The Ruby Award

The Ruby Award recognition program was established in 1986 to acknowledge those who work to improve the status of women in society. The Ruby Award includes three official programs:
Women Helping Women: honors women who consistently and effectively use their resources, talents and influence to help other women achieve their potential. As a result, these women have helped to eliminate economic, legal and social or political discrimination against women, and have contributed to the improvement of women's status in society.

Women of Distinction: honors women who have made outstanding achievements in their professional, business or volunteer activities. Women of distinction are ideal role models, having demonstrated exemplary character and integrity along with outstanding ability and demonstrated leadership.

Advancing the Status of Women: recognizes businesses and organizations that have helped advance the status of women, and have used their positions to promote recognition of women's issues. Examples of ways honorees have achieved these goals include: employment policies; scholarships and grants in support of women's advocacy; initiation of programs dealing with women's issues; and financial support of Soroptimist programs.

The Harrisburg Club awards its Ruby Award at its annual awards banquet in April.