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Lining part of a Tallit
Lining part of a Tallit
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This is how I line just the section with the embroidery for a Tallit.
I feel a little like some of the sewing teachers on TV because I'm doing things in colors that I would never use, but for you to see the process.

Front of Tallit  with Embroidery


Turn Tallit to the wrong side.
You should cut your stabilizer to the height you want lined.
(I didn't do that in the pictures because I'm not ready to finish this tallit!)
Your Lining should be the full width of the Tallit


Place your lining (which should be the same fabric or very similar to the rest of the tallit) with the RIGHT side of the fabric DOWN, against the back side of the Tallit above the embroidery.  You will be folding it down, hiding the seam in the next step.
I just used a line of yarn to indicate where you should stitch.  I recommend about a 1/2 inch or so away from the edge of the lining fabric.


Flip your lining over to cover the back side of the embroidery
Turn up the lower edge of the lining fabric and press so you have a finished edge along the bottom, below the embroidery.
Stitch along the line where the pins are.  Do it close to the lower edge of the lining, but not so close that you go off the lining fabric. 


Turn the Tallit over to the right side and use the stitching lines made when you lined the back as your guide for adding ribbons as stripes
(Trust me, I would never use this ribbon with this embroidery design - but it was all I had near me and I wanted to post this before Shabbat! LOL)