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Dear Shane
Got something you would like to say to Shane? Send it in.
Dear Shane, I just want to let you know that i am one of the biggest fans you have. I think you are a great player, and that you will make it big in the future. If you come here, please think about making this your official website!:o) I myself and others have worked really hard on this for you. Thanks once again. ~Crystal
Dear Shane: I think that whatever you decide to do in your life everyone will
support you.  ~Carrie
Dear Shane: Shane--You are such a GREAT basketball player! Thanks for being such
a role model in my life! ILY!!! ~Ashley
Dear Shane: Shane You were the best player at the best school  You can't ask for
more. ~John
Dear Shane: You will suceed in anything you wish to do. You are filled with so
much talent n ur hot! Good luck! ~kelly
Dear Shane: I think Shane is a wonderful and talented person.  He is a role
model to all.  He is also VERY hot!! ~Angie
Dear Shane: Hi this is Rebecca C.My mom went to Duke so I'm a big fan of Duke.You are
totally awsome.I watched your career.I was  just wondering if you could send me an
autograph of you.If you could send it to P.O. box 441 Newberry, SC.Thank you so much.Oh I'm going to
the womens basketball camp this summer. P.S .love the website Sincerily yours, age 11, Rebecca Carlson
Dear Shane: Congrats on an outstanding career so far and best of luck for the
future! ~Bridget
Dear Shane: Hi my name is Zione Wilson and you are such and inspiration to me. I love the
way you play on the basketball court. You're so confident and amazing!!. I
will love if you got drafted to the 76sixers. Shane your not only a
basketball player your a creator. I said that because of the way you create
plays on the court. Stay cool!! don't ever change your game!!!
Dear Shane: I think your an excellent basketball player, and your really hott. ~Amber W.
Dear Shane: You're an amazing basketball player & an amazing person. I look up
to you for so many things in life. ~Michelle E.
Dear Shane: I think that you are a very good basketball player I admire your
skills very much . ~Adrian
Dear Shane: He a great person and God bless him and help him to rich on top in
the NBA.  ~emmanuel maurice
Dear Shane: I happen to think that you are a very lucky guy. I work with your
girlfriend (H.U.) who is wonderful ~Josi
Dear Shane: I love the way u play the game and how much mental toughness you have,and I hope Im a future
dukie ~Bijon Jones
Dear Shane: You will prove Jordan wrong for not selecting you number one. ~Emanue
Dear Shane: HI! I recently stat for you summer pro league games at the pyramid,
and i think that you'll do great~Tiana
Dear Shane: I think ur a good bball player and all, but i would like it if you
grow the hair, ok babe.Thanx ~Halubeja
Dear Shane: You have it all.  I just want to wish you the best of luck.  You are
a true inspiration.~Ashley
Dear Shane: chess game on the court, to quote you, never change your mentality!
Your great :) ~(unknown)
Dear Shane: You create great plays on the court and really think the game out, I
admire that in you, making into~(unknown)
Dear Shane: You are my #1 role model, I play basketball and appreciate all you
do for the sport! ~Becka
You should play for Los Angles Lakers!! hey i dont blame u for playin on grizzles ~Xavier
I've been looking everywhere for your jersey (black and
blue) Can you tell me where to find it? ~John Sutton

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Dear Shane: