After we survived the Land of the Lotus (LOW-tuss) Eaters, my crew and I had gone days without food, and we were now at the point of starvation. Then, suddenly, we spotted a small isle in the distance. We all jumped for joy as we approached and saw goats grazing on the mountainside, a sure sign of vegetation. We anchored the ship and the crew and I invaded the island. Our extreme hunger blinded us from the danger that was awaiting us. We could smell fresh meat roasting in a nearby cave. This aroma was too much for our starving bodies. The crew and I rushed inside and before we knew it the large body of a Cyclops (SYE-clopps) (a one-eyed giant) loomed above us This is when I realized we had entered the Land of the Cyclops. The three sons of Uranus and Gaea inhabited this isle and we were drawn to the cave of Polyphemus (pol-ee-FEE-mus).

The Cyclopes scooped up two of the men and devoured them immediately as the rest of us raced for cover. Polyphemus then covered the opening of the cave with a gigantic boulder so that none of us coud escape. As soon as the giant moved out of earshot, we gathered desperately to devise a plan.

That night, I approached the Cyclops with a huge jug of wine which I offered the giant. The Cyclops, being somewhat intelligent could sense a trick an asked me my name and for me to take the first sip.

I replied, My name is No Man." and with that, I took a huge gulp of wine.

Polyphemus believed me and proceeded to drink up the entire jug. Soon after, the giant now very drunk, fell fast asleep.

Working diligently, the crew and I heated a huge log that we had sharpened at one end. With one, big push we shoved the point into the Cyclops's single eye. Polyphemus awoke instantly in a shriek of pain. He thrust the huge log out of his eye and cried out to his brothers.

His brothers came rushing over and asked, "Has any man hurt you?"

Polyphemus replied in pain, "No Man has hurt me, No Man!"

His brothers believed it was the gods that were putting their brother in pain so they ran away quickly.

Polyphemus was very angry now and became determined not to let us out of his cave. In the morning, when he let his goats out to graze, he ran his hand over every goat making sure we were not escaping. He failed to notice that they were tied together and we hung to their bellies as they scurried out of the cave.

As we ran toward our ships, I cried back to Polyphemus telling him who I really was. He became so angry that he called upon the great Poseidon to punish us. With that a strong breeze swept the ocean and thrust us blindly out to sea.

This project was developed by Sophomore students at Sandpoint High School for the 2001 University of Idaho EdTechQuest.  Contact us if you have any questions or comments.