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These are questions that you might have about my site. I ask that you fill out the form below so that i can answer your question.

Are you Shane Battier?
No i am not, i  am not in contact with Shane, his family or friends.

How do you know those things are Shane's Favorites?
I have read through all his interviews, and i added some things that he mentioned were his favorites.

What did you use to create this site?
I recieved a trellix Web Kit, and so i then signed up with tripod.

Will you ever get a new layout?
Maybe every couple of months or so, but trellix web is hard to work with and it won't let me.(still working on a way though)

Do you talk with the other Shane Webmasters?
Sometimes on the message boards

Would you mind if i used your information for my Shane Site. what will happen if i do?
Yes i would mind. Me and other people have worked really hard on this site. It is not fair to steal anything that is copyright. So all you got to do is ask me, and that's not Stealing & most likely i will let you. (some people complained i took things that i didn't and i proved them wrong. They then took stuff of mine and my ideas so i will get them back. If u listen to copyright, then so will i, but if u dont, then we have a problem.