Places & Stories of Anson County


This section is devoted to information that may be interesting to others researching Anson County. If you can offer any additional information to what is provided here, please let me know!

Photo of Deep Springs School, Peachland, NC c.1900-1905?

Tornado Sweeps Through Anson County in 1884

1868 Anson Hotel Fire

Captain Paddy Boggan and His Times--many Anson names!

John Perry and Susan Ratliff's Civil War Experience

Ratliff Family Story - from the Prentiss County, Missippi History

Samuel Flake story

James Madison Flake story

William Jordon Flake story

Union Gen.Kilpatrick in Anson County during Civil War

White Store Township-Location, Origin of Name, and First Settlers--many names!!

White Store Township-Schools and Churches

White Store Township-Cemeteries and Historical Events

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