On the island of Aeolia(ee-OH-lee-uh) lived Aeolus (ee-OH-lus) who was made "Keeper of the Winds" by Zeus. We put in at his island. He treated us kindly and let us stay for some time. I entertained him with stories and legends from Troy. Aeolus was very impressed with my stories.

After staying with him for a month, it was time for us to leave. Because he was so enraptured by us, Aeolus provided a steady wind that would blow us home. He also gave me all the winds but the west wind in a skin bag. He warned me not to open it because the west wind was the one we needed for the direction of our home, Ithaca (IH-thick-uh). We would be blown away from our cherished homeland if the winds were released.

We spent nine days at sea and then we came upon Ithaca. We were so close that we could see people working on the shores. I was very fatigued from manning the sail myself for so long so I lay down and soon fell asleep. While napping, the men found my precious bag and thought that it was wine. They thought that I was keeping this from them and opened it.

Instantly, our boat was blown all the way back to the island of Aeolia. I shamefully went be Aeolus and asked him if he would once again give us wind to hurry our course home. He laughed at me, and kicked me right off his island.

This project was developed by Sophomore students at Sandpoint High School for the 2001 University of Idaho EdTechQuest.  Contact us if you have any questions or comments.