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Would you like more information?

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information. But first, take a few moments to fully explore this web site, as there is really a lot here about ethanol as a fuel, and how to make it. It isn't for everyone, but it is a very interesting and rewarding thing to learn! I presently  work as senior engineer with a solar photovoltaic company (my work covers 25+ years with ethanol, solar power, and various alternative fuels.) In addition to providing the blueprints for building your own still, with 40 pages of instructions and photos of building and running a still, I can also provide the specialized automatic valve which ensure you of consistently high proof alcohol.

Robert's high proof alcohol still
The 180 proof ethanol from this still can be used in any gas engine with minor changes.

Yellow Spinning Spring

One of the secrets of this still are the internal cooling and reflux coils.
You can't see the coils, so usually no-one knows that it is really a high efficiency still.  

If you would like to order the blueprints for building this high proof, high production alcohol fuel still, it is easy and safe to do:
  From anywhere in the world, if you have a credit card, you can use Paypal.

Paypal has been chosen by E-Bay as the preferred method of safe internet money exchange. Just click on the credit card button below for a secure transaction via Paypal to send in $30.00 (US).

 You will get a 1500 kilobyte Adobe.doc file emailed to you, plus the hardcopy of blueprints for the Charles 803 still, sent by post. Robert Warren has perfected this still and written 40 pages of clear and detailed instructions. You will also get step by step photos not included in this website.
The Adobe files include 40 pages of text, photos and diagrams. This is sent by email within one day, and then the hardcopy of the still blueprints is mailed within two days.
If you don't have or don't want to use a credit card,then e-mail me for other payment options via the post.  
Order the Charles 803 still blueprints, the 40 pages of text and photos on how to build and run this still, via Paypal Direct. This is a secure transaction guaranteed! Click here, on the small credit card button.

Robert Warren discussion forum

There is an online discussion forum on Google Groups. (Note from Nanda: This group replaces the one my father originally started on Topica)

 This open newsgroup is for people who are building their own still, making their own alcohol for fuel, and converting their cars to run on alcohol. This list is for problem solving and ongoing discussions of fermentation, distillation process, engine technology, and making alcohol more efficiently. This is your public forum: anyone can subscribe, post, and read message. You can choose whether to receive message to your email box, or just read messages by logging in when you want to. This way, you don't get swamped with messages.

Other than private correspondence and specific questions about ordering the still blueprints, all questions to Robert Warren should be addressed to this public forum.

I do not sell email addresses. This is a free and open discussion, and you can either visit at will or get discussion summaries emailed to you once per week.

This automatic valve shown here is very accurate.
Click on the 1st shopping cart to buy this valve.

After you buy the blueprints and instructions for building your own still, you will also need to buy an automatic temperature control valve to get full control and high proof. The correct temperature controls the proof. The most reliable automatic control valve costs about $330. This valve operates without electricity and is accurate within 1 degree. You can see this valve in the photo of my still, here on the right.

Due to popular demand, a less expensive control valve is now available. It is electronic, rather than mechanical, so it does need to be plugged in. This controller is shown below with the NEMA 4 waterproof housing. the lower shopping cart button is for this valve, shown below.

The less expensive, electronic controller and solenoid valve for controlling the still temperature requires 120 volts AC (a long extension cord will do). The electronic controller is splash proof, housed in rugged Noryl thermoplastic. It operates a solenoid valve (included) to control the cooling water, and thus, gives you very high proof alcohol. This control package includes the temperature sensor, a sensor adaptor for the Charles 803 Still, and an electronic solenoid valve. There is an LCD display showing the still temperature and various menu functions. This is slightly more complicated to set up, as you need to program it first, like a VCR. It is accurate within 2 degrees.

Electronic temperature control in NEMA4 housing
Control and solenoid valve sold as a kit.