My talented little Elf-Child!

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My daughter has developed her own artistic interests.  I am so pleased that we have something that we share - our love of arts & crafts! 

My daughter, Shannon, is a doll collector.  She recently discovered an art form called Repaints - which is exactly what it sounds like.  You remove the paint off dolls, such as Barbies, and you repaint them.  If your doll has blue eyes, but you want her to have green eyes, you just change it! 

Now Shannon is embarking on her own art adventure - she is selling her works on Etsy...just like mom!  LOL

Her shop name is Shannys*Faerie.  Please visit her web page and see some of her work!  I am so very proud of her efforts, and want to continue to encourage her interest in art.

Shannys*Faeries ~ Dolls of the Woodland Realm



~ Shannys*Faerie ~ 


Shannon's FIRST eBay auction!
Keenu of the Jungle