Charybdis & Starblade Mecha

Crossbones Cannon

SBI-G1-INT Loviatar
MM-1G-VT (Vichy Type)-INT "Viggen Gun Fighter"
Eleventh Hour Industries Arrow 01
Arrow 00 Vichy Type 'Hardboiled'
Arrow 00 Maxil Type 'Widow Maker'
MM-2X-INT Stormrider
Manticore MM-8Btest-HA
SBI - G1- HA Myrmidon
EHI-L1-GA, -DFA (Ram A), -DFB (Ram B), -IDF (Ram Sexton), -IFV (Ram Kangaroo)
Omega Team MM-SBB-XT Königstiger
Alincourt Dragon

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Avast ye scurvy dogs! Here be the pirate mekton of the Starblade universe, the Charybdis "Crossbones." It is made up of design elements swiped from both the SAC and the ODF, so much of the conversion work was done with my previous conversions.

It has a Draken's frame and heat saber and a Galliard's gauss rifle and hand grenades. Like the Draken, each "wing array" servo has two wings and the thrusters didn't originally take the wing advantage into account.

The tough part was factoring in the wings and determining thruster placement. The majority of thrusters on the original sheet are listed in the pod servo. But so is 12 spaces of booty storage. A quandry. But since the wings (with many extra hollowed out spaces) had so much room, I put the pod ones there.

A question that came up is "what is the thrust balance system?" Presumably, ODF meks have it, since it is mentioned here and there. The SAC mektons have thrusters mated to verniers, as does the Crossbones, which gives them a space edge on the allegedly more sophisticated ODF ones.

One noteworthy system on the Crossbones is its internal variable Phalanx. Most Starblade meks lack any kind of backup weapon, especially built-in ones. The Crossbones is much harder to completely disarm becasue of this. And it can shoot when its hands are busy with melee combat. The other interesting weapon is the 10K chainsaw it carries to slice open ship hulls. Although it is a hand-held weapon, you could easily mount it one one of the four empty weapon mounts on the Crossbones.

The Crossbones was clearly meant for players to play around with, since it does have four unused weapon mounts. There are also three empty spaces in each arm

The initial Crossbones was 72.6 tons, 399.2 CP

Pirate Mekton Crossbones

MV -4
Ground MA 3 Flight MA 21
Weight 74.8 tons
Cost 418.6 CP

Servos and amror
Head MW with MW armor 12 CP
Torso MW with MW armor 18 CP
R. Arm MW with MW armor 13 CP
L. Arm MW with MW armor 13 CP
R. Leg MW with MW armor 13 CP
L. Leg MW with MW armor 13 CP
R. Wing Array MW with MW armor 12 CP (2 kills, 14 spaces)
L. Wing Array MW with MW armor 12 CP (2 kills, 14 spaces)
Storage Pod MW with MW armor 12 CP
Total Cost 118 CP Total Kills 104

R Hand WA 0 Rng. M Dmg. 1K+1 shots NA 1 Kill Loc RA spc. 1 Quick, Handy cost 2 CP

L Hand WA 0 Rng. M Dmg. 1K+1 shots NA 1 Kill Loc LA spc. 1 Quick, Handy cost 2 CP

Gauss Rifle WA 0 Rng. 11 dmg. 5K shots-clip 5 kills Loc 2-h spc. (11.5) BV 3, -1 spc. eff., cost 11.5 CP

2x gauss clips shots 20 ea Kills 2 ea., 2-h spc. (2.5) Kinetic or Tracer ammo, cost 15 CP

Phalanx WA 0, Rng. 3, Dmg. 1K, Shots 25, 1+1 Kills, Loc T, space 4, Variable Phalanx, BV 5, -1.3 spc eff Cost 6 CP

Heat Saber WA +1, Rng. M, Dmg. 4K+1, Shots NA., 4 Kills, Loc 1-H, space (6), Armor-Piercing, 6 CP

Chain Cutter WA -2, Rng. M, Dmg. 10K+1, Shots NA., 10 Kills, Loc 1-H, space (6), Armor-Piercing, 6 CP

Grenades WA 0, Rng. 0 (thrown), Dmg. 10K, Shots 2, 1 Kill, Loc-1-H, space (4.4), Fuse, Blast-2 Cost 4.4 CP

Total weapon cost 54.4 CP Total Kills 28

Main HS 2 Kill Loc H 1 spc. 6 CP
Backup SL 2 Kills, Loc T, 2 spc., 2 CP
Marine Suite Loc H, 1 spc., 2 CP
Target Analyzer Loc H, 1 spc. 5 CP
Total cost 15 CP Total Kills 4

Weapon Mount Loc T spc. 2 cost 2 CP
Weapon Mount Loc T spc. 2 cost 2 CP
Weapon Mount Loc RA spc. 2 cost 2 CP
Weapon Mount Loc LA spc. 2 cost 2 CP
Quick Change Mount x5 (Weapon mounts, powerplant) 5 CP
Pirate Styling +2 COOL Loc T., spc 1 cost 1
Searchlight stereo. liftwire, lock w/alarm Loc T cost 1 CP
E-system for Power Plant 1 CP
Head cockpit-Canopy Maneuver Pod Loc H spc. 3 cost 4 CP
Torso cockpit-Armored Loc T spc. 1
Micromanipulators RA spc 1, 1 CP
Micromanipulators LA spc 1, 1 CP
Booty storage (6 tons) 12 spaces Loc pod, 12 CP
Total Cost 34

Fuel (1000 km range adds 6.8 tons)

Maneuver systems
Thrusters, MA 19 53.3 CP
Hydrojets MA 6 (2) 11.2 CP
-17 space efficiency Thrusters 8.5 CP
-9.2 spc. eff Hydrojets 4.6 CP
Torso and wing thrusters are mated to verniers 4 MA RL, 4 MA LL,
1 MA T, 5 MA RW, 5 MA LW
Hydrojets 1 MA RL, 1 MA LL
Total Maneuver systems cost 77.6 CP

Basic Cost 299 CP

Cost Multiplier Systems
Verniers +3 MV x 0.3
Env. Protection space x.05
Env. Protection water x.05
Total Modifiers .4

299 x 1.4= 418.6 CP

By: David Crowe <>

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Crossbones Cannon

A simple but effective variant of the Crossbones, the Crossbones Cannon replaces all of the standard Crossbones equipment with 2 large Gauss cannons on the normally empty shoulder weapon mounts. This gives a Crossbones unit long-range firepower it usually lacks.

Of course, the Cannon unit itself has no close-range weapons outside of its Phalanx, so it should have a wingman stick close by.

The Gauss Cannon design is derived (or pirated) from the SAC Manticore's VH Auto Gauss Cannon, although autofire and some accuracy were sacrificed for compactness.

Pirate Mekton Crossbones Cannon Cost

MV -4
Ground MA 3 Flight MA 21
Weight 74.8 tons
Cost 431.5 CP

Servos and amror
Head MW with MW armor 12 CP
Torso MW with MW armor 18 CP
R. Arm MW with MW armor 13 CP
L. Arm MW with MW armor 13 CP
R. Leg MW with MW armor 13 CP
L. Leg MW with MW armor 13 CP
R. Wing Array MW with MW armor 12 CP (2 kills, 14 spaces)
L. Wing Array MW with MW armor 12 CP (2 kills, 14 spaces)
Storage Pod MW with MW armor 12 CP
Total Cost 118 CP Total Kills 104

R Hand WA 0 Rng. M Dmg. 1K+1 shots NA 1 Kill Loc RA spc. 1 Quick, Handy cost 2 CP

L Hand WA 0 Rng. M Dmg. 1K+1 shots NA 1 Kill Loc LA spc. 1 Quick, Handy cost 2 CP

Gauss Cannon WA -1 Rng. 18 dmg. 10K shots-clip 10 kills Loc R T-mt. spc. (9.6), -2.4 spc. eff., cost 13.2 CP

Ammo shots 20 Kills 2 loc. R T-mt. spc. (2.4) AP ammo, cost 9.6 CP

Gauss Cannon WA -1 Rng. 18 dmg. 10K shots-clip 10 kills Loc L T-mt. spc. (9.6), -2.4 spc. eff., cost 13.2 CP

Ammo shots 20 Kills 2 loc. L T-mt. spc. (2.4) AP ammo, cost 9.6 CP

Phalanx WA 0, Rng. 3, Dmg. 1K, Shots 25, 1+1 Kills, Loc T, space 4, Variable Phalanx, BV 5, -1.3 spc eff Cost 6 CP

Total weapon cost 55.6 CP Total Kills 28

Main LH 2 Kill Loc H 1 spc. 12 CP
Back up SL 2 Kills, Loc T, 2 spc., 2 CP
Marine Suite Loc H, 1 spc., 2 CP
Target Analyzer Loc H, 1 spc. 5 CP
Total cost 21 CP Total Kills 4

Link (Gauss Cannons) 2 CP
Weapon Mount Loc T spc. 2 cost 2 CP
Weapon Mount Loc T spc. 2 cost 2 CP
Weapon Mount Loc RA spc. 2 cost 2 CP
Weapon Mount Loc LA spc. 2 cost 2 CP
Quick Change Mount x5 (Weapon mounts, powerplant) 5 CP
Pirate Styling +2 COOL Loc T., spc 1 cost 1
Searchlight stereo. liftwire, lock w/alarm Loc T cost 1 CP
E-system for Power Plant 1 CP
Head cockpit-Canopy Maneuver Pod Loc H spc. 3 cost 4 CP
Torso cockpit-Armored Loc T spc. 1
Micromanipulators RA spc 1, 1 CP
Micromanipulators LA spc 1, 1 CP
Booty storage (6 tons) 12 spaces Loc pod, 12 CP
Total Cost 36 CP

Fuel (1000 km range adds 6.8 tons)

Maneuver systems
Thrusters, MA 19 53.3 CP
Hydrojets MA 6 (2) 11.2 CP
-17 space efficiency Thrusters 8.5 CP
-9.2 spc. eff Hydrojets 4.6 CP
Torso and wing thrusters are mated to verniers 4 MA RL, 4 MA LL, 1 MA T, 5 MA RW, 5 MA LW
Hydrojets 1 MA RL, 1 MA LL
Total Maneuver systems cost 77.6 CP

Basic Cost 308.2 CP

Cost Multiplier Systems
Verniers +3 MV x 0.3
Env. Protection space x.05
Env. Protection water x.05
Total Modifiers .4

308.2 x 1.4= 431.5 CP

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Mekton Technical System Build SheetName: Tornado (Soldier Unit)

Cost: 584.4
Weight: 55.7
Scale: Mekton X1

Mecha Movement Statistics
Configuration MV Land MA Flight MA
Mekton -1 6 19 (18 at 60 tons)

Servos and Armor
Loc Class Kills Space Cost Armor Type SP DC Cost
Head MS 4 4 4 MW Beta 6 4 9
Torso MW 12 12 12 MH Beta 8 4 12
R.Arm HS 6 6 6 MW Beta 6 4 9
L.Arm HS 6 6 6 MW Beta 6 4 9
R.Leg MW 7 7 7 MW Beta 6 4 9
L.Leg MW 7 7 7 MW Beta 6 4 9
Pod MW 0 12 6 LH Beta 7 4 10.5
Cost: 115.5 Weight: 43.5 tons (87 Kills)

Light Heavy sensors (Head, 2 kills, 12 CP, 1 spc)
Back Up sensors (Torso, 2 kills, 2 CP, 2 spc)
ASP (Head, 10 CP, 2 spc)
Target Analyzer (Head, 5 CP,1 spc)
Cost: 29 Weight: 2 tons (4 Kills)

Name WA Rng Dmg Sht Kills BV CP Space Loc Notes
R. Hand 0 - 1+1 - 1 - 2 1 RA Quick/Handy, X-Linqued
L. Hand 0 - 1+1 - 1 - 2 1 LA Quick/Handy, X-Linqued
Plasma Rifle +1 14 7 inf. 7 3 29.3 12 2H
Sword +1 - 4+1 - 4 - 6 6 1H ArmourPierce, X-Linqued
Sword +1 - 4+1 - 4 - 6 6 1H ArmourPierce, X-Linqued
AMS +3 8 4 inf. 4 - 29.4 6 T Var. Anti Missile
Smoke Missiles 0 8 - 2 1 - 3 3 LA Smoke, Radius 4
Attack Missiles +2 18 11 2 1 - 5.6 2 RA
Cost: 83.28Weight: 11.5 tons (23 kills)

Movement Systems:
Thrusters (19 MA), Pod and probably legs, .25 spc, 52.5 CP

Cost Multipliers:
Source: Fusion, XS: 1 (x0.0)
Super Charged Powerplant (x0.3)
Control System Type: Virtual (M-Pool:+33%) (x0.33)
Verniers +2 (1/Leg, 3 Spaces Each) (x0.2)
Space Protection (x0.05)
ACE (MP +67%) (x0.1)
Total Multiplier: x0.7
Total M-Pool Bonus: +67%

Cockpit w/ Maneuver Pod (Torso, 3 spc, 4 CP)
Stereo, Liftwire, Lock (Torso, 0.8 CP)
Spotlights x4 (Head, 0.8 CP)
Storage Module (Torso, 1 spc, 1 CP)
Micromanipulators (RA, 1 spc, 1 CP)
QCM x4 (Head, Weapon Mounts x2 & Power Plant, 4 CP)
Missiles Hardpoints (Weapon Mounts) x2 (L/RA, 2 Spc each, 4 CP)
Silent Running: Walking x5 (Legs, 5 CP)
Design +2 Cool (1.5 CP)
Interservo X-Links x3 (Weapon Mounts, Hands, Swords, 3 CP each)
500 KM Fuel Droptanks (Pod, 1 spc, 2 CP)
Cost: 34.1 Weight:

Final costs
New Weight: 62.7
Base Cost: 314.39
Cost (after Multipliers): 534.4
Efficiency ( -7 tons): 14
Cost (w/Efficiency, links): 548.4
Final Weight: 55.7

Notes: It's not a terribly imaginative design but is sturdy and functional. The weapon mounts on the shoulders are specially designed to carry racks of any common SAC or ODF Missile. The attack missiles are so accurate in order to give them a better chance of penetrating anti-missile defenses. The swords are normally stowed on the outside of each leg. The gun is stowed across the lower back.
The general appearance of the mecha is "Sturdy and compact". The Head has deep-set glowing eyes (spotlights), but otherwise looks like an enclosed helmet. The mecha moves with a quiet smooth grace. (They lubricated the joints with the stuff Tess came up with.)

Design by J.G.R.Kingston

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Akira was not really a showman. He put his suit design in a large bay, covered it with a tarp, then let everyone in. Once everyone was there, or at least most of them, he moved to stand at the feet of his team's design.
"We have finished the Soldier design," he said. "It has been fully tested and we have already begun manufacture. I give you the Starblade Battalion Draken, Mark 2."
The tarp fell away, revealing a familiar looking suit. The head was different, matching the more anthropomorphic heads the other suits had, and there were a few other, minor, differences, mostly cosmetic. It appeared, for all intents and purposes, Dr. Ryuzaki's team had simply copied the Draken.
There was some laughter and a lot of murmuring in the audience. Akira said nothing, waiting for everyone to quiet down. When they finally did he waited few seconds before beginning. "I suppose you were expecting something completely new. I was as well to be truthful, but for a number of reasons, one of them being having to take care of all the other design teams, I was a little too busy to be innovative.
"The Mark 2 is both faster and more maneuverable than its predecessor. (Supercharged Powerplant). It uses Miss Belin's armour and cockpit design as well as an improved Roberts type plasma rifle. (Beta armour, Virtual controls, 5K range 11 BV 2 beamgun). It is a design that is already tested, it can use captured and donated ODF armaments, and, not to be over looked, the same command armour upgrades."
Members of his audience began to nod, seeing the value in his plan. While it was obvious some would have been happier to see a completely new design, they were in the minority.
"You can pick up the specs at the door. Now, as I have work to, I wish you a good day," he told them. Then he walked away.
Once he was gone the murmur of conversations picked up again and a number of people drifted to the door to get a copy of the specs. Tess moved up close, looking at the design.
"Disappointed?" someone asked.
"Pardon?" Tess turned to face the speaker. "Captain Frost," she said, a little surprised. "Uh, no. I mean, it is a good weapon system."
"He did a good job of keeping it secret," Redding said. "Your team has been quite open. Miss Maxil is giving anyone who cares to look a good show."
"I suspect that Dr. Ryuzaki and his team just wanted to avoid the sort of ribbing they are going to get for as long as possible." (...) "There's a man with a lot of things on his mind," Tess said quietly. She turned back to look at the Mark 2. It was going to surprise the hell out of anyone who thought they were just facing the old Draken.

"You missed the unveiling of your uncle's new suit," Redding said.
"What was it like?"
"He reinvented the Draken. The Mark 2."
Jesse laughed. "I guess I'm not surprised. In a situation like this, he'd go for a tested design and improve on it. In different circumstances, he'd try something completely new."

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SBI-G1-INT Loviatar

Height 16,5 m, Weight 44 Tn, Land Speed 108 Km/h, 3 G thrust (Mach 1.6 in atmosphere),
Cost 513.000 Million Credits.

Game stats:

Configuration: Humanoid, -0 MV, MP +33%, Land MA 6 , Air MA 26. 513 CP

Supercharged Powerplant, Virtual controls, Enviromental Protection: Space, Artic, &Desert +2 verniers (x0,70)

MA 26 thrusters on all wings, legs and torso (4 MA each), mated with verniers
L. Hvy sensors on Head w/ ASP and Tgt. Analizer, backup in Torso

Servos and armor:
Torso, limbs, head, 4-wing array - all Striker (12, 4x4, 3, 3x4 Kills)
SP 5, DC 4 armor on Torso, and SP 4, DC 4 armor over the rest.

Plasma rifle (5K, WA +1, range 11, 5 Kills, shots inf., BV 2), 2 hands
Laser pod (2K, +3 WA, 1 Kills, shots inf., ded. anti-missile, fragile), head
KKCM x2 (1K, WA +3, no range, 10 shots x2, 1 Kill x2, ded. Ctr-missile), RA/LA
Anti-Mek Missiles (8K, WA +1, range 8, 5 shots, 2 Kills, smart-2, skill-15), Torso
Combat Whip (2+1 K AP, WA +0, melee, 2 Kills, quick, entangling, shocking, AP), R. Arm
Shield (SP 6, DC 4, DA -0), L. Arm

Armored cockpit on Torso w/ M-Pod
Liftwire, Codelock,+3 Cool & Stereo (Of course! Dr. Roberts insisted!)
QCMs for limbs, wings and head
QCM & E-Sys for Powerplant
2 Spotlights, Damage Control on Head
Micromanipulator on R. Arm
11 Tn weight eff.,1000 Km fuel.

"The suit had the thin profile of other interceptors, a design built primarily for speed. It was a little shorter than the suits the ODF and SAC used, and it looked a little lighter. The head had a smooth face with only a slight hint of features. There were two eyes, hidden in the shadow cast by a helmet like brow".
It's obvious armament was the plasma rifle it held cradled in both arms. On the left arm was a buckler like shield.
"What do you think?" Ree asked Tess. They stood in the crowd below the new suit, looking up at it.
"Looks fast."
"No obvious missile racks."
"I don't think it is carrying much in the way of missiles, like the rest of us. The shows about to start."
Ree craned her neck, looking where Tess was. Dr. Roberts was circling around the main group, making for a raised platform at the foot of her suit design. The talking died down as people watched her. She climbed the steps and turned to face everyone.
"Ladies and gentlemen," she called out, quieting the last pockets of conversation. "Thank you for coming today. I would like to introduce you to the Loviatar." She made a grand gesture, indicating the suit behind her.
"As you have no doubt noticed, it is armed with a standard plasma rifle. I hope to replace that with a Mark 2 version I am working on right now. It will have a bit more power and range, but that is for later.
"Within the shoulders are a set of simple counter missiles, they will augment the laser pod in the head when necessary. Also, there are 5 missiles within the torso which should serve when it is facing other suits.
"For in close fighting, I have tried something new."
There was a sound, metal sliding over metal, and from the inside of the Loviatar's right wrist a steel whip slid out.
That brought some laughter from the crowd, a little of it sounding uncomfortable.
"What's up?" Ree asked Tess, sure something was going on that she was missing.
"Rumor has it that Dr. Roberts is a bit of a sadist in the bedroom."
"Oh," Ree said, smiling. "At least she has a sense of humor about it."
On the platform Emila gave her audience a little time to talk amongst themselves, letting them have a little fun, and letting a few have extra time to feel nervous.
"While certainly not a standard weapon, you should not discount it. It will cut right through the armour of a Vigen, and it can be used for entangling attacks. If you don't realize the value of that, my test pilot ripped the rifle out of a Draken's hands when it went by at speed."
The sense of amusement died down at the people on the floor considered what she had just said.
"Added to that, the whip is connected to the suits power plant. It can deliver an electrical shock directly into opposing suits and more importantly their pilots. If it does not kill them, it will probably leave them unable to act for several seconds. I'm sure you can appreciate the effect that will have," she smiled at the assembled crowd.
"It is faster than both the Vigen and the Zephry, and can match the Vogel. It also matches the maneuverability of both the aforementioned interceptors.
"With Miss Belin's armour and control system, it should be more than a match for the other interceptors, and will perform admirably inits role".

"Mr. Shiva," Ree said, "what do you think of the new suit?"
He turned his attention to Ree. "I have no opinion as a pilot as I have not flown it yet. As a businessman, it is a promising design. As for the name, if my encyclopedia database is correct, Loviatar was the Finnish goddess of pain. Good day ladies. Miss Belin, I'll be looking forward to seeing the Arrow unveiled." He nodded to them, sort of a bow, then turned and walked away.
"I think Dr. Roberts is slightly insane," Ree said.
"At least she didn't call it the Sade, or something like that."

Design notes:
"It was a little shorter than the suits the ODF and SAC used, and it looked a little lighter." - The Zephir is M. Striker, so Striker size (oh, so little!) :) , and just calls for that bit of weight eff.
"On the left arm was a buckler like shield." - as the Viggen's but bit better.
"As you have no doubt noticed, it is armed with a standard plasma rifle." - same as the Myrmidon's, but 2-handed
"Within the shoulders are a set of simple counter missiles, they will augment the laser pod in the head when necessary." - same as the Zephyr's and the Myrmidon's
"Also, there are 5 missiles within the torso ("No obvious missile racks.") which should serve when it is facing other suits." - the limited number calls for smart ones, a little better that the SAC ones (Starblade's Edge) :)
"From the inside of the Loviatar's right wrist a steel whip slid out... It will cut right through the armour of a Vigen, and it can be used for entangling attacks... Added to that, the whip... can deliver an electrical shock." - . pretty good description, and Viggen's armor is 3.
"Can match the Vogel" - MA 26.
"It also matches the maneuverability of both the aforementioned interceptors" - Zephyr's MV is -0.
"With Miss Belin's armour and control system" - nuff' said.

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MM-1G-VT (Vichy Type)-INT "Viggen Gun Fighter"

The modifications made to Marshal Vichy's Viggen are simple, though expensive.

The missile systems were pulled, as was the shield and the heat saber - though a Zephyr's combat knife was added - and a second 5M Gauss gun added, no linkage. Both of the 5M's were modified so they could be easily fired with only one hand, as well as the cyclic rate being increased (BV 7) though the amount of ammunition in each clip remained unchanged (26 Brsts). The space where the missile racks were mounted is where extra magazines for the 5Ms are carried. The head cockpit was pulled - though the head can still be used as a very cramped escape pod - and the space used for anti missile ECM (rating 3) suite and a targeting computer (+1).

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Eleventh Hour Industries Arrow 01

These are the game statistics for the Arrow 01, the production model of the Arrow. Sen tells me that he will be drawing a picture for the 01 in time. The two units look mostly the same, though there are differences.
This is a word document, and the template was given to me by Mark Berger, and for which I am very grateful as it looks really nice.

Mekton Technical System Build Sheet
Name: Eleventh Hour Industries Arrow 01
Cost: 623.86 cp
Weight: 40
Scale: 1X

Mecha Movement Statistics
Configuration MV Land MA Flight MA
Mekton 0 6 20
Fighter -2 - 42

Servos and Armor
Loc Class Kills Spc/Left Cost Armor Type SP DC Cost
Torso MS 8 8/3 8 MS Beta 4 4 6
Head MS 4 4/0 4 MS Beta 4 4 6
R Arm MS 5 5/3 5 MS Beta 4 4 6
L Arm MS 5 5/3 5 MS Beta 4 4 6
R Leg MS 5 5/0 5 MS Beta 4 4 6
L Leg MS 5 5/0 5 MS Beta 4 4 6
R Wing MS 4 4/3 4 MS Beta 4 4 6
L Wing MS 4 4/3 4 MS Beta 4 4 6
Weight:40+32 (36 tons)

Sensor Type Range Comm Kills Loc Cost Space
Main MH 26km 2300km 3 Head 16 1
Back up back up 1km 300km 2 Torso 2.5 1
Cost: 18.5 Weight: 5 (2.5 tons)

Name WA Rng Dmg Sht Kills BV CP Spc Loc Notes
Laser Pod +1 - "4" inf. 4 - 5.5 1 Head Anti Missile
Counter Missile 0 - "1" 10 0.7 - 1 1 RA Ded. Ctr. Mis
Counter Missile 0 - "1" 10 0.7 - 1 1 LA Ded. Ctr.Mis
Ex 1 Plasma Cannon +1 10/100 6 inf. 6 3 22 10 2H
R Hand 0 - 1+1 - 1 - 2 1 RA Quick/Handy
L Hand 0 - 1+1 - 1 - 2 1 LA Quick/Handy
Wing Pylons - - - - - - 2x2 1x2 Wings Weapon Mounts
Weight:13.4 (6.7 tons)

Movement Systems:
System MA Location Kills Spc Cost
Thruster 10 Right Leg - 5 20
Thruster 10 Left Leg - 5 20
Cost: 40cp

Cost Multiplier Systems:
Fusion Cold Powerplant
Supercharged Powerplant x0.3
Virtual Controls (M-Pool +33%) x0.05
Space Protection x0.05
EM Protection x0.1
Re-Entry Protection x0.1
Verniers +2 Mated to Thrusters x0.2
ACE +100% M-Pool x0.2
Transform Fighter Form x0.3
Efficient Transformation x0.1
Transat x0.15
Weapon Network x0.1
Total Multiplier: x2.65
Total M-Pool Bonus(+%): +133%

System Loc Space Cost Notes
Cockpit T 1 0 Armoured, Maneuver Pod
ASP Head 1 10.5
Target Analyzer Head 1 5
ECM Suite Head 1 8.25 Anti Missile Level 4
Anti Theft System - - .4 Thumb Scanner, System Lock out
Spotlights Head - .4 Two sets head and torso
Maneuver Pod T 1 4.5 1 kill
Fuel (Free) - - - 1000km
Fuel Wing 2 2 +1000km
Statistical Enhancement T 2 2 +3 Cool
Cost: 40.25
Weight: 1 (.5 ton)

Final costs
Base Weight: 45.7
Fuel Weight: 9.1
New Weight: 54.8
Base Cost: 224.25
Cost (after Multipliers): 594.26
Efficency (-14.8 tons): 28.6
Cost (w/Efficency, links): 623.86
Final Weight: 40 tons

Notes: From the production Diary of Tess Belin, dated 2180.09.10
The Arrow 00 was everything I wanted, unfortunately it was not everything that the Battalion wanted. The main problem, as pointed out to me often By Dr. Mako, was the cost. We managed to achieve everything we wanted, but the cost was too high.
The Arrow 01 is a compromise. We made changes to it, balancing a reduced cost with the need to keep its combat effectiveness rating high. We looked at the Arrow 00 and asked what the big ticket items were. What were the most expensive features.
The first thing to go was the ECM suite and the expert system we built to run it. I was not surprised, the system was dangerously close to an AI in many ways and no one seems willing to break the law on their construction. Instead of a full ECM/ECCM suite we simply put in a missile jamming system of lesser quality.
The next thing were the engines. By accepting a slower top speed we were able to cut the costs significantly. The Arrow 01 is still a fast craft. In its slowest form only the Zephyr, the Cavalier starfighter, the Viggen, and the Vogel starfighters are faster, and none of them are more maneuverable. When it converts to fighter form it will easily be able to leave all the above craft behind it.
Weapons saw the next change. We initially replaced the two Lyon Class rail rifles with Roberts type plasma rifles in the 00. The 01 was given only one cannon, with a bit more power than the weapons the 00 was equipped with. Then we pulled the forearm shields.
Overall, the 01 will serve admirably. Initial reports from the test pilots seem good. There are few complaints and all those are easily enough dealt with. We expect to go into production in two to three weeks.

Report on the Arrow 01, Lt. Bernard Sims, Test Pilot.
Basically, the thing that threw me the most about this plane is its transformation sequence. It is just unbelievable. I thought it would be jerky, you know, kind of like getting bounced around in a roller coaster, but it was nothing like that. It was so smooth. I'll admit, the way the sensors picture shifts around you, and your cockpit chair spins about (has to so you maintain proper seating within the craft -not important in zero-G but in gravity it would be a major problem if it didn't) can be a bit disorientating. Made me feel nauseous for s few seconds the first five times.
Another little shock comes from the way the engines perform. Once you've shifted, they put out twice as much thrust. I had the suit pushed to the max when I shifted and was almost lown away by the sudden acceleration. I've never flown anything that fast before the Arrow. As long as your ready for it, no problem. Any pilot not expecting it will be in a lot of trouble.
Overall, I like the weapons. They are simple, functional, and do their job. The main cannon is a dream, just keeps firing, not a worry about ammunition, and it will blow an interceptor away with a single burst. Against bigger suits, I figure you've got to be fast, push the suits speed and maneuverability, hit and fade, hit and fade until your target goes up.
The laser pod in the head is great as well, I love just being able to hold a trigger down and watch missiles go up. The chaf/heat launchers in the shoulders are a nice addition. They blow a cloud of garbage out that confuse the hell out of the missiles. All of those combined with the ECM make it possible to slip a huge amount of missiles and get in close to your target.
The universal pylon mounts on the wings confused me a bit. That you couldn't initiate the transformation sequence with them on (well you can, but you shear loose all the missiles) bothered me. Still does, but I see the value in it. We've practiced bombing runs were we have a big old torpedo on each wing, and small target runs were the wings just bristle with cluster missiles.
You go in their fast, release your payload, shift over, and finish targets up with proper application of the main cannon. Shift back into fighter, and your out of the area before your targets are sure what happened.
Still wish I could keep the missiles when I shift, and use them. I guess you can't have everything.
So, it handles like a dream, has speed to spare, fights like a cornered rat, and looks, well it just looks beautiful. All sleek and everything. It almost looks fragile. That's deceiving though, it can take hits that cripple other suits and it can keep going.
Only problem, no close in weapons. I know we're supposed to avoid getting in close, to just beat the hell out of our target from a distance, but I must admit, I like getting in close.

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Arrow 00 Vichy Type 'Hardboiled'

The largest modification is the mating of a Lyons type Guass Shotgun with the Standar Roberts Plasma Gun. Both weapons were given improved targetting systems. Speed and maneuverability were maintained by decreasing the weight of the combined weapons, and the ammunition. Extra clips for the Lyons Guass Shotgun are stored on the exterior of the mecha in areas were they enjoy some cover from enemy fire, such as the interior of the forearm sheilds.

An annendum concerning Diane Vichy: Not only is she a big fan of John Wayne movies, she also is a fan of the Hong Kong genre of action films.

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Arrow 00 Maxil Type 'Widow Maker'

The Maxil Type, which was nicknamed such after the battle, was modified by the inclusions of a prototype plasam sword, say about 10 kills at least.

Furthermore, for whatever reason, the Maxil Type possesed what can only be described as Thought Control for that last battle. Nasty, nasty, bad, bad.

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MM-2X-INT Stormrider

Mark Berger
Mekton Technical System Build Sheet

Name: Starblade Mekton MM-2X-INT Stormrider
Cost: 445.8 cp
Weight: 35.5 tons
Scale: x1 Mecha

Movement Statistics:
Configuration MV Land MA Flight MA
Mekton -0 7 Hexes 18 Hexes
Hybrid -1 7 Hexes 27 Hexes
Fighter -2 0 36 Hexes

Servos and Armor
Loc Class Kills Spc/Left Cost Armor Type SP DC Cost
Torso HS 10 10/0 10 HS a 5 2 6.25
Head HS 5 5/1 5 HS a 5 2 6.25
R.Arm HS 6 6/3 6 HS a 5 2 6.25
L.Arm HS 6 6/3 6 HS a 5 2 6.25
R.Leg MW 7 7/0 7 HS a 5 2 6.25
L.Leg MW 7 7/0 7 HS a 5 2 6.25
R. Wing HS 5 5/0.5 5 HS a 5 2 6.25
L. Wing HS 5 5/0.5 5 HS a 5 2 6.25
Cost: 52.00 cp Weight: 25.5 t

Sensor Type Range Comm Kills Loc Cost Spc
Main MW 15 km 1500 km 2 H 9 1
Backup MS 7 km 1000 km 1 T 4 1
Cost: 13.00 cp Weight: 1.5t

Name WA Rng Dmg Sht Kills BV CP Spc Loc Notes
Right Hand +0 Melee 2K n/a 1 - 2 1 RA Quick, Handy
Left Hand +0 Melee 2K n/a 1 - 2 1 LA Quick, Handy
Right Foot +0 Melee 4K n/a - - - - RL
Left Foot +0 Melee 4K n/a - - - - LL
Mk 1 Particle Rifle +1 8/64 4K inf. 4 3 18 12 2H
Mk 4A Heat Sabre +1 Melee 5K n/a 3 - 2 2 1H AP
Grenades +0 Throw 10K 2 1 - 4.4 2.2 ea. 1H Blast 2, Fuse
Phalanx Laser +1 n/a 4K inf. 4 n/a 8 2 T Anti-Missile
Missiles +0 9/81 6K 4 1 n/a 9.6 9 TM Smart1,Skill12
Countermissiles +0 n/a 3K 10 2 n/a 4 1 T
Cost: 48.00 cp Weight: 8.5

Movement Systems:
System MA Loc Spc Cost
Thrusters 2.4 T 3 3
Thrusters 5.3 RL 7 7
Thrusters 5.3 LL 7 7
Thrusters 1.5 RW 2 2
Thrusters 1.5 LW 2 2
Cost: 21.00 cp

Multiplier Systems:
Powerplant Source: Fusion XS: 1 x0.0
Supercharged Powerplant x0.3
Virtual Controls (MP +33%) x0.05
Verniers+1 MV(2.5 spaces each wing) x0.1
Space, Arctic, Desert, Underwater
& Re-entry Enviromental Protection x0.3
Transat x0.15
Transformation (Fighter, Hybrid) x0.65
VTOL x0.05
Weapon Network x0.1
Total Multiplier: x1.7 M-Pool: +33%

System Loc Spc Cost Notes
Cockpit T 1 1 Torso, Armored, 1 crew, ejection seat
ASP H 2 10 linked to both sensors
Target Analyzer T 1 5 linked to both sensors
Micromanipulators RA 1 1 Used for repair and fine manipulation
Antitheft Codelock T 0 0.4 Loud alarm
Weapon Mount T 1 1 Missiles
Stereo T 0 0.1 <grin>
Marine Sensors H 1 2 Tied into both sensor suites
Fuel RA 2 1 +500 km
Fuel LA 2 1 +500 km
Design & Decor All 0 2 Futuristic Styling, +3 Cool
Cost: 28.50 cp Weight: 3.5 tons

Final costs:Base Weight: 35.5 tons
Fuel Weight: 3.5 tons
New Weight: 39 tons
Base Cost: 162.5 cp
Cost (after Multipliers): 438.8 cp
Efficency ( -3.5 tons): 7 cp
Cost (w/Efficency, links): 445.8 cp
Final Weight: 35.5 tons
Scale: x1
Scaled Cost: 445.8 cp
Scaled Weight: 35.5 tons

Notes: The Stormrider is an entirely new kind of mecha: a transforming Mekton. Designed by Nebula Works designer Kevin Bonn, ex-Team Buckaroo designer Tess Belin and Charybdis designer Todd Kaiser, the Stormrider was said to be impossible... until the first unit rolled off the production line in late summer of 2180. When the Battalion started using this Mek, their kill ratios skyrocketed.
The Stormrider includes all kinds of firsts: it's of the firsts Mektons to transform, the firsts to use a new type of particle-beam projector as its main weapon instead of the normal gauss rifle, the firsts to remove the head-cockpit (leaving more space for its sensor gear), the firsts to use a new type of cockpit (nicknamed a 'holopit') which has visual flatscreens embedded in all of the cockpit surfaces, and the firsts to use a new type of refined armor which can absorb twice as much force as standard armor.
Bonn's Starburst decoys are unique: when fired, they explode, creating a cloud of hot, radar-reflective particles. The sudden profusion of targets on the inbound missile's targeting sensor is almost certain to confound any attempt to hit the target.
Besides the obvious advantages of the Stormrider's multiple configurations, it looks dangerous, combining pirate, Solingen and Bahn/Zai styling into a design that's uniquely Starblade. In fighter configuration, it's a sleek, metallic bird of prey, with variable, swept-forward wings, sharply canted-out tail fins and a long, slender nose. It's extremely unstealthy, but highly maneuverable. In hybrid, or "gerwalk" configuration, its arms and legs are out, and it operates like a cross between a combat jet, an attack helicopter and a Mekton. In Mekton configuration, the wings are swept fully in and locked into place, acting as armor for the mecha's back, and the mecha acts like any other Mekton. The wings sweep back out for atmospheric flight, adding lift.
One of the minor quirks to the Stormrider's performance is that it's extremely demanding to pilot. With a fighter-mode linear acceleration of 4.5 gees, the Stormrider can outrun Bahn/Zai's Cavalier starfighter, and run rings around Solingen's Vogel. Although incapable of out-slugging HAs like SAC's Manticore or ODF's Blitzen, it can destroy them easily using hit-and-fade tactics, flashing into range and out again before the heavier, slower Mekton can respond. In Mekton configuration, its flying speed is inferior to both the Zephyr and Viggen Interceptors, but it can keep up in Hybrid configuration and outrun them in Fighter mode.
Its flight speed is a quarter-gee faster than the Draken and Galliard in Mekton configuration, and vastly superior in both hybrid and fighter modes. Stormrider pilots are some of the most flamboyant in the known Galaxy. Within days of its first deployment, Stormriders were seen with paint jobs ranging from sedate dark blues and dark reds to bright tiger stripes and even pirate colors.

Design by Mark Berger

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Manticore MM-8Btest-HA

With the gearing up for the coming war, Bahn/Zai was asked for innovations, better, faster, deadlier, they were told to produce. In an attempt to maintain the Gaian philosophy of minimum waste, Bahn/Zai's design teams were asked to produce modifications to existing units that could be made in the field.

Team Buckaroo, faced with what amounted to carte blanche when it came to design and funding, went to work on the Manticore. While there was little they could do to the formidable unit, they made a few changes, the largest being replacing most of the old thruster/vernier system with a more powerful and compact design. (Flight MA 12, Verniers +4, MV -1). The result was a faster and much more agile Manticore and also a Manticore that was hideously expensive, and the Manticore was already pretty expensive. No one actually believed that the modifications would be used except in very limited numbers.

It was a good design though, and the team was quite pleased with it, though understandably upset that it had been stolen.

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SBI - G1- HA Myrmidon

The Myrmidon is a large suit, one of the fastest HAs of its kind. While lacking the larger missile complement of the Manticore and Blitzen, it does have the first energy weapon placed on suit. The beta class armour, and the virtual cockpit are unique to the Starblade Battalion.

The Myrmidon is a 75 ton suit with a ground MA of 5, a flight MA of 14 and an MV of -3 (by virtue of the super charged power plant and +2 movement verniers. As with the majority of Starblade mecha the verniers and the thruster system are mated. The thrust/vernier system is divided up between the legs and the wing array). The head is medium weight, as are the arms and legs, the torso is light heavy and the four wing arrays are light weight. The heavy hydraulics take one space from each servo.

It has medium heavy Beta type armour on each location.
The shield on the left arm with and SP of 9 and again, Beta armour. It has a DA of -2.
The plasma rifle is 5 damage weapon, with a BV of 2, and held in one hand.
The head phalanx does 2 points of damage and is dedicated anti missile.
The battle ax does 6 points, and is armour piercing and can be thrown. With the servo bonuses it will do 8 points.
The four heavy missiles do 8 points of damage each.
The swarm missiles do 1 point and have extend range to 8. 40 missiles.
The cannon on the left shoulder does 10 points, fires HEAP rounds and the suit carries 10 rounds. +1 WA.
Light Heavy sensors and an ASP.
Virtual controls.
The only cockpit is in the torso and it also serves as an escape pod.

I haven't finished this suit yet, and might not. I just put together a rough outline. If anyone wants to put it together, go for it. I may still do so yet.

OPTIONAL ARMAMENT: Substitude a Roberts MK III VH Plasma Cannon (WA +1, 20K, range 18, W-Up 1, 20 Kills, Wide 60 deegres) for the Heavy Gauss Cannon; requires a second, QCM-ed (for ease of field substitution), Torso Weapon Mount. Add 0.4 Tn fuel to maintain operative range. Total operative mass creeps up to 79.4 Tons (100 Kg more and the MV would have droped!). Total cost 803.7 CP (boy, this gun is COSTLY!)

Edward liked a bit of spectacle. He had everyone in a glassed in booth above the design bay. The bay was completely dark, the light from the room reflected off the glass so all the people inside the booth could see was themselves.
"Ladies, Gentlemen," he smiled. "I would like to present the Star Blade Battalion's new HA design. I give you the 'Myrmidon'."

The lights came on in the bay, illuminating the suit that stood there. It was a large unit, but still a little shorter than other HAs were. It's head looked like some fearsome charicture of a demon, until one realized all the eyes were actually spotlights. It's left arm was partially hidden by the shield it carried. In its right hand was a rifle--the weapon had a long, thin, tapering barrel.

A cannon, almost as long as the suit was tall, was mounted on the suit's left shoulder, swung forward, pointing at the booth.

Edward gave them some time to take the entire weapon system in, time to wonder about some of the other features. He was not too much of a showman, but what he was showing made up for that. "Let us begin with the basics. The suit below you is 18 meters in height, and weighs in at 75 tons. Its ground speed is 90 kilometers per hour, and it can reach a flight speed of 453 kilometers per hour. Just to give credit where credit is due, we have Miss Belin to thank for the flight system."

"It's primary weapon is the rifle in its right hand. The rifle is a type 1, Roberts type, plasma rifle."

"An energy weapon?" someone asked.

Edward nodded. "May I ask that you hold your questions until the presentation is finished. Now, as I was saying, the plasma rifle is its main weapon. This weapon has penetration and damage comparable to the Crossbones' rail rifle and the GRM-14, so no problems there. We also have an unlimited ammunition supply, or unlimited as long as the suit's power plant is still functioning.

"The cannon you see on the left shoulder is similar to the Manticore's main weapon, though ours is not a rapid-firing weapon. It is more accurate though. The lack of automatic fire makes it more stable, and it can be fired with just the support of the weapon mount," as he spoke the cannon began to track back and forth, then swung back, folding behind the suit in its storage position.

"Other weapon systems include four heavy missiles in the left side of the torso, and forty, long-range swarm missiles on the right side. We have also given it a rather unique melee weapon."

Below them the suit smoothly locked the rifle into a set of clamps on the rear of the shield, then reached over its right shoulder. A moment later it pulled forth a battle ax. "The ax as been designed not only to cut through armour with ease, but it is also balanced for throwing.

"Again, I owe thanks to Dr. Roberts for the anti-missile system, which, like the rifle, is energy-based. The cockpit design is a gift from Miss Belin, as is the armour. Now, I'd like to move this down to the floor where we can take a closer look at the suit, and I can point out more features. After that I will take your questions. Later today we will be having a demonstration of the suit's capabilities. Now if you will follow me," he started towards the door.

"What do you think Dr. Ryuzaki?" Tess asked as they followed with the others.
"It's an efficient design, quite well thought out. I've already seen the specs, and some of the testing that Dr. Lars has already performed. I suspect it will give the ODF and the SAC quite the surprise the first time they face it."

Notes: Well, when Lars offered me the chance to give this thing a shakedown I jumped at the chance. From all I had heard it was the hottest thing in all of space at that point. Everyone was saying the Myrmidon was going to put all the other suits in their place. I don't know about that, but I will say the other HAs out there better watch their butts.
The first thing I think any pilot is bound to notice it that cockpit. Bunch if different names for it, but I like 'fishbowl' the best. Heard that is what the lady who designed it calls it. Anyways, you enter the cockpit through a hatch in the chest, no head cockpit in these baby's. The hatch is reassuringly thick, and opens with a combination. Damn pad is hard to get at though so I think I'll just leave it unlocked. Anyway, you kind of have to spin about once you get the hatch open, reach up, grab these bars, and pull yourself up, into the seat. All right in low gravity situation, but in normal gravity, pilots without a lot of upper body strength might find it hard to get into their suits. Easily solved though, more push ups for pilots.
Anyway, once you've got yourself pulled into the seat, the seat tilts up, so you don't have to worry about falling any longer. Once you release the handholds, the seat pulls back into the fishbowl, locks into place, nice and secure. Most of the controls are on your arm rests, real easy to get at, with a forward panel that swings into place once you've got yourself all nice and settled.
After I had done this the first time, I was sitting there, wondering what was what. No one had explained the fishbowl to me, so I wasn't up to speed on it. I'm sitting in the spherical space, the interior covered by these odd, gray tiles. Then Dr. Lars is chatting on my head set, telling me to begin power up procedures.
So I do as he says and then, a few seconds later, bam! I'm hanging up midair, looking all around me, trying to figure out where the mech went. You see, the fish bowls interior is covered by high definition flat screens. You got a true three hundred and sixty degree picture of what is going on around you. Look behind you, you see what is behind you, look below your legs, you see what is below you. Wild really, but that first time I was more than a little freaked out.
After I calmed down a little I began to appreciate the fishbowl. Not only can you see three sixty, but wherever you look, the computer tracks you and puts up the sensor data and all that close to where you are looking. Handy, but it can get a bit cluttered. I talked to the Doc about this and he reprogrammed the software. No I choose what info I want to jump around, and the rest remains at the front.
He also added in a faint sort of outline that shows you where the parts of your suit are. It does not interfere with vision and it sure helps in tight quarters. It also makes me feel a little better. That feeling of just floating, with nothing around you, it can get a bit scary, as it were. I think pilots getting use to this thing are going to get a bit freaked at first.
Well, after a while I got use to the cockpit, so, I started working out the rest. Out in space I got to give it a hard ride. What can I say. I'm hooked. This thing is fast. Oh, not as fast as the interceptors or the soldiers, but faster than you'd expect her to be. She just motors, and handles well, for such a monster. No complaints there, though the way they got everything hooked up, you start loosing thrust, you also start getting sluggish. Nothing you can really do about it, but I think I'll do what I can to keep from getting hit, not matter how tough this armour is.
The Plasma rifle is nice, nothing special, but not having to worry about ammo gives makes things easier. Same goes for the laser pod. Takes missiles down real nice. Hear they might be adding another antimissile system to this thing, putting it in the shoulders. Wouldn't say no to that. Missiles can spoil your day big time.
Not much in the way of missiles for this thing, but I like them. They're dumb, but that's okay. I figure I'll use the big ones against ships, nice, easy to hit targets anyway, and use the swarm pack to saturate an area before I go in with the plasma rifle.
When it is time to get up close, that battle axe does the trick. We set up a couple of old mining suits with a lot of boiler plate bolted on just to make them a little tougher, but that thing just went straight through them. And you can throw it as well. The first time any enemy sees that they'll be pretty surprised, and then I figure they'll be pretty dead. What can I say. I like it.
The shield on the left arm is nothing special, but it is big and you can swing it about nicely. Probably will come in handy every now and again. As for the antiship cannon, well, it will probably do its job well enough. That's all I'd ever use it on, unless I was really desperate. I've got lots of other choices after all.
Speaking of other choices, you should see what the feet of this thing can do. They've been shaped so that they cut through armour as well as the axe. You kick something with one of these things, odds are they are going to feel it bad.
As for the rest, well, I'd like some more fuel, but I guess you can't win them all. Also the clips they put on the rear of the shield to hold the rifle when you are not using it kind of suck. After putting the rifle in them, and pulling it out several times, they started giving me grief. Twice the weapon fell out, and once I couldn't pull it free. Lars tells me it is a minor problem and will be easy to fix. I hope so, otherwise that little problem could cause some major inconveniences.
After five days of putting Myrmidon through its paces with a vengeance, I have found no real problems with it. It is a good suit and I have no complaints. Well, perhaps one. It has not been designed to work underwater, or in any other adverse environments. Lars tells me that while such modifications can be made, they won't be used on all suits. It's a matter of saving money. A little disappointing, still I hope to be assigned one.

-An excerpt from the pilot log of Geoffrey Lin, Charybdis test pilot.

"So, what's new?"
"Dr. Roberts built a new cannon for the Myrmidon."
"So she really did not need my help."
"Guess not."
"I hate her."
"Join the club."
"So, what's it like?"
"The cannon? Pretty impressive from what I have heard. The most powerful weapon to ever be mounted on a suit. It takes a bit of time to charge up, but it can blanket a large area of space and rip most suits apart with one blast."
"Sounds like a fun toy."

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EHI-L1-GA, -DFA (Ram A), -DFB (Ram B), -IDF (Ram Sexton), -IFV (Ram Kangaroo)

Tons: A 58.7, B 56.8, S 59.4, K 54.8
Cost in CP: A 698.9, B 779.2, S 696.8, K 650.2 (1)

MV: MR: Land MA: Flight MA
Humanoid, -3, - , 8, 8
Tank, -4, - , 16, 0

Supercharged cool powerplant x0.3
Virtual Controls x0.05
Heavy Hydraulics x0.1
Arctic protection x0.05
Desert protection x0.05
Space protection x0.05
Targeting computer x0.05 (2)
Transformation-Tank x0.3
Conditional Movement-No GES in Humanoid form x-0.1
Conditional Movement-No wheels in Tank form x-0.1 (3)

Servos and Armor:
Location, Class, Space, Kills, Armor, DC
Head, Medium weight, 6, 6, 8(10), 4
Torso, Light Heavy, 14, 14, 8(10), 4
R. Arm, Medium weight, 7, 7, 8(10), 4
L. Arm, Medium weight, 7, 7, 8(10), 4
R. Leg, Medium weight, 7, 7, 8(10), 4
L. Leg, Medium weight, 7, 7, 8(10), 4
Pod, Medium Heavy, 16, 0, 8(10), 4

Movement systems:
Type, MA, Location, Kills
Wheels, +2, Legs, 6 (3 per Leg)
Thrusters, 8, Legs and Arms, NA (weapons mated) (4)
GES, 8, Legs and Arms, NA (weapons mated) (4)


Name, Location, Kills, Space, Cost
Pilots cockpit in head, armored (5)
Gunners cockpit in pod, armored (6)
Stereo, Head and Pod, NA, NA, .1
Liftwire, Head, NA, NA, .3
Antitheft, Head and Pod, NA, NA, .2
2 spotlights, Head, NA,NA, .4
Storage Module, Pod, NA, 1, 1
Damage Control, Pod, NA, 1, 1
Micromanipulators, Head, NA, 1, 1
QCM, R. Arm/L. Arm/ TMT/TMT/Pod, NA, NA, 5
-3 awareness wheels, R. Leg/L. Leg, NA, NA, 3
+1 cool, all, NA, NA, 1
Maneuver Pod, Head, 1, 1, 4.5
Maneuver Pod, Pod, 1, 1, 4.5
(Ram Kangaroo Only)
12 passenger cockpits, Pod, NA, NA, 12 (7)

Light Heavy in head, range 20, comm 1800, 2 kills, 12CP, 1space
(No back up since loss of head will also result in loss or ejection of pilot, see (5))
ASP in head, 1 space, 10.5 CP

Name, WA, Range, Damage, Shots, Kills, Location, Space, Cost, Notes.

Weapons common to A, B, S, K
R. Hand, 0, melee, 1K+2K, NA, 1, R. Arm, 1, 2, quick and handy
L. Hand, 0, melee, 1K+2K, NA, 1, L. Arm, 1, 2, quick and handy
Laser Pod, +3, 6, 2K, inf., 1, Torso, 1, 10.8, antimissile/antipersonnel-fragile
Laser Pod, +3, 6, 2K, inf., 1, Torso, 1, 10.8, antimissile/antipersonnel-fragile
Laser Pod, +3, 6, 2K, inf., 1, Torso, 1, 10.8, antimissile/antipersonnel-fragile
Weapon Mount, NA, NA, NA, NA, 1, Torso, 1, 2.5
Weapon Mount, NA, NA, NA, NA, 1, Torso, 1, 2.5
Plasma Rifle Type 1, +1, 11, 5K, inf., 5, Torso, 7, 15.4, BV 2
Battle Axe, 0, melee, 6K+2K, NA, 1 Hand, 7, 7.3, AP-Thrown range 4
Kinetic Kill Counter Missile, +3, NA, "1", 20, 2, Pod (Binder for K), 2, 5, dedicated counter missile.
Heavy Missiles, +1, 10, 8K, 4, 3, Pod (Binder for K), 3, 4.8
Swarm Missiles, +1, 8, 1K, 40, 3, Pod (Binder for K), 6, 8.7

A only
Heavy Gauss Cannon, +1, 14, 10K, - , 10, Torso mount, 12, 22.2
Ammunition, - , - , - , 10, 1.9, Cannon, 1.9, 7.6, AP
Heavy Gauss Cannon, +1, 14, 10K, - , 10, Torso mount, 12, 22.2, crosslinked +2CP
Ammunition, - , - , - , 10, 1.9, Cannon, 1.9, 7.6, AP

B only
Mark 1 Very Heavy Plasma Cannon, +1, 18, 20K, inf., 20, Torso mounts, 28, 107.5, Warm up 1- Wide angle 60

S only
Gauss Howitzer, 0, 1600, 20K, - , 20, Torso mounts, 22.6, 28.6, x10 scale long range
Ammunition, - , - , - , 20, 5.3, Howitzer, 5.3, 31.8, x10 scale Blast 1 (at 1:1 scale Blast 5)

K only
Binder, Medium Heavy, Standard, DA-4, SP 8, DC 4, Torso mount, 10.9 CP, holds swarm missiles
Binder, Medium Heavy, Standard, DA-4, SP 8, DC 4, Torso mount, 10.9 CP, holds heavy missile rack and KKCM


Michael Gilson sent me this suit design. It will not show up in this story, it does make a good 'Post Story' suit.

Here are preliminary stats for the transforming GA awaiting commentary. I'm assuming this is a post or late war design. I'm also assuming that Jeffrey Lyons is the principal designer, and that he named it "Ram" after the WW II Canadian tank in a (successful) attempt to interest Tess and get more input from her.

  1. These are all expensive suits, costing more than Myrmidon, though less than Plasma Cannon Myrmidon and 2nd Gen ODF suits. Price could be reduced by using Overcharged plants, reducing MV and Land MA by 1, or using Standard plants and reducing by 2. You would still equal Nachtmarens MV and surpass its Land MA.
  2. I can't find targeting computer rules in Z, Z+, or SBB, so I just used the one from Nachtmaren. I have one space to fit it in, so if it takes more the cost of space efficiency will have to be added to final cost.
  3. Nothing in the rules says you can take CM twice, but nothing says you can't, so I did.
  4. According to the rules, thrusters can operate as GES at no extra cost. Therefore in humanoid form these act as 8MA flight thrusters, but in tank form they add to act as 16MA GES.
  5. A head cockpit saves a little space and money. I'm gambling that the fewer kills will be balanced by the ejection bonus for a comparable survivability. If not, 1 laser pod and the targeting computer can be moved to the head, pilots cockpit and m-pod moved to the torso, back up sensors purchased, and torso hydraulics efficiencied to zero.
    If standard rules are being used take the extra action. But if 'Let's Active' is in use I'm not sure if the extra action is worth the MR penalty
  6. Room for 6 PAFS troopers or 12 infantry or 12 stretcher cases or cram in 24 evacuees with just their clothes.

Design Notes of Jeffrey Lyon:

Our new GA is done. While admittedly it is expensive with all variants costing more than the basic Myrmidon, cost inflation is actually less than typical for late war suits. And the payoff in performance is certainly worth it- The Ram is tough and insanely fast for ground combat yet still more than adequate in space combat. Much thanks goes to Designer Emiritus Belin whose input kept us from forgetting the hard learned lessons of designing the Arrow.

The Ram design started out as a Myrmidon Chassis with the wing array replaced with a single pod. The result was a suit with the strength and protection of an HA but the weight of a Soldier! Then the Myrmidons basic weapon suite was installed internally in the torso and pod. A choice of heavy weapons was mounted externally. To simplify the design and logistics the two direct fire variants mount Myrmidon guns. The Ram A mounts two linked Heavy Gauss Cannon, in effect doubling the firepower. The Ram B mounts the Mark 1 Very Heavy Plasma Cannon so it has the same firepower as the Myrmidon Plasma, but oddly enough the Ram B costs less. For the artillery Ram, which we named Ram Sexton, we adapted a light Naval Gauss Gun. While a bit of a handicap for small point targets it shines in delivering area effect. Finally for our infantry fighting vehicle, the Ram Kangaroo, we pulled the missiles from the pod to make passenger room and moved them to two shields we placed in the torso weapons mounts. Since weapon mount articulation is insufficient to parry with the shields only the shield contents receive protection. Theoretically the shields could be dismounted and used in humanoid form, but we shaped them to look like heavy gauss cannon in order to fool enemy observers, and so they would provide little coverage.

The Ram has a slow transformation to save expense. In space once away from a spacecraft deck only one form, humanoid, would be viable. And on the ground we assumed the crew could always find some cover when it was necessary to change. During the transformation the forearms fold back onto the upper arms, then the whole arm twists so the forearm is outboard. The shoulders slide back onto the pod and the pod tilts back till is parallel with the waist pivot of the torso. The upper torso tilts back to reduce height and improve the slope of the armor, becoming a turret, and the head becomes a cupola. The lower legs fold back on the upperleg then twists so it is outboard, then the knees come together. After the joints come together and panels fold up to fill gaps the result appears to be a turret on a wedge.

The movement system when transformed is the result of a suggestion by Designer Belin. A tiny amount of thrust is bled off to power lift fans. With the fans now supporting the Ram, thrust that formerly had to be used for lift can now all be used for propulsion.

Designs by Michael Gilson
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Omega Team MM-SBB-XT Königstiger

This one was the mecha star (well, actually the ONLY <grin> 1:1 mek used by the players) of the SBB campaign I ran. The players were a spetial commando, the Omega Team, within Angel Blade, equiped with one cloacked Cutter, several hardsuits with heavy weapons, and this baby.

Boy, they rocked...

Cost: 1628 Weight: 45 Tn Maneuver Pool: +284%

Hibryd +2 6 (108 km/h) 31 (Mach 2.3) 10 (56 knots)

Standard Head 7 Km 1000 Km 1
Backup Torso 1 Km 300 Km 2
ASP Head
Radio/radar analizer Head
x128 image intensifier Head
x128 sound intensifier Head
Target analizer Head
marine suite Head
magnetic resonance Head

Thrusters x4 1 each Wings
Thrusters x2 1 each RL/LL
Thrusters 2 Torso
Wheels/ Treads +2 RL/LL 1x6 per leg
Notes: Thrusters variable Hidrojets.
It should be 3 weels and 3 treads per leg, but it's a 6-big-weels
in line array per leg (gamewise identical, aesteticaly better)

Hot Supercharged Combustion 5 +2 +2 +67% x-0.03
Notes: Water or H2 fuel, 1 week (aprox.) for 1000 l.
Voice-Activated Virtual Reality (TM) +50% x0.7
Verniers +3 MV Mated with Thrusters x0.3
Thought Control (pilot) +2MV, +67%MP,+1WA,etc x0.5
Proteccion All-Env. x0.4
Basic Cloacking Combat & Fire Control x0.65
Stealth Anti-Radar x0.2
ACE +100% MP x0.2
Internal Automation Nivel 1, Mecha Pilot x0.04

7 4 5 Head HS - LH Beta
7 4 6 Right Arm HS +1 LH "
7 4 6 Left Arm HS +1 LH "
7 4 6 Right Leg HS +2 LH "
7 4 6 Left Leg HS +2 LH "
7 4 12 Torso HS - LH "
5 4 3 R. Upper Wing ST - HS "
5 4 3 R. Lower Wing ST - HS "
5 4 3 L. Upper Wing ST - HS "
5 4 3 L. Lower Wing ST - HS "

CP 80.35 WEAPONS TN 31.85
Hands +1* - 1+1 each - 1/1 R/LA Q&H
Mek-Buster Laser +1* 12 16 K - 19 Torso
Meroka Gun +4* 3 1 K v 14.4 T WM Anti-personal /Phalanx
Meroka ammo (+1) - - 40 17.3 T WM Tracer
Riot Control Water Gun -1* 2 "5K" 10 1 RA BV inf, Hydro, "Clip"-Fed, Fragile
4 Extra Water "clips"- - - - - LA Actually, water tanks
Chain Cutter -1* - 11 K - 10 1h AP
Notes: All weapons have +1 WA from T. Control.
1 Hydro clip also stores enough water for 1 week

MW Beta -0 10 4 LA

Pilot, Copilot, Torso Voice/Virtual Armored Mated E-Pods for 5
3 pasengers
5 Commandos Torso Saddle E-"Seats" for 5
4 x Wing Wpn Mounts + QCM Wings Hardpoints
Torso Weapon Mount + QCM Torso
QCM x 10 E-Pods, Limbs, Head and Wings
QCM + E-System Torso For Powerplant
Stereo, Liftwire, Deluxe Anti-Theft Torso
Storage Pods + E-System RL/LL 1 Tn
2 Spotlights, 1 IR Spotlight Head
Micromanipulators x2 RA/LA
Damage Control LA
Silent Running 5 For each of Walk, Flying, Weels
Tech Analizer Torso +1 TEC
ECM 5(All types) / ECCM 5 Torso Mated
1000 Km Fuel (4.1 Tn)

Weight Efficience: 117.7 CP (-58.86 Tn)

375.7 CP before multipliers
03.85 Tn before efficiency
x4.02 cost
1508.3+117.7=1628 Cp total

(XT stand for Extraction Team)

MISSION PARAMETERS: It's a Extraction Team Carrier - a Mek conceived to carry undetected a team of commandos into a fry, open a breach for them, cover them with supresive and anti-tank or anti-mek fire, and take them and someone or something out of it. Combat wise it's a fast-moving, hard- hitting hunter killer, not as a long-standing first-line fighter. On SBB, it could be a refit of the Arrow (well, there is already a fighter transformer with high-tech armor in the game) or a stand-alone model.

DESIGN CONCEPT: To comply with the mission parameters, we need a mek kind of a tiger (the beast, not the WWII tank); a solitary, powerful one who hunts in ambush. We need:
- a sofisticated sensor suite (to look for the one or ones to be extracted), including a radio/radar analizer (to homing onto a rescue signal);
- stealth capabilities and ECM;
- high velocity, high maneuverability and reentry/transat
- be able to operate in a wide range of terrains
- a powerful quick-kill weapon (don't have time to stay and play!), not necessary a long-range one, and without too many collateral damage effect (remember, there are friendly people here!)
- lots of defensive and anti-infantry weapons and the like;
- and of course being able to carry many people and deploy and recover them quickly.

We DON'T need many nor long-ranged weapons, big size (indeed, better a small one), heavy armor nor extended range nor such stuff.

DESCRIPTION (lacking picture): Similar to a Macross Veritech Fighter (it's able to change the three forms but has the same performance on all three) with a X-Wing Star Wars fighter wing array, with feline head, a large (I said LARGE) gun over the right shoulder, a pintle-mounted Meroka gun (the superb Spanish-made version of the Phalanx) over the left one, and three external clamps to the rear (at the "small of the back") and two to the front (at both sides of the torso cockpit) to hold 5 Power Armors.

- The cost upper limit was set at 1628 CP (that of the Vogel, the more expensive "militar standar" unit of the entire game). (Incidentally, it managed to cost exactly as intended!!)
- In our original design, the transat, sublight and FTL was handled by a small cutter (1:1 scale, as the Packfighter of Mekton Z, pag. 156) called DRAGON, and the mek, the TIGER, had cloacking. On SBB, there are no mek- sized cloacks, but there is no need for a specific design of a cloacking Cutter (the SturmKutter will work just fine, and it will also be roomier - kind off - for the long way home), and the TIGER now has basic cloacking (She just call for it). It also has LOTS of ECM, silent running, IR spotlights, etc.
- The original design was a Mek-Hybrid-Fighter eficient transformable, the eficient transformation being rather to be able of both Humanoid and Fighter performance at the same time (as the GodGriffin or the Cuttle King from the "Mecha Manual") , but now I'd rather design a Hybryd (could be a Humanoid for better face changing, but I'm not so munchkin and the Hibryd looks beautyful), then give it high speed and MV, then just CALL it an "efficient transformer" (this kind of things being especifically allowed in MTS, it would really SUCK not to use them). ;D
- The thought control is handled trought a sofisticated datalink software; the control system is a voice-activated virtual one (halfway to the reflex); the I.A. is one of my personal design touches, the autopilot (note it's awfull low and it's not thought-controled, it's NOT an A.I.); the "magnetic lens" actually represents several of many surveillance systems (indeed, "fine aplications" of the ASP) able to locate people inside buildings, just like the Blue Thunder police chopter in the old movie; and the Tech Analizer is to help the operator to understand the sensors and locate the target of the extraction quickly.
- The four-wing verniers-thrusters were sugested precisely by the SBB, so it's no conversion here :). The H. Striker size is just apropiate for a Striker-Work unit ( ;) again). The weight was set beforehand at 45 Tn to honor the Phoenix Hawk (my prefered Battletech one); that's about a 50% reduction (actually, a 55% one), who is high but not excessive.
- The hot supercharged combustion powerplant represent a fusion one whose hidrogen-recycling system is not 100% eficient (just cause it's hot and supercharged) and last for some a week instead of some a couple months before recharge with water (if it's not still empty and can separate it in O2 and H2) or hidrogen (if it's dry; this is NOT advisable on a still-hot Mek ^_^). The 1000 l (1 Tn) weight is to make extra fuel's B-Mod easy to calculate.
- Finally, the copilot is a side-by-side (like on the A6 Intruder) ECM and radio operator, the passenger space is a trio of back seats (yes, the cockpit DOES look like a sedan! It ejects thogeger, so it's mated and QCM-ed) and the five saddle mounts are external clamps and life-suport-feeds for PAFS or power armors, ready to jump out (the E-seats) but vulnerable to fire, althoug protected by the ECM and the re-entry equipment.

Wing and Fuselage Hardpoints

An explanation of how to handle weapon hardpoints with MTS was posted in a while back. That post is repeated here.

1. Define a Hardpoint as a Weapon Mount with a Quick-Change Mount (i.e., for 2 Spaces and 3CP you can carry an interchangeable load of as many spaces as the spaces of the servo that the Hardpoint is fitted to).
2. Design your Mecha with Hardpoints, but don't fill them.
3. Calculate your Mecha's weight, MAs and MV.
4. Build whatever equipment you like, as long as it can fit into the Hardpoints (efficiency time).
5. Equip your Mecha with whatever load of mixed Hardpoint equipment you like; to determine the effects of that load, add up all kills of all Hardpoint equipment and divide by 20 -- the result is the B-Mod of the hardpoint equipment load (see Z+ p.64 for a definition of B-Mod).

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Alincourt Dragon

Weight 44 Tn
Height 20 m
Cost 936.1 CP, 936.100.000 credits

Configuration: Transformable Dracoform:
Beast (Walking), MV -2, MP +267%, Land MA 8 (144 Kph), Water MA 7 (39 knots)
Avian (Dracoform), MV -2, MP +267%, Wing MA 14 (454 Kph), Thruster MA 22 (Mach 1.1)

Marine, Space & Reentry protection & Transat, Stealth, Concealed (looks like the real monster), +100% ACE, Hot Supercharged Combustion (CHOO2) Powerplant, Virtual controls, +1 Verniers (mated w/ thrusters, Eficient transformation: Avian, Conditional Movement: can't combine Wing and Thruster Flight MA, Alincourt construction

Head MW, Torso & four legs HS, two Wings & Tail MS, Head armor LH beta, all else armored to 2 levels over servo, beta.

Plasma Breath (20K, WA -2, range 9 beamgun X-linked w/ a laser targeter WA +3) on Head
Variable Phalanx Gauss (1K Scater, WA +2 (+3), range 3, BV 8 variable phalanx gun on Torso w/ 20 rounds of Scatershot tracers on Tail)
2 linked Weapon Mounts (one per hindleg) w/ 2 Epoxy missiles each ("10K", LR, choice of range 12.6 Km or range 4.2 Km and Hypervel)
2 x Torso Hardpoints (QCM-ed Weapon Mounts), 10 spc each, acepts any SAC or ODF missiles
Claws x4 (+0 WA, 5K+2K AP e., 1 Kill e.) one per leg, all four legs X-linked
Bite (+0 WA, 5K+1K AP, 1 Kill), Head
Wing Slash x2 (WA +0, 5K+1K AP e., 1 Kill e.), X-Linked
Entangling Tail (WA +0, 3K+2K AP, 1 Kill), Entangling
All eight melee atacks linked (not X-linked) together

LH sensors on Head, backup on Torso, w/ ASP, R/R & Target analizers, Marine suite and x256 res. intensifiers on Head

Thrusters 3 MA on each Leg, Wing, Tail

Armored Virtual cockpit on Torso w/ E-Pod
ECM vs. misiles 5/ECCM 5
2 Weapon Mounts on Hindlegs, 2 QCM-ed Weapon Mounts on Torso
Several Linkages and X-Linkages
2 spotlights on Head
Stereo, good codelock, liftwire on Torso, +2 COOL
1000 Km fuel

- O - O - A - K stands for "One Of A Kind" (see below). The "Alincourt-made" x-0.2 cost multiplier and 25% cost reduction for Space Eff. are the same ones used for the Ruby.
- Listed height is to shoulders; head-to-tail lenght of 27 m, wingspan of 21 m. It's B-I-G. It also looks like a real dragon (unless the missiles are loaded, of course).
- This monster (very literaly) is a BeastMecha / Avian combiner, since Beasts just plain can't fly and Mr. Hagen insisted on the Beast. Besides, the increased Land MA does carry to the Wing MA... The Eficient Transformation is a representation of a mecha unit with the capabilities of both a Beast and Avian (sharp observers will notice, this is literally copied from the MMMI "GodGriffin VX"'s description) :)
The Conditional Movement stands for not being able of combining both Air MAs as it should be able to do - we say, the wings have to be locked on place in order to activate the thrusters at supersonic speeds on atmosphere.
- The Plasma Breath is cross-linked with a laser targeter of +3 WA whose only purpose is to gide the breath fire; if the targeter hits, the breath also hits automaticaly on the same location. Of course, if the laser gets hit or can't lock on the target (example: the ASP could detect a target behind smoke, yes, but the laser most definitely CAN'T reach through it), the plasma reverts to WA -2 (who isn't so pretty). Follows a rule posted on
- The Head has 360 deegres of fire and can bite someone at the back of the unit - long neck indeed
- Notice that the "All Melee Atacks" option (all four legs, both wings, bite and tail striking at once with only one action) is LINKAGE, not X-LINK. I'm not so sadistic.
- The Hot Combustion Powerplant is an alcohol-burning one, model "Chatanooga" CHOOH-2, as seen on the page 35 of the SBB sourcebook (yes, you CAN dilute and drink it).
- The two listed Epoxy missile ranges are two DIFERENT tipes of missiles. (They cost just the same and I also just can't decide for only one ). :) Choose a tipe while loading the ammo, NOT in mid-combat!
- The Hardpoints can carry racks of any standard SAC or ODF missiles (remember to apply the B-Mod rules)

"Lyons-san," Akira called out as he walked into the bay. "Do you know if..." He stopped. Jeremy and several of the other members of Tess' team were working on a dragon. Not a real dragon, but a mechanical one.
"Yes," Jeremy called from where he stood by a head bigger than him.
"What is that?"
"An Alincourt prototype. They have a number of one of a kinds kicking around. We thought, seeing as we had the time, we would dig up a few and bang them back into shape."
"I see. Speaking of your free time, would you know if Belin-san has returned?"
"Not that I know," Jeremy said. I would have thought when she gets back she'd go straight to you."
"You would think that wouldn't you." Akira shook his head, then looked at the dragon mech. "Tell me about this."
"Well, it's big, and the wings work, so it can fly, but not that fast. Look," he walked back along the body until her was standing near a wing. "You see, they've put these pop out thrusters here, well the casings for them. We're going to put a set of Arrow engines in these." He stopped and looked over at Akira. "If we get permission to use them of course."
"Of course," Akira smiled tightly.
"Give it some weapons, some other things, it will make an interesting unit."
"Do you think you'll find anyone who wants to fly it?"
Jeremy smiled. "We've already got several pilots who want it."
Akira said nothing for a moment. "Carry on then. Best that you keep out of trouble."

"So, this thing is that interesting?" Tess walked up closer to the dragon. "Tell me about it."
"Well, it's big, and powerful. They've got this powerplant that just puts out a huge amount of energy and is the most unstable thing I've ever seen in suit. Quadruped motive system, wings that work, mostly, big teeth in the head. We've put a fishbowl in it, used your armour and put a set of Arrow engines in it. It's going to be nasty."
"What's it cost?"
"Do you really have the right to ask that question?"
"Ouch. Mr. Lyons, you are beginning to sound like Dr. Mako."
"That was uncalled for," he laughed. "As for the cost, it's not that bad. If we were building it from the ground up, yea, it would be pretty expensive, but what we're doing is relatively cheap."
"Well, as long as you are keeping busy. Give me a walk around, tell me about your hobby."

My favourite. A one of a kind nasty toy that someone get's to fly in the last battle.

The concept comes from a book called 'The Iron Dragon's Daughter' in which Half Elves/Half Mortals piloted intelligent dragon fighters. There is of course more to it that that, but a rogue dragon fighter with a bad attitude was one of the main characters and I liked him a lot.

Well, its big, and while it will have a lot of thrust its top speed probably won't quite approach that of Interceptors. Big obvious, Supercharged, hot powerplant. With the ACE 100%, the Fishbowl and this the Dragon's MP will be pretty high, but hit that powerplant and that will be it.
As for weapons, well, beast forms (and give it a beast form, the Avian kind of sucks for this, buy your wings separately) are great when it comes to the up close and personal. Four claws, a bite, a tail lash, and a wing slash (egads, shades of AD&D dragon attacks). Of course its got a big plasma gun in the head (and if the neck is sitting on a flexible necks-basically a tail-then you can pack part of it in there as well. Pop out body missiles and what ever else suits you. The thing will be horribly expensive of course. One of a kind. A mech for a hero

Design based on the work of Nila Gudiel

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