Last Update: 09 April, 2003


I try to update this site on a monthly basis  with original content about Russia.  

The News stories on this site are from a variety of sources and are not necessarily pertinent to current events in Russia.

However, I may make some comment on some current issues in the news, perhaps giving my own interpretation on events.

The previous structure of the site made it difficult and time consuming to update regularly, especially since my ageing PC seems to be grinding to a halt these days. 

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I have been wishing to add some of the many photos I took while on holiday in Moscow last year.  This involved a major re-gig of the layout of the photo gallery so that I could display photos in logical collections.  The pictures on the site represent a fraction of those that I hope to add over the coming weeks.

Some of the other changes include:

New layout to much of the site

New photos in photo gallery

Review of the economy in 2002

News items

Updated links page



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