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We had originally planned to present information on income taxes and accounting, which, as the title suggests, we do for a living. But taxes and accounting can be dull indeed. Necessary, but dull. To that end we've added nine pages of stuff that may be helpful to those interested in the subjects.

The income tax page focuses mostly on FAQs that we have encountered during the past thirty years. The accounting page is aimed at preventing new businesses from making mistakes in the beginning, mistakes that can be quite costly.

Archery is for beginners and bowhunters who want to try competitive archery. There are contacts for some of the clubs and ranges in New Jersey, and there will be a section on how to select the equipment that fits you—not the industry average. There are a few links to other archery pages and the home page of the Cape May County Archery Association.

Homebrewing is how to make your own beer. For as little as $3.50 per six-pack anyone can brew a batch that tastes as good as a $7.50 six-pack of micro brew. Unlike wine, which needs aging, ale is ready in six weeks, and even less for the impatient.

The Ye Olde Roadkill Inn presents 158 of the many defensive recipes we have accumulated over the years—defensive because of overpriced and often inferior entrées served at too many restaurants. Be warned: anyone who is into tofu, California nouveauté experiments, or has dietary restrictions should avoid theaeprincl.jpg (5803 bytes) page. Most of it is French culinary cuisine, American meat-and-potatoes and southern Italian cooking, and none begins by opening a can of Campbell's soup. A link to the true story about the chef who gave Einstein a lesson in kitchen mathematics is found at the Ye Olde Roadkill Inn.

The genealogy thing began several years back. My mother had obtained information from a friend andcapdave1.jpg (60373 bytes) was able to put together a family tree on the maternal side of her family. But it begged as many questions as it answered. From where did Capt. David Manlove, the 22-year-old Commodore of the Delaware Bay Flotilla in the war of 1812, come? The riddle and the answer continues on the Manlove Pictures Page.

We added the writing page to share some of the arcanum we have learned about the craft. It is geared to the person who has tried to write, but can't quite bust through and be published. We hope the information presented will make a difference. Experienced writers, however, will probably find the page redundant and boring. Now to the first tip: Don't give up your day job.

Family, Friends, Other Rascals and Links are links to their e-mail and web site URLs. We plan to add additional links to sites that we have stumbled upon and found interesting, entertaining, or informative.

The Cape May page is going to be a long project. We plan to have maps of the county and the towns, the Cape's early history, outdoor opportunities, and Cape May links.

The MIDI page is a collection of over a 155 MIDIs for downloading.  Our taste is eclectic; the page covers most categories from classical to country.   The selections are those that we like.  The only limitation is that if you can't hum it, you won't find it in our collection.

The sausage making page evolved much like the Roadkill Inn Cookbook. We gave up on finding decent breakfast sausage links or patties at a reasonable price—or any price for that matter. Since a year after Strodes sold out to another Delaware Valley pork processor about fifteen-years ago, we haven't been able to find any sausage that comes even close. We haven't duplicated Strodes—yet—but we finally have an edible sausage to accompany the morning buckwheat cakes. And the strange thing is, basic charcuterie is not all that difficult to learn.

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