This mini-page is dedicated to K.J.Yesudas, who has soothed so many hearts with his inimitable voice. Call him Yesudas or Jesudas or whatever, his is a voice which lingers on in everyones hearts long after they have heard the song ! Basically amongst male singers, I like two, Kishore Kumar and Yesudas. There have been so many Yesudas clones who've sung quite well indeed, like Jayachandran, Unni Menon, Unnikrishnan. But quite frankly, you'd agree, there can be only ONE !

I'm not THAT fanatic about Yesudas as I'm about Kishore (a pointer to which is the fact that I have 240 songs of Kishore but 50 odd of Yesudas) but still, I just thought of indexing all the songs in my collection. Amongst the songs are Hindi and Tamil songs. My ideal combination would be an Ilayaraja composed song sung by Yesudas, that would be heaven !! As for Hindi, he really didnt get many chances, sung in few films. Quite definitely his best songs are in Malayalam.

But before you go onto my list of Yesudas songs, here are links to articles on the man.
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    Now we go on to my collection of Yesudas songs.

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