Feeding Your Australian Bearded Dragon

Wondering what you should feed your Australian Bearded Dragon? Here are some suggestions that you should try! Your bearded dragon should have a varied diet of many fresh foods as well as insects. Each dragon will like different things so try many varied vegetables and fruits often to find out what your dragon likes best! Remember to chop up all produce into bite size pieces and to feed insects that are the right size for your dragon.

Do not feed your dragon iceberg lettuce. It has no nutritive value and more than likely will cause massive amounts of loose stool.

Calcium and other supplements: You should supplement the diet with calcium, and probably with D3 (which comes from natural light) as well. Rep-Cal powder is a commonly used supplement that contains calcium and vitamin D3 but no phosphorus. Added phosphorus can depress calcium metabolism. Sprinkle powder directly on the fruits and vegetables. Dump feeder crickets into a plastic bag, add a pinch of powder and shake gently to coat before offering them to your dragons.

Use multi-vitamin supplements (such as Herptivite) very sparingly, no more often than once every two weeks. Some brands of these supplements are excessively high in vitamin A which can cause multiple health problems. For instance, they can fatally depress calcium levels. Remember, that a varied diet made up of many types of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens is the best way to avoid serious health problems.

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