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Welcome to the Herps & Habitats Bearded Dragon home page. We have joined up with PayPal and also with Yahoo! PayDirect to make ordering easy! You can now transfer funds with a click! Or use your Visa or Mastercard. On-line ordering is fast, safe and secure. Would you like to read this site in another language? Click the banner below!

Click here to find out more about Flukers Farms and and their link to animal exportation and Asian Food factories. A must read by Kaplan that names names and follows the paper trail right up to the door of Flukers Farms. Click here to read an entertaining article about beardies that recently appeared in the New York Daily News, City Life Section. Please note that the reptile show mentioned is over. More exciting news is that one of our baby beardie pictures has included in a published book entitled, Forever in a Moment (ISBN: 0-7951-5195-0), by The International Library Of Photography. Look for it in your local book store! In the mean time, you can see our photo here.

Read some interesting facts about pet owners and current pet trends from Pet Age's most recent survey. Check out Veterinary Pet Insurance's new survey on the Top Ten Pet Injuries and the ensuing costs. We also have a new item about tainted lettuce and the chemical perchlorate that is worth reading. You decide if your beardie is at risk.

Thanks to our friend Marcel Poots for the opportunity to give you a FREE copy of Tiny Giants Snake Tracker Software. Use it to keep track of your reptile collection, it's NOT just for snakes! Thanks again, Marcel!

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