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Husband              John O'Shaughnessy  

Born: 1806 in Galway, Ireland

Died:  1885 in Kingower, Victoria, Australia

Father: Michael O'Shaughnessy        Mother: Mary Broderick

Occupation:  Miner/Farming Contractor


Married: 1836 in Galway, Ireland

Wife                     Bridget Conroy

Born: 1814 in Galway, Ireland

Died: 1897 in Kingower, Victoria, Australia

Father:  Richard Conroy        Mother: Mary Gournan


Child 1                         Michael O'Shaughnessy
Born: 1838 in Woodford, Galway, Ireland
Died: 1916 in Rheola, Victoria, Australia

Occupation:  Blacksmith

Married: 1866 in Inglewood, Victoria, Australia to Catherine Mary (Kate) Sheedy

Child 2                          Mary Ellen O'Shaughnessy
Born: 1840 in Woodford, Galway, Ireland
Died:  1922 in Nangeenan, Western Australia

Married (1): 1858 in Sandhurst, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia to Stephen Egan

Married (2): 1889 in Inglewood, Victoria, Australia to Batista Gianetti

Child 3                         John Joseph O'Shaughnessy
Born: 1843 in Rosmore, Ballinakill, Galway, Ireland
Died: 1898 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Occupation:  Miner/Contractor/Shopkeeper

Married: 1877 in Parks, New South Wales, Australia to Mary Ann Joyce

Child 4                         Margaret O'Shaughnessy
Born: 1846 in Kilkenny, Ireland
Died: 1897 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Married: 1873 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia to John Thomas

Child 5                         Richard O'Shaughnessy
Born: 1848 in Ireland
Died: 1848 in Ireland

Child 6                         Patrick O'Shaughnessy     (Need help with this one!)
Born: 1850 in Ireland
Died:   ____ in Unknown

Child 7                         Richard O'Shannessy
Born: 1855 in The Leigh (a mine) near Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Died:  19__ in Australia

Married: 1878 in Inglewood, Victoria, Australia to Marieanne Fry

Child 8                         Edmund John O'Shannessy
Born: 1858 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Died: 1921 in Inglewood, Victoria, Australia

Occupation:  Farmer & Contractor

Married: 1880 in Inglewood, Victoria, Australia to Margaret Jane Bacon
Married: 1908 in Inglewood, Victoria, Australia to Norah Elizabeth Shanahan


Link to: East Galway Family History Society

1997 [Stephen T. Egan]

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