Hello and welcome to my webring! I would love it if you would join. There are only a few, simple rules....

  1. NO HENTAI!(expected, no?)
  2. Has to have something about anime on it
  3. Have to have my HTML fragment somewhere on your page.

Instructions on joining for all you new people

  1. Fill in and submit the below form- ALL BLANKS FILLED
  2. Go down to the HTML fragment, and copy and paste the fragment somewhere on your page
  3. I'll check your page to see if it is all correct, and I will e-mail you back if you were added or not

That's it! Now, if you passed all of these little rules(which most of you should!), then I will add you to this webring! Hope you enjoy!

Submit site to The Awesome Webring of Anime Fanatics
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Here is what the HTML fragment looks like....

This The Awesome Webring of Anime Fanatics site owned by --name--.
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Go here to...

Edit Info|List Sites|Random Site
Just copy and paste what is below onto your webpage and put in the following:
And after all that, I will add you in!