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Husband             Stephen Egan  

Born: 1827 in Kilkenny, Ireland

Died:  1869 in Kingower, Victoria, Australia

Father: Thomas Egan        Mother: Bridget Murphy

Occupation:  Miner


Married: 1858 in Sandhurst, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Wife                     Mary Ellen O'Shaugnessy

Born: 1840 in Woodford, Galway, Ireland

Died: 1922 in  Nangeenan, Western Australia

Father: John O'Shaughnessy        Mother: Bridget Conroy


Child 1                         Thomas Stephen Egan
Born: 1858 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Died: 1942 in Willoughby, New South Wales, Australia

Occupation:  Carter

Married: 1897 in Enngonia, New South Wales, Australia to Marie Louise Hallè

Child 2                          John Edward Egan
Born: 1860 in Kingower,Victoria,Australia
Died:  1924 in Quandialla, New South Wales, Australia

Married: 1891 in Australia to Isobel Cambell

Child 3                                           Martin James Egan
Born: 1862 in Kingower,Victoria,Australia
Died: after 1922 in Australia

Child 4                         Bridget         Bridget Egan
Born: 1863 in Kingower, Victoria, Australia
Died: 1864 in Kingower, Victoria, Australia

Child 5                         Michael James Egan
Born: 1865 in
Kingower, Victoria, Australia
Died: 1829 in Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia

Occupation:  Railway Engine Driver

Married: 1893 in Bungaree, Victoria, Australia to Catherine Jones

Child 6                         Margaret Ellen Egan
Born: 1867 in
Kingower, Victoria, Australia
Died: 1952 in Perth, Western Australia

Married: 1888 in Inglewood, Victoria, Australia to John Edward Lyons

Child 7                         Bedelia Mary Egan
Born: 1869 in 
Kingower, Victoria, Australia
Died: 1934 in Perth, Western Australia

Occupation:  Post Mistress

Married: 1893 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia to Vincent Denis Cahill


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