MM-2G-HA Nachtmaren

MM-2G-HA: Nachtmaren
Chassis Weight: 85 tons loaded CP Cost: 744.6 CP Credit Cost: 7.446 Million Credits
Height: 21 Meters
Walking Speed: 1200m/Min. (MA 4) Flight Speed: 302 kph (MA 12)

As the war dragged itself on relentlessly, it became clear to Solingen GmbH that with only two Works teams under its control, other, more varied Mekton producers might someday be able to gain a hold in the ODF's treasury. Even Seven Sisters Industrial, despite the fact that they were a "child" company of Solingen GmbH, had been reviewing possible military contracts. Something had to be done, and was. Pulling the most military minded, aggressive, and some might say homicidal minds out of Seven Sisters, Singularity Works, and Cloud Works, the planning board drafted and commissioned Nova Works.

The first task Nova Works set up for itself was to design a foil to the SAC Heavy Arms. Lacking the sophisticated Gyro systems of the SAC's Gauss weapons, matching the Manticore's VH Auto Gauss was a practical impossibility. Without the proper stabilizers and mounting systems, something that large simply could not be safely mounted on any existing chassis. Looking over the design schemes of the 1G series, the answer soon made itself apparent in the form of the Type 2 Assault Gauss. This weapon, intentionally designed to be suitable for mounting on either the Draken or Blitzen (and later, conveniently, the Strm Draken) was only slightly under the performance ratio of the SAC gun, and could be carried two handed rather than on a complicated gyro-rig.

Further, while a self contained unit carried only 24,000 rounds (for 20 shots of roughly 1,200 rounds each), the hand held unit could be clip fed, doubling its effective combat life. Many say that it was no surprise that the new design, rightly dubbed the Nachtmaren, carried not only the "rifle" version of this weapon, but also mounted two self contained, fire-linked units in the torso. Further, the Nachtmaren takes its assault role very seriously. Supplementing the T2 Gauss guns are two racks of Type 2M counter missiles. Mounted in the arms, the Type 2M's have more than proven their worth. The upgraded wing servos (reduced in number but upgraded in integrity) mount one rack of Type 4M missiles and Type 5M grenades each. As an added element, the Nachtmaren uses the new "Crystal Ball" targeting computer, increasing its combat accuracy by nearly a quarter. This system, while relatively new, promises to be the deciding factor in many future battles.
Mekton Statistics: MM-2G-HA Nachtmaren Tons: 75 Tons Cost in CP: 809.3 CP

Configuration: MV: MR: Land MA: Flight MA: Humanoid -5/-4 4 12

Multipliers: Supercharged Powerplant x0.3 Superheavy Hydraulics x0.2 Underwater Protection x0.05 Space Protection x0.05 +1 Verniers x0.1 (Mated to Thruster System) +1 Targeting Compter x0.05

Servos and Armor Location: Class Space Kills Armor DC Head LH 7/0 7 8 1 Torso LH 14/0 14 8 1 R. Arm LH 8/0 8 8 1 L. Arm LH 8/0 8 8 1 R. Leg LH 8/0 8 8 1 L. Leg LH 8/0 8 8 1 R. Wing HS 5/0 5 8 1 L. Wing HS 5/0 5 8 1

Systems: Fuel +1000KM Fuel (2000KM Total) 

Combat Cockpit in Torso Maneuver Pod in Head

Movement Systems: Type: MA: Loc: Kills: 

Sub Thruster 2 T NA 

Main Thruster 4 RL NA 

Main Thruster 4 LL NA 

+2 MA From Wings

Subassemblies: Name: Loc.: Kills: 

Spotlights T NA (x2 Spotlights) 

Quick Change Mounts All NA 

Storage (500kg) Head NA 

Weapon Mounts: 2 x14 Space Torso 1e 

1 x5 Space R. Wing 1 

1 x5 Space L. Wing 1 

Weapon Linkage for Type 4M Missiles 

Weapon Linkage for Type Type 2 Assault Gauss 

Link for Marine Suite

Sensors: Sensor: Loc.: Ran.: Comm.: Kills: 

Main (LH) Head 20 km 1800 km 2 

Backup Torso 1 km 300 km 2 

Marine Suite Torso 

Tar. Analyzer Head 

Res. Inten. Head (+x64RI)

Weapons Key: WA: Accuracy R: Range D: Damage K: Kills Sh: Shots C: Cost Sp: Space N: Notes
Right Hand WA: +0 R: Melee D: 1+4K K: 1K Sh: NA C: 2 Sp: 1 N: (1)

Left Hand WA: +0 R: Melee D: 1+4K K: 1K Sh: NA C: 2 Sp: 1 N: (1)

Right Foot WA: +0 R: Melee D: 2+5K K: 0K Sh: NA C: 0 Sp: 0 

Left Foot WA: +0 R: Melee D: 2+5K K: 0K Sh: NA C: 0 Sp: 0

Mark 4 Heat Sabre L: Right Hand WA: +1 R: Melee D: 5+4KAP K: 4K Sh: NA C: 8 Sp: (8) N: (2)

Shield L: Left Hand DA: -1 R: NA D: NA SP: 8 DC: 1

Type 2 Assault Gauss Rifle L: Two Handed WA: -1 R: 16/256 D: 8K K: 8 Sh: See Below C: 14.4 Sp: (16) N: (3)

Ammunition for T2AGR L: Clips Kinetic Ammunition, 40 Bursts K: 3/3 Sh: 40 C: 17 Sp: 3/3 N: (4)

Type 2 Assault Gauss Cannon L: Torso x2 WA: -1 R: 16/256 D: 8K K: 17x2 Sh: 20x2 C: 49.08 Sp: 2 N: (5)

Type 2M Missiles L: Right Arm WA: +1 R: NA D: 2K K: 2 Sh: 10 C: 2 Sp: 2 N: (6)

Type 2M Missiles L: Left Arm WA: +1 R: NA D: 2K K: 2 Sh: 10 C: 2 Sp: 2 N: (6)

Type 4M Missiles L: Right Wing WA: +1 R: 13/169 D: 6K K: 8 Sh: 20 C: 26.75 Sp: 5 N: (7)

Type 4M Missiles L: Left Wing WA: +1 R: 13/169 D: 6K K: 8 Sh: 20 C: 26.75 Sp: 5 N: (7)

Type 5M Grenades L: Right Wing WA: +0 R: Throw D: 5K K: 1 Sh: 2 C: 1 Sp: 1 N: (8)

Type 5M Grenades L: Left Wing WA: +0 R: Throw D: 5K K: 1 Sh: 2 C: 1 Sp: 1 N: (8) 

1 = These are hands, and as such are bought as Quick and Handy.

2 = All ODF Heat Sabres are 1 Handed Melee Weapons. They are also all Armor Piercing, therefore dropping their opponents armor effectively by half per hit. (IE: SP is treated as though it were 1/2 its normal capacity)

3 = This is the same Gauss Gun as is used in the Draken, Blitzen, and Sturm Draken CAU's. It is BV 2 and uses Kinetic Ammunition.

4 =The Ammunition for the T2 AGR is Kinetic, and comes in two clips of 20 bursts each, for 40 bursts.

5 = The T2 AGC's are mounted on the torso, and are fire-linked. They are self contained, and each has 20 shots.

6 = The Type 2M Missiles are Dedicated Countermissiles.

7 = The Type 4M Missiles are the standard MM-XG missile payload. They're everywhere!

8 = The Type 5M is the standard Grenade for the MM-XG series. They are Blast Radius 2.

Creator Cacklings:
Someone asked me why there are no Upgraded Armor Coefficients in SBB. That's because we were told not to use them. As such, I'm not going to argue with the nice folks what sign the check, so there ain't no Refined Armors. Deal with pain. Also, you'll note something about Note (3) up there. Yes, it's true. The Draken, the Blitzen, and the Sturm Draken can all use the same CAU's. They have the same servo levels, and are a marvel of Hyper Efficient design. Ain't I sick? =)

By: James Milligan <>

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