Subject: New Starblade Stuff
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 22:24:21 -0600
From: Shawn Hagen <>

Just to show you I have not totally abandoned Starblade, I put together a six month later report with some information as to what Alincourt Shipyards and Elventh Hour Industries are up to.
Sort of a celebration for the upcoming first year aniversiary the completelion of the story.

"Watashi wa anata no ane, soshite haha, soshite anata."
--Miyu Kyuuketsuki ga Yui ni itta
Shawn Hagen <>,

> Dataweb reference: Hardcopy facsimil, 2181.07.05

Report on the Alincourt Ship Yards
From: Lawrence Himilaya
To: Director Randall Chelswick

As requested I have come to the Alincourt Ship Yards in order to determine whether Chelswick's Securities should invest in the company.
First of all, Alincourt Ship Yards has a charter that issues six million and five hundred thousand shares. The family currently controls one million, two hundred thousand of those shares, in trust. That leaves five million, three hundred thousand shares (actually, a little under five million right now, several other parties have purchased the shares, including Avatar Shiva).
Before you consider the possibility of a take over, the shares the Alincourts control are special shares which pay very small dividends, but are worth ten votes, to the one the other shares represent. Basically the Alincourts are in total control of their Company and will for the foreseeable future. It looks as if Juan Varris has set up the charter, which means it is unlikely that anyone will find a way to take over the company.
The shares currently sell for one hundred credits each. Expensive, compared to the share prices of comparable companies, but Alincourt Ship Yards and Eleventh Hour Industries are set to become the primary suppliers of suits and ships. Simply put, they have a level of technology that no other company can currently match.
It is almost guaranteed that the Provisional Government, once they have set up the Commonwealth and need a fleet, will go to Alincourt Shipyards for their ships. Already Alincourt Shipyards have received a contract for a new scout ship. While initial order numbers are small, more are ordered as the older models are retired, and as private industry sees the value of these ships, as they have already seen the value of the Ruby, and the Ruby Cruisers. (As a side note, the Alincourts will not be selling the Ruby Cruiser on the open market for at least ten years. Currently they are still working on making full repairs and upgrades to the Starblade Fleet, and all new ships being built are slated for the Provisional Government. After that both the ODF and SAC are looking at the possibility of commissioning ships of their own.)
As for Eleventh Hour Industries, while they have been subject to lawsuits from both Bahn/Zai and Solingen GmbH, the new mecha company is in no way threatened. They have sold all the Draken Mark 2s to Solingen GmbH, at an impressive profit, as ordered by the courts. Bahn/Zai on the other hand, has been unable to prove that Eleventh Hour Industries' Chief Designer, Tess Belin, stole any of the technology that the company boasts.
Suffice it to say that the company's future is assured. At this point I'd like to suggest that we purchase at least five hundred thousand of the shares, a million if possible. I will present my full report in person.


Source: Chelswick's Securities archives

Alincourt ShipYard's Rambler Scout Ship
>From the Design Log of Bianca Alincourt

> Dataweb reference: Technical data, 2181.05.15

> Design Notes

Alincourt Rambler Scout
Ship Fighter (Space Ship) Form -2 MV x2 MA

Light Weight Hull, covered in Alpha Grade Striker Armour
Super Light Pod, Alpha Grade Light Weight Armour

Mega Heavy Sensors ASP Marine Suite

Thrusters + Verniers (combined) 55 MA (x2 = 110) +2 MV
Hydro Jets 10 MA

Porcupine Laser CIDS +2 WA, 10 Range, 6 Damage, Burst Value 4,
360 degrees, Anti Missile/Variable (Mekton Scaled)

Cockpit, Corvette Scale (Escape Pod)
Crew Deck-Living Quarters (Escape Pod) (Spacious Cabins)
Mission Deck
Mecha Bay
Storage Bay

Anti Theft System
Damage Control
Cool Enhancement +2 Cool
4x Normal Fuel

Super Charged Power Plant
Virtual Controls
Arctic, Desert, Underwater, High Pressure, Space, Re-Entry
Environmental Protection
ACE 67%

Cost ~74826 cp Weight ~ 460 tonnes
Flight (Space MA) 110 MV 0 MR +100%

Final Thoughts: While more than twice the cost of the Delta Boat Cutter, the Rambler has greater range, and can stay out much longer. While carrying the same number of crew, 4 to 10, it can hold forty crew members! This makes the Rambler a much more useful ship.
Furthermore, the Alincourts being masters of space use, only used one of the four spaces in the main hull, and the pod is still empty. This makes the Rambler easy to modify and improve.
Also, with the scaled, improved armour, it is unlikely that many of these ships will be lost in the performance of their duties, which means less replacement in the long run.
Expensive but worth it.
The scouts like it as they can stay out for a very long time by filling all the crew space with supplies. The Alincourts are scandalised by such a thing. The ship was meant to be comfortable after all.

Source: Scout Branch test report of the ASY-SC01 "Rambler"
It was Jesse Ryuzaki who first came to us with the request for a new scout craft to be used by the newly formed Scout Branch formed by the combination of the Rangers and the Jagers. A number of scout ships had been lost in the war, and Mr. Ryuzaki wanted a completely new design for the completely new scouting group. Fair enough.

There was a fair amount of competition within the family for this design, and I was a little surprised to discover that I won!

You see, I sat down and took a look at the old scout ship design, then kept what was good and improved that which was not.

The end result is quite pleasing.

First of all, I decided that a larger hull was needed. I mean, have you see how small the Scout Ships are? The interior quarters are cramped and storage space is at a premium. The hull design I went for allows each crew member to have a spacious cabin, with plenty of space left for guests. Unfortunately I was not able to work in a centrifuge system, so as with the old design, scouts will have to spend a great deal of time in micro-gravity. Fortunately I was able to put in a gym that can be spun to produce gravity. The gym can also do double duty as a medical suite.

Of course this larger hull meant for greater mass, which meant that the old scout engines would not be up to the task of moving this ship. As I never planned on using these engines I was not worried. The Rambler uses a variation of the same engines used in the Arrow and the Sloop John B.. They are more than enough to give this larger hull the increased speed and manoeuvrability that the scouts will desire. The engines are also designed to allow for underwater use.

The main hull is sectioned into the generator, fuel, thruster and shunt drive compartment, engineering section basically, and then the forward area which contains the flight cockpit, a crew deck, a mission deck, a cargo bay, and the mecha bay. While Initially I had planned on setting up a forward hatch, as with the original cutter, I was told that the Rambler would be outfitted with the new Arrow GP and would be stored in fighter form while in the ship.

The Rambler can carry up to four Arrow GPs, but I suspect that most will be outfitted with only one.

As for weapons, they have been kept to a minimum. The only weapon system is the porcupine anti missile/mecha system. The porcupine consists of a number powerful, rapid firing, laser cannons scattered across the surface of the ship. Once deployed, they can put out enough fire to destroy almost any missile fired at the ship, and will seriously damage, if not destroy, any mech that gets too close.

It is mostly a defensive system. Combined with the ships superior speed and manoeuvrability, the Rambler will always have the option to run.

Still, I am quite aware that there will be a desire to arm this ship. To aid in this I have placed a general use pod under the ship. Unlike the Diamond's weapon pod, this one has been integrated into the overall design and does not spoil the lines of the ship.

This pod will allow the ship to be altered in a number of ways for each mission. The most popular modification so far seems to be using the pod for extra supplies and reaction mass.

Everyone seems pleased with the design and we may convert another line to producing the Ramblers to keep up with the increasing demand.

EO PAD: 2181.07.05
Eleventh Hour Industries Six Month Report
Chief Director Akira Ryuzaki

The Sale of the Draken Mark 2s: As ordered to by the courts we sold the Draken Mark 2s to Solingen GmbH. I suspect that they hoped to reverse engineer Miss Belin's armour and the Roberts weapon systems. Unfortunately we, with the courts blessing, pulled the armour, the weapons and the engines from each Draken before sending them on. Solingen GmbH was understandably upset.

The Arrow 02 GP: The Arrow 02, General Purpose, was primarily designed for use by the scouts, giving them a craft that would be quite useful in exploration. It seems that the GP will move beyond that market as we are already getting orders from many different organisations. We have even started to produce a modification, the CM, Civilian Model.
For the GP we simply started with the standard Arrow 01 frame. As the GP was not to be a combat unit, we placed less armour on it and only standard grade armour (with the option for the improved grade for the scout units).
We also pulled the ECM gear, and all the weapons but for the anti-missile laser pod. The ACE system was reduced to the lowest version. We left the ASP system in, but pulled the target analyser. We also removed the EMP protection, though it can be placed back in for special orders.
The basic GP unit is only protected against space and re-entry, though we have designed the suit in such a way that it can be adapted for any environment. We suspect that only the scouts will desire complete environmental protection.
While not a combat unit, a pair of low-powered lasers has been placed in each arm. They should be enough for the standard troubles a scout might expect to meet. While some scouts have wanted weapons with more punch, the basic idea seems to be, 'if you had better weapons, you might stay and fight when you should run'.
Also included in the left arm is a set of micromanipulators.
The CM model has no weapons systems included, not even the laser pod.
Production has already begun for the first suits that will be included with the Rambler Scout Ships.

The Widow Maker 2: While Miss Belin is no longer present at Eleventh Hour Industries, she is pursuing her music career, her presence is felt. She is, on paper, the chief designer, and she is somewhat of a legend among the younger members of our growing design team.
Also, she is a consultant on the Widow Maker 2 project. It seems Kareen Maxil wants a new suit and the Alincourts are happy to indulge her. Every other day we can usually count on a courier ship showing up, carrying Miss Belin's upgraded plans.
I have been completely cut free from the WM2 project so I only hear rumour. It seems the Alincourts have decided it would make an excellent test bed for their new ideas. They say that the WM2 will be a little smaller and lighter than the Arrow00 Widow Maker, though very similar in over all design, though I have heard that an intermediate form, between fighter and suit, is being tested out on the WM2.
It will be tougher, using another upgrade of Miss Belin's refined armour, and it will carry some extremely impressive weapons. I have heard Dr. Roberts is designing a new weapon system for the WM2.
Basically it will be faster, stronger, harder hitting and much more deadly that its predecessor. No doubt it will live up to its name.
On a side note, I have heard that Kirk Alincourt, something of a child prodigy, and considered a warped genius by his family members (and that is saying a lot) has been called in on this project. I have been told he specialises in human mind/machine interfaces. What this will mean for the WM2 is anyone's guess.
What I do know for certain is that the cost of this one suit will probably be equivalent to a squadron of a more standard design.

The Big Cats: The Big Cats project continues on a steady pace, as is expected. We have a name for the suits now. The AW (Arrow) 03 will be known at the Puma, the AW04 the Cheetah and the AW05 the Tiger. While I think there might be some confusion with Power Solutions Leopard, the names have been picked.

The Puma will basically be the new soldier suit of the Commonwealth (Battalion). It will use the Arrow01's frame, and be very similar to that suit. Changes include a decrease in engine output, a soldier suit does not need to be quite that fast and there will be a complete weapon redesign to give it a weapon system more in line with its new function.
We are re-tooling the 01 line to start producing the new Puma in order to replace the Draken Mk2s we were forced to sell. In two days the last of the Arrow01s roll off the line. We are going to hold a small ceremony.

The Cheetah, the interceptor of course, will require a new frame, as it will be significantly lighter. Less armour, faster top speeds, and a full complement of energy weapons to avoid the cost and weight of ammunition. It supposed to be the fastest suit ever (with the possible exception of the Widow Maker 2).
While we have not even finished designing this suit, a variation is already being planned. The Were Cheetah. This design, if it is ever produced, will use an energy boosting system to allow it to get more punch from its energy weapons. I am, I'll admit, a bit wary about this system. Early tests have, so far, resulted in explosions.
The design team assures me that the energy boosting system will be functional when the time comes.

The Tiger, which should come as no surprise, will be the HA. Producing a transformable suit of that size will be rather complicated, I'm sure. All the extra weight is bound to put a great deal of stress on what is still a somewhat fragile transformation system.
If we can solve that problem, the Tiger will be the slowest of the AW suits, but also the toughest, carrying a great deal of armour and weaponry. Already we are testing an extremely powerful energy cannon. Initial plans call for the basic components to be split up within the frame and the main emitter to be mounted on the chest, but there is some call to work the entire assembly into a single rifle. A personal favourite design of mine calls for twin cannons, mounted on each shoulder.
Currently it will be the only one of the new suits to be carrying an energy melee weapon.

The Monster 00: I would like to say that since Miss Belin has left Eleventh Hour Industries that we have had much better luck in controlling the younger members of our design team. I cannot say that.
I have discovered the Mr. Lyons, along with a small cadre of new designers, have been working on their own designs. Admittedly, it was something I did at that age as well, but it seems that Mr. Lyons has convinced the Alincourts of the value of his new work.
The Monster 00 is, to put is simply, a corvette-sized suit with the capability to transform.
I personally believe this cannot be done, but one happy side effect is that work on the Tiger's problem with transformation is being helped along.
I am told that once done the Monster will sport four gauss canons, three laser cannons in each arm, and a variety of other weapons on a more standard scale for use against the usual size suits. Furthermore, a simple slap from the huge, handless arms will be enough to reduce any other suit to scrap.
Lord help us all.
I will admit that I am somewhat intrigued that this new suit will hold a number of PAFS in it for special missions.

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