Re-enactment of the Battle of Saratoga
The Turning Point of the American Revolution
Lieutenant in the Light Infantry

This Lieutenant commanded light infantry troops in the Continental Army. These troops would be used for flanking moving columns and protecting them while marching. He was trained as a regular soldier in the army.

When the Continental Army was formed, most soldiers had previously been farmers, so they had no formal military training. After the winter at Valley Forge, the troops had been trained by General Van Steuben in how to fight not only with the weapons they had, but also as a true army.

The Lieutenant is a classic example of a soldier, since he has not yet been paid, and has been promised land. However, he believes in the cause of independence, so he will continue to fight despite the lack of monetary compensation.

A recommendation from the Lieutenant is to never visit the hospital, and especially not the surgeon. It easier to have your tent mates care for your injuries than to go to the hospital, where you would more likely than not either lose a limb or your life.

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Lieutenant in the Light Infantry
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