MM-2G-SLD: Strm Draken

Sorry the "U" with the Umlauts didn't come out in translation. It worked nicely in the Word Processor, just not in ANSI... Also, you'll note that some of the CP costs are a bit quirky. This is because my spreadsheet did a calculation or two wrong. Overall, however, the costs on all these Mektons are basically correct. Besides, these are story devices... let's not nitpick, neh?

MM-2G-SLD: Strm Draken Chassis Weight: 75 tons loaded CP Cost: 809.3 CP Credit Cost: 8.093 Million Credits

Height: 18 Meters

Walking Speed: 1200m/Min. (MA 4) Flight Speed: 634 kph (MA 16)

Originally intended as a new upgrade scheme for the MM-1G-SLD Draken, the Strm Draken was designed by Singularity Works shortly before the "defection" of Nebula Works. Primarily seen as a setback to the planners at Solingen GmbH, the loss of Nebula Works, especially the brilliant minds of Akira Ryuzaki and his core team, it soon became apparent that the now competition-less Singularity Works had received a blessing in disguise.

While Nebula Works still held sway over the Draken, Troubadour, and Blitzen design schemes, Singularity was relegated to upgrading the older designs as the need arose. In fact, the Strm Draken was intended to be nothing more than a revision to the Command Armor Upgrades for the MM-1G-SLD. With Nebula Works no longer in the picture, the board of planners at Solingen GmbH did little more than symbolically oppose the acquisition of the design schemes and production rights to these units. Within a week of the disappearance of Nebula Works, Elliot Mathias, Singularity's top designer, was busily reworking the Strm Draken into its own classification.

The revision was a classified success. Initial tests showed that the stock-integration of systems that Nebula would have left as "field modification options" improved the mecha's performance by nearly one hundred percent. By upgrading the wing array and consolidating the thruster vents, the total servo count was reduced by two, but at an overall increase in structural integrity. The Solingen Beta class Anti-Missile Phalanx system, normally reserved for the CA Upgrades on the Draken, were installed into the wings of the Strm Draken. These, in addition to the Type 2M counter missiles, raised the machines defensive profile massively.

Additionally, Singularity returned to the storage lockers and dusted off the plans for its original Gauss weapon design. Integrating the Type 1 targeting computer from the original Mk. 7M Gauss rifle and adding "tracer" rounds, the Strm Draken was equipped with the Mk. 7MA Gauss rifle. Retaining the Draken's Type 4M missiles, the Strm Draken also mounts two 3-racks of Type 6M smart-missiles.

Finally, Actuator controls (planned for the next Draken release), and an upgraded Power plant/Hydraulic framework were included in the design. According to critics, all of these choices have made the Strm Draken what the Draken should have been all along.
Mekton Statistics: MM-2G-SLD Sturm Draken Tons: 75 Tons Cost in CP: 809.3 CP

Configuration: MV: MR: Land MA: Flight MA: Humanoid -3 4 16 (2G's)

Multipliers:    Overcharged Powerplant x0.15     Underwater Protection x0.05     Space Protection x0.05     ACE (+33% MP) x0.05     +3 Verniers x0.3 (Mated to Thruster System, 5 Verniers per Location)

Servos and Armor Location:    Class Space Kills Armor DC     Head MW 6/0 6 7 1     Torso MW 12/0 12 7 1     R. Arm MW 7/0 7 7 1     L. Arm MW 7/0 7 7 1     R. Leg MW 7/0 7 7 1     L. Leg MW 7/0 7 7 1     R. Wing MS 4/0 4 7 1     L. Wing MS 4/0 4 7 1

Systems: Fuel +1000KM Fuel (2000KM total) 

Combat Cockpit in Torso 

Maneuver Pod in Head

Movement Systems: Type: MA: Loc: Kills: 

Sub Thruster 2 T NA 

Main Thruster 6 RL NA 

Main Thruster 6 LL NA 

+2 MA From Wings

Subassemblies: Name: Loc.: Kills:     Spotlights T NA (x2 Spotlights)     Micromanipulators (x2 Manipulators) Arms NA     Quick Change Mounts All NA     Storage (500kg) Head NA     Weapon Mounts:          2 x12 Space Torso 1e          R. Arm 1 1 x7 Space          L. Arm 1 1 x7 Space     Weapon Linkage for Type 4M Missiles Link for Marine Suite

Sensors: Sensor: Loc.: Ran.: Comm.: Kills:     Main (LH) Head 20 km 1800 km 2     Backup Torso 1 km 300 km 2     Marine Suite Torso     Tar. Analyzer Head     Res. Inten. Head (+x64RI)

Weapons Key: WA: Accuracy R: Range D: Damage K: Kills Sh: Shots C: Cost Sp: Space N: Notes

Right Hand WA: +0 R: Melee D: 1+2 K: 1K Sh: NA C: 2 Sp: 1 N: (1)

Left Hand WA: +0 R: Melee D: 1+2K K: 1K Sh: NA C: 2 Sp: 1 N: (1)

Right Foot WA: +0 R: Melee D: 2+3K K: 0K Sh: NA C: 0 Sp: 0 

Left Foot WA: +0 R: Melee D: 2+3K K: 0K Sh: NA C: 0 Sp: 0

Mark 3 Heat Sabre L: Right Hand WA: +1 R: Melee D: 4+2KAP K: 4K Sh: NA C: 6 Sp: (6) N: (2)

Shield L: Left Hand DA: -1 R: NA D: NA SP: 7 DC: 1

Mark 7MA Gauss Gun L: Two Handed WA: +1 R: 14/196 D: 6K K: 6 Sh: See Below C: 43.75 Sp: (14) N: (3)

Ammunition for MK. 7MA L: Clips Kinetic, Tracer Ammunition, 40 Bursts K: 14 Sh: 40 C: 105 Sp: 7/7 N: (4)

Solingen Beta AMS L: Right Wing WA: +0 R: NA D: 1K K: 1 Sh: 10 C: 2.5 Sp: 2 N: (5)

Solingen Beta AMS L: Left Wing WA: +0 R: NA D: 1K K: 1 Sh: 10 C: 2.5 Sp: 2 N: (5)

Type 2M Missiles WA: +1 R: NA D: 2K K: 2 Sh: 10 C: 2 Sp: 2 N: (6)

Type 2M Missiles WA: +1 R: NA D: 2K K: 2 Sh: 10 C: 2 Sp: 2 N: (6)

Type 4M Missiles L: Right Arm Mount WA: +1 R: 13/169 D: 6K K: 8 Sh: 20 C: 26.75 Sp: 5 N: (7)

Type 4M Missiles L: Left Arm Mount WA: +1 R: 13/169 D: 6K K: 8 Sh: 20 C: 26.75 Sp: 5 N: (7)

Type 6M Missiles WA: +0 R: 11/121 D: 6K K: 1 Sh: 3 C: 11.5 Sp: 12 N: (8)

Type 6M Missiles WA: +0 R: 11/121 D: 6K K: 1 Sh: 3 C: 11.5 Sp: 12 N: (8)

1 = These are hands, and as such are bought as Quick and Handy.

2 = All ODF Heat Sabres are 1 Handed Melee Weapons. They are also all Armor Piercing, therefore dropping their opponents armor effectively by half per hit. (IE: SP is treated as though it were 1/2 its normal capacity)

3 = The Mark 7M Gauss Gun has been upgraded and given a Targeting computer. It has therefore been redesignated: The Mark 7M Alpha. It uses both this Targeting computer and special ammunition to increase the hit ratio on enemy Mecha. It is BV 4.

4 =The Ammunition for the Mk. 7MA is Kinetic and Tracer. There are 40 bursts available, at a total of 20 per clip.

5 = The Solingen Beta AMS are Dedicated Phalanx Systems, with a BV of 8.

6 = The Type 2M Missiles are Dedicated Countermissiles.

7 = The Type 4M Missiles are the standard MM-XG missile payload. They're everywhere!

8 = The Type 6M Missiles are the ODF's low-end Smart Missiles. They are Skill 15 and Smart 2. They were originally supposed to go on the Viggen, but got scrapped in favor of the Shrike and Shrike 2. They will probably be installed on all of the 3G series.

Creator Cacklings:
This is basically what I wanted the next ODF design to be. It's supposed to follow the whole "Escalation of War" theme that runs in the background of the SBB story. While the characters are trying to stop the war from killing everybody, the big mega powers just keep turning p the engine on the war machine. Targeting computers in the ODF (and probably the SAC) come in two flavors. The kind you put in a sensor, and the kind you put in a gun. The sensor kind apply to everything, and are cost multpliers on the Mekton. The Gun kind are just bonuses to WA, and only apply to the gun. The Sturm Draken uses the Gun kind.

By: James Milligan <>

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