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    Avienda's Requests Gallery
    Last Update: September 3, 2007

I am sorry to say that I am going to stop upating this site. I find that I no longer have the time to maintain it like I once did, plus I haven't even had time to scan in any new images either, and so, this is it. I have a number of outstanding requests that I hadnt answered (sorry about that!). I am going to honor those requests, and then I will be done.

It's been fun. Maybe someday I can find a site where I can upload all my images. If I can, I'll be back!

- Avienda

Here is one of the last requests - Inu-yasha

Newtype 01

Newtype 02

Newtype 03

Newtype 04

Newtype 05

Newtype 06

Animedia 01

Animedia 02

Animedia 03

Animedia 04

Animedia 05

Animedia 06

DVD 01

DVD 02