Swingin' Style
What's in? What's Out?? What's that cat trying to say?
Check here for some slang, some etiquette and some opinions. There's a little bit of everything on this page!
Fashion being such a personal
outlet for individuality and creativity I'm not trying
to stifle you here I'm just giving you my own opinion,
humble as it may be!

In's Outs
Glitter, Sparkle & Pearls
Capri Pant & Clam Diggers
Fake Eyelashes
Long, decorative cigarette
holders (and NO -- DON'T take
up smoking just to use these!)
Wingtip shoes
Bowling Shirts (& Shoes!!!)
Suspenders (watch those clip-ons - OUCH!!!)
Cardigan Sets with Sweater Clips
White Undershirts (aka "Wife-Beaters")
Soft, flowing skirts
Simple, but small T-shirts (aka "Baby t's")
40's style dresses
Short bangs
Short hair
Short, spiky hair (guys)
Polka Dots
Pocket watches, cufflinks and money clips for guys
Zoot suits!
Lots & lots of gold chains
"Laura Petrey" pants
80's & 90's makeup
Thigh highs
Beach Sandals
Mini skirts
Big hair
Generally - 90's fashion
Torn, ratty jeans
Preppy shirts
Clumsy Birkenstocks
Baseball caps
Tube socks
Cowboy boots
Definitions of Some Popular Slang Terms:
alligator - swing fans or dancers
cast an eyeball - look around
darby - something good
dead hoofer - poor dancer
dig- like
dillinger - fantastic
drag a hoof - dance
drape - clothes, suit
duchess - girl
fade - leave
Fifth Avenue - high-class
frolic - dance
frolic pad - night club
gammin'- strutting, showing off
ginned up - dressed up
got your boots on - understand what's happening
ground grippers - shoes
have a ball - have a good time
hep cats - swing music lovers, dancers (male)
hep kitten - swing music lovers, dancers (female)
hincty - snobby
hopper - Lindy Hop dancer
hoof - dance
in the groove - very good
jump - swing dance
kicks - shoes
niftic - good, sharp
off-time jive - bad manners, incorrect
pulleys - suspenders
rug cutters - dancers
scene - situation
smooth - good, agreeable
stompers - shoes
striders - trousers
threads - clothes
togged to the bricks - wearing best clothes
Girls like al dente arms!! Limp linguini arms just won't
do on the dance floor!!!

Your mom may have been a dominant women, but unless
you're a dame and you're leading on the dance floor
leave it on the sidelines.

There are other people on the dance floor. It's okay to hit ON
people, not to hit people.

If you wear long hair put it where it belongs (UP!) if you
plan to have it dip below your waist!

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