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The Herps & Habitats team belong to and support the following groups, clubs and organizations. We strongly urge you to get involved to!

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As members of the Bearded Dragon Breeders and Suppliers Network, we are committed to ending unnecessary hatchling death by agreeing NOT to sell or ship babies until they are at least 8 weeks old or 8 inches in length from snout to tail. Although some of the dragon breeders in the organization have decided to sell younger bearded dragons, we are keeping with the original contract. Personal experience taught us years ago that many of the genetic problems will become apparent around 5-8 weeks, when the beardie is undergoing a massive and rapid growth spurt. It is horribly painful and heartbreaking to watch a baby/(any) dragon suffer and die. It is our goal to never pass this situation on to a Herps & Habitats bearded dragon customer!

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