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Updated 04/28/05

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General Information

St. Andrews Bassmasters is a South Carolina B.A.S.S. Federation club chartered in the early 1970's.  The club's home lake is Lake Murray, in the Midlands of South Carolina.  Club membership over the years has reached as many as 32 and as few as 8.   There are currently 19 members.  Guests are welcome and may petition for membership, granted through unanimous approval of the members.  

The club recently sponsored and started a youth club.  They currently have 12 members, which is the maximum number for the club, based on members' boat availability for the youth tournaments.  More info to follow.

Ownership of a boat is not required for membership.  At the monthly meeting prior to each month's tournament, non-boaters draw for boating partners.  This allows novice fisherman and/or non-boaters to have an opportunity to fish with more experienced partners each month, thus gaining knowledge and experience from different perspectives.

As a South Carolina federation club, the members earn points as they compete in club tournaments in order to qualify for the South Carolina six-man tournament held in the fall of each year.  This tournament is the first step toward qualification for the "Super Bowl of Bass Fishing", The BassMasters' Classic.   Qualifiers from this tournament make the South Carolina Southern Division Team and fish against teams of anglers from other states in the Southern Division.  You may access The South Carolina B.A.S.S. Federation for more information and tournament results from the federation trail.

Dues are $180 per year (see the club bylaws for breakdown) and are applied to a number of items: 

bulletnational and state B.A.S.S. federation dues, 
bulletannual six-man team entry fee, 
bulletangler-of-the-year jacket, 
bulletmonthly tags recognizing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and big fish winners, 
bulletplaques for tags, 
bulletpostage and materials for the monthly newsletter, and 
bulletmiscellaneous items the members decide should be covered by the club (weigh-in scales, club social functions, etc.).

You may read the Bylaws of St. Andrews Bassmasters to find out about our rules and such.

There are a number of pictures and fishing cartoons on this site.  Some are pictures of trophy fish caught by members and some are cartoons in which only true fishermen (or women) can find the humor.

If you have questions about joining or would like to fish as a guest with our club, please   me.

If you are interested in finding out more about bass fishing or starting you own B.A.S.S. affiliated chapter please go to the Bass Anglers Sportsman's Society's home page

Link to the South Carolina B.A.S.S. Federation website.


Lakes Fished

St. Andrews Bassmasters currently fishes one tournament a month on one of ten bodies of water in South Carolina.

bulletLake Murray   (Columbia Area)
bulletLake Russell   (Between Abbeville SC and Elberton, GA)
bulletSantee Cooper   (Santee/Summerville Area)
bulletLake Wateree   (Northeast Columbia Area)
bulletClarks Hill   (McCormick/Abbeville Area)
bulletLake Greenwood   (Greenwood)
bulletLake Hartwell   (Anderson)
bulletLake Monticello   (Midlands Area)
bulletCooper River   (Charleston)
bulletCongaree-Wateree River   (Between Columbia and Lake Marion)

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