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We've added this page to link web sites and e-mail addresses of family and friends. We plan to periodically add links to sites that we have found interesting, entertaining or useful.


Visit Miss Jess at her web site.

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Link to David's Huntin' & Fishin' Site


If you need a killer website, visit this site.

You can send e-mail to Duke & Nita Warburton at Their web site URL is

Warren and Eleanor Garretson can be reached by e-mail at

These links take you to three of Cape May's finest B & Bs.


Link to  


Want to copy a commercial recipes? Go to CopyKat Creations. Another source is at Top Secret Recipes on the Web. We can't vouch for the quality of either. Don't expect to find any secrets from Bookbinders. Some of the recipes come from Denny's, Red Lobster, The Olive Garden, etc., three joints that have never impressed us.

For quality kitchen equipment visit the Chef's Collection or the Buyers Index. Now that summer's over, we've posted a great site for barbecue recipes and sources for grilling and smoking equipment. Our grill is used all year. Is there any other way to cook a good steak? Barbecue'n on the Internet is the best we've found.

Back to Ye Olde Roadkill Inn.


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Stock Market

Two words come to mind when I see TV ads for full-service brokerage firms: expensive and misleading. You don't need a high-priced broker to make money – or lose money – at Las Vegas East, AKA Wallstreet. The Motley Fool shows you why and how. The site also provides free quotes, news and some research and analysis.

If you want to play with the market before investing go to Neural Application's and download their free portfolio tracker. You can enter hypothetical buys and sales to see how you would make out in the Real World. Start with the amount that you may plan to risk. Don't forget to factor in the commissions, which is one reason it's important to begin with a realistic amount. Then if you decide to take the plunge, create a new portfolio to track the actual transactions.

Another site that offers free quotes and research is NASDAQ. To me, it's more useful than the New York Stock Exchange's site.

Need an online broker? I use e*trade. They charge $14.95 for a NYSE order and $19.95 for NASDAQ and other over-the-counter orders. Other on-line brokers advertise on the Motley Fool page.

Three equities that I'm currently tracking are Computer Learning Center (CLCX), Northland Cranberries (CBRYA) and Ursus Telecommunications (UTCC). That, however, could change in a South Cape May minute.

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