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Here is a collection of some of my autoexec stuff: (In progress)
Change the details to suit your own needs.

//chat off/on bind
alias chatoff "cf1; cf2"
alias cf1 "bind UPARROW chaton; set cl_chat_sound 0; set con_notifytime 0"
alias cf2 "clear" // ; say chat disabled" // ; echo chat off"
alias chaton "cn1; cn2"
alias cn1 "bind UPARROW chatoff; set cl_chat_sound 1; set con_notifytime 3"
alias cn2 "" // ; say chat enabled" // ; echo chat on"
bind UPARROW "chatoff"

//messages off/on bind
alias tmsg0 "bind 2 tmsg4; set msg 0; echo all messages"
alias tmsg4 "bind 2 tmsg0; set msg 4; echo no messages"
bind 2 "tmsg0"

//ACME CTF Last Resort Server 'ignore/unignore' bind
alias players1 "ignore; bind DOWNARROW players2"
alias players2 "unignore; bind DOWNARROW players1"
bind DOWNARROW "players1"

//ACME CTF Last Resort Server 'ignore specific people' bind
bind LEFTARROW "ignore thisname; ignore thatname"

//player & server info
alias i1 "bind j i2;playerlist"
alias i2 "bind j i3;pingservers"
alias i3 "bind j i1;skins"
bind j "i1"

//no skins bind
alias noskins1 "bind RIGHTARROW noskins2;set cl_noskins 1;echo NO skins next map"
alias noskins2 "bind RIGHTARROW noskins0;set cl_noskins 2;echo NO NEW skins next map"
alias noskins0 "bind RIGHTARROW noskins1;set cl_noskins 0;echo YES skins next map"
bind RIGHTARROW "noskins1"
bind j "skins"

//skins bind // ctf & ra2 & lmctf & etc skins (two-team games)
alias female "bind n male; set skin female; echo female team skin"
alias male "bind n crakhor; set skin male; echo male team skin"
alias crakhor "bind n cyborg; set skin crakhor; echo crakhor team skin"
alias cyborg "bind n female; set skin cyborg; echo cyborg team skin"
bind n "female"

//skins bind // railwarz skins
alias female1 "bind 8 female2; set skin female/ctf_r; echo female/ctf_r"
alias female2 "bind 8 female1; set skin female/ctf_b; echo female/ctf_b"
bind 8 "female1"

//skins bind // my personalised skins
alias f1 "bind m nf1; set skin female/cobalt; echo female/cobalt"
alias nf1 "bind m nf2; set skin #NachtFemale#/Female1; echo Female1"
alias nf2 "bind m nf3; set skin #NachtFemale#/Female2; echo Female2"
alias nf3 "bind m nf4; set skin #NachtFemale#/Female3; echo Female3"
alias nf4 "bind m nf5; set skin #NachtFemale#/Female4; echo Female4"
alias nf5 "bind m nf6; set skin #NachtFemale#/Female5; echo Female5"
alias nf6 "bind m nc1; set skin #NachtFemale#/Female6; echo Female6"
alias nc1 "bind m nc2; set skin #NachtCrafty#/Crafty1; echo Crafty1"
alias nc2 "bind m nc3; set skin #NachtCrafty#/Crafty2; echo Crafty2"
alias nc3 "bind m nc4; set skin #NachtCrafty#/Crafty3; echo Crafty3"
alias nc4 "bind m f1; set skin #NachtCrafty#/Crafty4; echo Crafty4"
bind m "f1"

//sky bind
alias sky0 "sky black"
bind end "sky0"

//Grapple Hook Code
alias gh1 "bind PGDN gh2;bind MOUSE3 +grapple;echo chaos grapple"
alias +grapple "grapple;wait;grapple shrink"
alias -grapple "grapple grow"
alias gh2 "bind PGDN gh3;bind MOUSE3 +ctfgh;echo ctf grapple"
alias +ctfgh "use Grapple;+attack"
alias -ctfgh "-attack;weaplast"
alias gh3 "bind PGDN gh4;bind MOUSE3 +hookwod;echo wod grapple"
alias +hookwod "hook action;wait;hook shrink"
alias -hookwod "hook stop"
alias +shrink "hook shrink"
alias -shrink "hook stop"
alias +grow "hook grow"
alias -grow "hook stop"
alias gh4 "bind PGDN gh5;bind MOUSE3 +hook;echo lithium/lmctf/misc/"
alias gh5 "bind PGDN gh6;bind MOUSE3 +hook2;echo laser hook old"
alias gh6 "bind PGDN gh7;bind MOUSE3 +hook3;echo alt ctf grapple"
alias gh7 "bind PGDN gh8;bind MOUSE3 +hook4;echo alt wod grapple"
alias gh8 "bind PGDN gh9;bind MOUSE3 +hook5;echo laser hook new"
alias gh9 "bind PGDN gh1;bind MOUSE3 alias ngh;echo No Grapple Hook"
alias ngh ""
bind MOUSE3 "ngh"
bind a "+shrink"
bind b "+grow"
bind y "hook action;hook action"
bind z "hook4 action;hook4 action"
bind PGDN "gh1"

//gender bind
set gender_auto "1"
set gender // "none" // "male" // "female"

//message binds
alias mb1 "bind 9 mb2;bind 0 say members.tripod.com/ruin_dc/ >>> my paks & my brightskins;echo my paks & my brightskins"
alias mb2 "bind 9 mb3;bind 0 say facebook.com/groups/Quake2RA2/ >>> tastyspleen RA2 forum;echo tastyspleen RA2 forum"
alias mb3 "bind 9 mb4;bind 0 say invite! !!! Vanilla Frenzy !!! - ANY DAY - 5pm to 1am eastern;echo !!! Vanilla Frenzy !!!"
alias mb4 "bind 9 mb5;bind 0 say invite! !!! Railz Frenzy !!! - ANY DAY - 5pm to 1am eastern;echo !!! Railz Frenzy !!!"
alias mb5 "bind 9 mb1;bind 0 alias nmb;echo No Message Bind"
alias nmb ""
bind 0 "nmb"
bind 9 "mb1"

//invitation binds // ts servers
alias in1 "bind ' in2;bind l alias 1s;echo invite"
alias 1s "say invite!"
alias in2 "bind ' in3;bind l alias 2s;echo invite ts.net RA2"
alias 2s "say invite! ==>_R:A:2_*#* on ANY DAY - 11PM to 5AM - EASTERN"
alias in3 "bind ' in4;bind l alias 3s;echo invite ts.net RA2-NY"
alias 3s "say invite! ==>_R|A|2-N|Y_*#* 3v3 on ANY DAY - 7PM to 1AM - EASTERN"
alias in4 "bind ' in1;bind l alias noin;echo No Invitation"
alias noin ""
bind l "noin"
bind ' "in1"

//defunctionalise buttons
bind TAB ""
bind s ""
bind mwheeldown ""
bind mwheelup ""

//basic rocket jump
alias +rj "m1;rj"
alias -rj "m2;m3"
alias m1 "cl_pitchspeed 999999;+lookdown"
alias rj "+moveup;+attack;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias m2 "-lookdown;cl_pitchspeed 200"
alias m3 "-attack;-moveup;wait;wait;centerview"
bind b "+rj"

//regular rocket jump
alias +rja "m1;rj1"
alias -rja "m2;m3"
alias m1 "cl_pitchspeed 999999;+lookdown"
alias rj1 "set storehand $hand;set hand 2;+moveup;+attack;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias m2 "-lookdown;cl_pitchspeed 200;-attack;-moveup;wait;set hand $storehand;centerview"
alias m3 "say UP YOURS!!!;wave 0;wave 0;wave 0"
bind b "+rja"

//freezing rocket jump
alias lw "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias lwx "lw;lw;lw;lw;lw"
alias +rjb "m4;rj2"
alias -rjb "m5;m6"
alias m4 "cl_pitchspeed 999999;+lookdown"
alias rj2 "set storehand $hand;set hand 2;+moveup;+attack;lwx;set storemaxfps $cl_maxfps;set cl_maxfps 0"
alias m5 "-lookdown;cl_pitchspeed 200;-attack;-moveup;wait;set hand $storehand;centerview;set cl_maxfps $storemaxfps"
alias m6 "say UP YOURS!!!;wave 0;wave 0;wave 0"
bind b "+rjb"

//floating rocket jump
alias lw "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias +rjc "m7;rj3"
alias -rjc "m8;m9"
alias m7 "cl_pitchspeed 999999;+lookdown"
alias rj3 "set storehand $hand;set hand 2;+moveup;+attack;lw;set storemaxfps $cl_maxfps;set cl_maxfps 1"
alias m8 "-lookdown;cl_pitchspeed 200;-attack;-moveup;wait;set hand $storehand;centerview;set cl_maxfps $storemaxfps"
alias m9 "say UP YOURS!!!;wave 0;wave 0;wave 0"
bind b "+rjc"

//flying rocket jump
alias hlw "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias +rjd "m10;rj4"
alias -rjd "m11;m12"
alias m10 "cl_pitchspeed 999999;+lookdown"
alias rj4 "set storehand $hand;set hand 2;+moveup;+attack;hlw;set storemaxfps $cl_maxfps;set cl_maxfps 7.5"
alias m11 "-lookdown;cl_pitchspeed 200;-attack;-moveup;wait;set hand $storehand;centerview;set cl_maxfps $storemaxfps"
alias m12 "say UP YOURS!!!;wave 0;wave 0;wave 0"
bind b "+rjd"

alias +Freezing "set storerate $rate;set rate 0;set storemaxfps $cl_maxfps;set cl_maxfps 0"
alias -Freezing "set rate $storerate;set cl_maxfps $storemaxfps"
bind ? "+Freezing"

alias +Floating "set storerate $rate;set rate 1;set storemaxfps $cl_maxfps;set cl_maxfps 1"
alias -Floating "set rate $storerate;set cl_maxfps $storemaxfps"
bind ? "+Floating"

alias +Flying "set storerate $rate;set rate 7.5;set storemaxfps $cl_maxfps;set cl_maxfps 7.5"
alias -Flying "set rate $storerate;set cl_maxfps $storemaxfps"
bind ? "+Flying"

//double jump
alias +dj "+moveup;jw8;-moveup;jw8;+moveup"
alias -dj "-moveup"
alias jw8 "wait;wait;wait"
bind CTRL "+dj"

//movement thing
alias mt "mv1;mv2"
alias mv1 "say Kiss my ass!!! up yours buddy!!!;wave 2;wave 2;wave 2"
alias mv2 "mtw8;wave 0;wave 0;wave 0"
alias mtw8 "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
bind 2 "mt"

//zoom - sniper bind
alias +zs "fov 45; sensitivity 2" // ; bind MOUSE2 -zs" // ; +movedown"
alias -zs "fov 90; sensitivity 4" // ; bind MOUSE2 +zs" // ; -movedown"
bind MOUSE2 "+zs"

//weapon binds
alias cgrg "use chaingun; use railgun"
bind f "cgrg"
alias ssrl "use super shotgun; use rocket launcher"
bind v "ssrl"
alias hbgl "use hyperblaster; use grenade launcher"
bind g "hbgl"

//grenade lob
alias +lob "use grenades;+attack"
alias -lob "-attack;weaplast"
bind SPACE "+lob"

//name bind
alias name1 "bind RIGHTARROW name2;name Shittington"
alias name2 "bind RIGHTARROW name3;name =addiction="
alias name3 "bind RIGHTARROW name4;name brb-HappyReik"
alias name4 "bind RIGHTARROW name5;name HellCat"
alias name5 "bind RIGHTARROW name6;name east<prussia"
alias name6 "bind RIGHTARROW name7;name Khunt.Liquor"
alias name7 "bind RIGHTARROW name8;name fecker"
alias name8 "bind RIGHTARROW name9;name Von_Slander"
alias name9 "bind RIGHTARROW name10;name wILDcARD"
alias name10 "bind RIGHTARROW name11;name What?"
alias name11 "bind RIGHTARROW name1;name :^V^:Nacht:"
bind RIGHTARROW "name1"