunningham.

Roanoke sends RB Lamar Smith to Simsbury for 2002 #3

Orlando sends 2002 #1, 2002 #2 to Las Vegas for Tom Nalen, C. Coleman, A. Meadows and 2002 #2.

Orlando sends C. Naeole to Franklin for B. Hamilton.

Orlando sends Greg Biekrt LB, Tom Nalen C, Steve Wisniskwi G, Tony Brackens DL to Franklin for Junior Seau LB, Franklin #1, Franklin #5, Joe Johnson DL

Piedmont sends RB Stephan Davis to Roanoke for DT Sam Adams.

Franklin sends Corey Fuller CB and 2002 #7 to Cleveland for Eric Beverly C and 2002 #3.

Orlando sends B. Hamilton DE, P. Boulware DE-LB , K. Thomas CB , 2002 (2) 5th rd picks to Franklin for M. Wiley DE, C. Emmons LB , M. Jenkins WR and 2002 #6

Philly sends Jay Riemersma-TE and Todd Pinkston-WR to Franklin for Peerless Price-WR, Dan Neil-OG and 2002 5th (17th pick)

Orlando sends Luke Pettigout to Orlando for Chad Johnson 2002 7th and 2002 8th.

Orlando sends both 7th rd picks to Franklin for M. Stroud DT.

Illinois (new team formerly Sacramento) trades Curtis Conway to Franklin for Bobby Hamilton.

Sharks send D. Sloan - TE to Franklin for Peppi Zellner - DE.

The Strikers send Hugh Douglas (DE), Kenny Mixon (DT), Bill Romanowski (OLB), Waverly Jackson (G) and Donnie Abraham (CB) to Sacramento for Jeremy Newberry (C), Terrell Davis (RB), Chris McAlister (CB), Kevin Garmon (G) and Adalius Thomas (DE) .

Piedmont sends Ruddy, C, and Payne, DE to Mystic for Sharper, S, and L.J. Shelton T.

Yosemite Claim Jumpers send their 2003 #1 pick to Roanoke for Correll Buckhalter and Jesse Armstead.

Colorado sends Chris Carter to Roanoke for 2003 #3.

California sends Parker (G) to Illinois for Conalty (C)

Yosemite sends Corey Dillon to Illinois for Phillip Daniels DE, Charlie Clemons ILB and Kim Hering (S)..

Yosemite sends Michael Strahan and #3 round 2003 pick to Las Vegas for Duce Staley, Duce McAlister and Dwayne Rudd

Manhattan sends 2003 MAN#1 tp Franklin for David Sloan TE.

Chicago sends Dan Wilkinson DT, Artrell Hawkins CB, and Kendyl Jacox C to Manhattan for David Terrel WR, 2003 #2 and 2003 #4.

Yosemite sends Frank Wycheck and John Fina to Manhattan for Ryan Tucker, Artell Hawkins and Michael Ricks.

Schenectady sends Hugh Douglas DE to Franklin for Todd Pinkson WR, Kavika Pittman DE, and Franklin 2003 #1

Dallas sends DT Grady Jackson, OC Jeff Saturday, OG Larry Moore, DE Tony Bryant, OLB Rob Fredrickson and QB Jeff Blake to Manhattan for DE Justin Smith, ILB Al Wilson, OC Kendyl Jacox, G Mo Collins, DT Lional Dalton, QB Trent Dilfer and 2003 #5 (Manhattan)

Dallas sendsRB Emmitt Smith, TE Desmond Clark, CB Denard Walker, ILB Randall Godfrey, OLB Jeff Ulbrich, 2003 #5 to Mystic for RB Eddie George, WR Laveranues Coles, CB Eric Warfield, OLB Mike Peterson, OC Todd McClure

Roanoke sends Chris Carter to Franklin for 2003 #2

Roanoke sends Kerry Collins, Keith Traylor, Aaron Glenn and 2003 #5 to Franklin for Jeff Garcia and Fatboy Siragusa.

California sends DE Andre Carter to Dallas for CB Jason Webster & 2003 #5 (Manhattan) pick.

Dallas sends RB Jamel White, CB Daylon McCutcheon, 2003 #4 (Dallas) to Franklin for

RB Kevan Barlow and CB Fernando Bryant

Franklin sends Daylon McCutcheon CB from Las Vegas for Nate Wayne OLB

Yosemite sends a second round 2003 draft pick to Mystic for Amos Zourore

Dallas sends ILB Al Wilson to Ft. Worth for WR Koren Robinson

Dallas sends Matt Joyce, DT Tyoka Jackson, CB Marcus Coleman to Schenectady for DT Kenny Mixon, ILB Tommy Hendricks and CB Donnie Abraham

Orlando sends B. Johnson, C. Rogers, C. Emmons, C. Coleman, 4th rd 2002 to Ft. Worth for A. Van Pelt, F. Taylor, C. Chambers, C. Brown, R. Brown and 5th rd 2002 .

Schenectady sends C.Dillon, T.Banks and the #1 pick they acquired from Franklin in the 2003 draft to Waterford for K.Warner, T.Wheatly, and Waterfords 2003 3rd round pick.

Franklin sends Ike Hilliard to Waterford for Rod Woodson.

Waterford sends Rob Burnett to Franklin for Mike Green.

Waterford sends Walter Jones to Roanoke for Quincy Carter and 2003 #1.

Altoona sends WR Steve Smith and their 03 #2 to Schnectady for WR Jimmy Smith.

Schenectady sends Rodney Harrison, Michael McCrary, Hamilton to Manhattan for Robinson, DE t bryant, CB d bly, S c harris, G m lehr